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October 2008

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Supreme Convention


Ohio honored for membership, new council development


SD Moegling served on special convention committee


Delegates OK Culture of Life Fund; $3 per member assessment


Ohio Dinner provides attendees with hospitality feeling


Supreme establishes Fathers for Good


Challenges lie ahead




It’s time to plan For the October Blitz


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Directors Reports


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  Miscellaneous Stories  
  Football Sweepstakes  

Fahy elected president of bowling association

  300 Ohio campers enjoy fun-filled week  

Knights honor their longtime brothers


Maple Heights’ Toth captures three Ohio K of C golf crowns

  Matching Funds continues through Nov. 15  

K of C launches information news site for Catholics


K of C insurance receives highest ratings



  October is Respect Life Month - Plan a Pro-Life activity in your council  

State Deputy Message

We’re all proud of TEAM OHIO!

 By Larry Moegling

State Deputy


Hello, my Brother Knights!

Let’s continue to Plan for Success (again……..)!

Wow! What a great time and experience at the Supreme Convention in Quebec!  The Ohio State Council was recognized for three major achievements:

o The Circle of Honor Award for membership growth.

o The Supreme Knight’s Award for New Council Development.

o The Century Club Award for St. Hilary Council No. 14551 for its membership growth of over 100 members (during the first month of its institution as a new council).

Obviously, I (along with my wife, Mary Lou) was very proud to accept these awards ON BEHALF of the entire membership of TEAM OHIO STATE COUNCIL.  Thank you!

Now it’s time to solidify our plans for the new fraternal year! 

With my Buckeye Bulletin theme of PLANNING FOR SUCCESS …. I strongly hope that ALL council leaders have taken a calendar and begun scheduling this year’s council activities.  Was a copy of the “Following in Their Footsteps” general program used for ideas and possible activities?   Have activities been scheduled that promote the church, community, council, family, and youth programs as presented?

Council members’ interests are also important in the planning.

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State Chaplain


Resources for our chaplains, members

 By Fr. Paul Hrezo

State Chaplain

This is my report from the 2008 Supreme Convention in Quebec.  It is intended for council chaplains, but also can be a resource for all Brother Knights. Here, in an outline form, are four areas of focus for local council chaplains.

A. Provide faith formation for our members. 

The Knights of Columbus have some excellent resources available for helping our members grow in their faith.         

·   Luke E. Hart faith formation series available as booklets, podcasts or an online course.  This series is composed of three basic categories: What Catholics Believe (Theology), How Catholics Pray (Worship), How Catholics Live (Morality).  Luke E. Hart was Supreme Knight from 1953-1964 and was a renowned lay evangelizer.

·   Catholic Information Service faith formation course as a correspondence course or an online course.

·   Veritas booklets available through the Catholic Information Service, which cover a full range of topics.

·   Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori’s monthly faith formation series in Columbia magazine. 

B. Inject the spirit of Fr. McGivney into our meetings.

·   Offer the prayer for Canonization of Fr. McGivney at every council meeting (see prayer on this page).

·   “Don’t freeze-dry him in the 1800s; he was a pre-cursor of Vatican II and of a more active role for the laity.” A History Channel video special on the life of Fr. McGivney will soon be available for showing at council gatherings. 

C. Promote messages and vision of both John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

·   Convey the message of Pope Benedict’s visit to the USA.  A K of C booklet entitled, Christ Our Hope, is available which contains all of the major addresses from the Pope’s 2008 visit to the U.S. as well as study guide questions to help with either personal or small group reflection. 

·   Promote Supreme Knight Carl Anderson’s book, A Civilization of Love, which attempts to communicate the vision for our world and our lives from the speeches and writings of our two most recent Popes.

D. Promote the three order-wide K of C initiatives.

·   A Spirituality of Fatherhood – This initiative has its own website,, and is meant to help men connect their work and family life with their prayer life (and develop one where it’s lacking). 

·   Post-Abortion healing for men – This is an area that has often been overlooked in the post-abortion healing ministries.  This initiative is being developed through “Reclaiming Fatherhood” conferences and in conjunction with the Milwaukee-based “National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation.”

·   Defense of Marriage – The K of C Supreme office will be supporting various court cases which promote or defend the traditional definition of marriage.  This issue has national ramifications, even if some cases have a local initial venue.  



Prayer for the Canonization of Fr. Michael J. McGivney


God, our Father, protector of the poor and defender of the widow and orphan, you called your priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, to be an apostle of Christian family life and to lead the young to the generous service of their neighbor. Through the example of his life and virtue may we follow your son, Jesus Christ, more closely, fulfilling his commandment of charity and building up his Body which is the Church. Let the inspiration of your servant prompt us to greater confidence in your love so that we may continue his work of caring for the needy and the outcast. We humbly ask that you glorify your servant Father Michael J. McGivney on earth according to the design of your holy will. Through his intercession, grant the favor I now present (here make your request) Through Christ our Lord. Amen. (Pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be).


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Supreme Convention

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson (right) and Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec, at the Supreme Convention States Dinner.


Ohio honored for membership,

 new council development




 For the fourth consecutive year, Ohio was honored at the Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention for its membership achievements. And this time was the jurisdiction’s finest performance.

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson thanked State Deputy Larry Moegling, who walked across the stage twice with his wife, Mary Lou, to accept awards.

The first was the “Circle of Honor” award for achieving 134% of Ohio’s membership quota for the 2007-2008 fraternal year, which placed Ohio 15th among all jurisdictions in the Order (Central Mexico, with 282%, was No. 1).

The second major award was for Ohio’s performance in New Council Development, establishing 11 new councils during the fraternal year.  Ohio’s 110% of quota in new council development was 10th highest in the entire Order.

State Deputy Larry Moeging and his wife, Mary Lou, are greeted on the Supreme Convention Awards Session stage as they receive a plaque honoring Ohio for its 2007-2008 membership.


State Deputy Larry Moegling (right) and State Membership Director Larry Droesch, with the plaque honoring Ohio for its 2007-2008 membership.


Moegling was grateful for the high Supreme honors, and pleased with the growth in membership in Ohio. He pointed out that “The Circle of Honor Award may be formally presented to the State Deputy, but it is the efforts of the membership of the Ohio State Council that achieved this recognition.  With the Dynamo (State Membership Director Larry Droesch) and his team, this is definitely a group award.”

Moegling likewise commented that “Gabriel Minton (State New Council Development Director) and his district deputy new council developers are the true recipients of the new council development award.  Another fantastic group effort!”

Ohio also was cited for being one of only five jurisdictions in the entire Order to have a council achieve Century Club status, whereby a council recruits 100 or more members during the fraternal year. In Ohio, the new St. Hilary Council No. 14551 recruited 102 members, spearheaded through the efforts of District Deputy Ken Leipold. 

The 126th Annual Supreme Convention was held in Quebec City, Canada on Aug. 5-7. Quebec this year is celebrating its 400th anniversary.

Anderson announced that the Knights of Columbus now includes 13,485 councils, including 244 new councils chartered during the past fraternal year. He said membership in the Fourth Degree surpassed 305,000, with 2,797 assemblies around the world – an increase of 54 during the fraternal year.


Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec, processes to the altar for the Supreme Convention Opening Mass. He was the main celebrant.

The colorful procession of Church hierarchy at the Supreme Convention Opening Mass.



The Ohio delegates to the 2008 Supreme Convention: (top row, from left) Walter Amein, Cincinnati Diocese; Dave Dvorak, Youngstown Diocese; Marty Schumacher, Steubenville Diocese; Carl Stein, Toledo Diocese; George Metz, Cleveland Diocese; George Walrath, Columbus Diocese; State Treasurer Dave Helmstetter, Cincinnati Diocese; Ray Alt, Toledo Diocese; (front row, from left), Immediate Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein; State Chaplain Paul Hrezo (non-delegate); State Deputy Larry Moegling.


Special Warden Tony Lang and his wife, Gail, who were the chief cooks for the traditional Supreme Convention Ohio Dinner.


Our Ohio State Council officers meet for dinner at the Supreme Convention.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec, celebrates the Opening Mass of the Supreme Convention.


State General Program Director Bob Byers waves the Ohio flag as the Ohio State Fight Song is sung during the States Dinner of the Supreme Convention. Traditionally, all jurisdictions sing their song as the dinner is being served.

Part of the Ohio Dinner crowd in the state’s hospitality room at the Supreme Convention.


Ohio State Council Executive Assistant Raph Maloney and his wife, Mary Lynn, serve at the Ohio Dinner.


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SD Moegling served on special convention committee

Ohio State Deputy Larry Moegling served on the very important Laws and Resolutions Committee for the Supreme Convention. That committee made recommendations for all resolutions presented to delegates. Chairman was Supreme Advocate Paul Devin.



Delegates OK Culture of Life

Fund; $3 per member assessment

The call for opposition to offenses against life – including establishment of a new Culture of Life Fund through an assessment of $3.00 from each member of the Order -- was the thread that united delegates at the 126th Annual Supreme Knights of Columbus Convention, held in Quebec City, Canada, on Aug. 5-7. And with the upcoming elections in the United States, the call was made to oppose candidates and issues that do not reflect the values of the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Church.

“We at times have to pay a price, to be unpopular,” exclaimed Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson at the Wednesday business session. “This organization has a clear voice, a clear conscience on these points.”

Delegates unanimously approved a resolution establishing a permanent Culture of Life Fund through the assessment of $3.00 from each member, stipulating that the Board of Directors will review the assessment after one year. The monies, according to the resolution, will support a broad range of initiatives that advance the culture of life. Members, councils and assemblies throughout the Order are encouraged “to affirm their commitment to marriage, family and the gift of life through additional voluntary contributions to the Culture of Life Fund”.

(Details of the assessment had not been released by Supreme Council prior to the Buckeye Bulletin deadline).

Convention delegates also adopted a resolution opposing “any governmental action or policy that promotes abortion, embryonic stem call research, human cloning, euthanasia, assisted suicide and other offenses against life.” And they challenged “our fellow Catholics who are elected officials to be true to the faith they claim to profess”.

The resolution stated that the K of C reaffirms its “commitment to building a culture of life by promoting policies that favor the family,” and reaffirmed the organization’s long-standing policy of not inviting to any Knights of Columbus event persons – especially public officials or candidates for public office – who do not support the legal protection of unborn children.”

Delegates also adopted a resolution calling for “legal and constitutional protection . . . for the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.”

In his annual report given at the Tuesday afternoon business session, Anderson stated that “It may seem too ambitious to talk about transforming the world, much less doing so by trying to create a civilization that is very different from the one in which we now live. But the earliest Christians did precisely that; they did so by their example, by holding out the possibility of a life that was higher, more beautiful, and above all more authentic than the vulgarity, violence and greed of the ancient pagan world. Today we have the same opportunity.”

He talked about abortion. “ . . . We are not discouraged. We will never waver in our efforts to protect innocent human life. And we need no greater honor than to know that we have stood beside our most vulnerable brothers and sisters in their hour of need.”

“It is time that we demand real change – and real change means the end of Roe v. Wade,” he stressed. “We will never succeed in building a culture of life if we continue to vote for politicians who support a culture of death,” he continued. “It is time that Catholics shine a bright line of separation between themselves and all those politicians who defend the abortion regime of Roe v. Wade.

On the issue of marriage, Anderson said that “we must be in the forefront of efforts to defend the sanctuary of human life – the institution of marriage. This is an issue of the greatest importance. In this cause we shall be resolute; we shall be determined.”

Even Former Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant spoke on the relationship between religion and politics when he addressed the convention. “This is an important election year in the United States,” he said. “The Knights of Columbus has wisely refrained from politics. But we Catholics need to be informed voters – voters of conscience; voters based on Catholic teachings. We look to the leaders of our Church for guidance. Catholics must be concerned about many issues.”

*     *     *

His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec, was main celebrant and homilist at the convention’s Opening Mass, which annually includes a beautiful and colorful procession of more than 100 Cardinals, Bishops and Priests from throughout the world, along with Sir Knights of the Fourth Degree ….. Cardinal Ouellet; Most Rev. V. James Weisgerber, Archbishop of Winnipeg; Cardinal Edward Egan, Archbishop of New York, and Cardinal John Foley, Grand Master, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, were speakers at the Annual States Dinner, which included approximately 2,000 delegates, Knights and guests. Cardinal Egan, reflecting on the visit last April of Pope Benedict XVI, called it a “splendid success that made a powerful impact – an impact that was a blessing”.

*     *     *

A new Supreme Director was elected to a three-year term. He is Thomas Wegener, a Past State Deputy of Michigan. Seven other directors were re-elected to three-year terms ….. For the first time in 51 years, delegates living in Cuba attended the convention. “Brother Knights, welcome home,” exclaimed SK Anderson ….. A new television documentary on Fr. Michael McGivney was previewed to those attending the meeting ….. Henry Robert, a 51-year Knight and Supreme Convention parliamentarian for the past 18 years, is retiring from that duty. He is the grandson of Gen. Henry Robert, author of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Resolution establishing Culture of Life Fund

Following is Resolution #302 which was approved by delegates to the Supreme Convention establishing a Culture of Life Fund through an assessment of $3.00 per member:


WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus has consistently and unanimously approved resolutions that affirm the Order’s long-standing commitment to building a culture of life by supporting the Church’s teaching on marriage, family and the gift of life, and

WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus is called to carry forward the work of Christ and His Church by, in the words of the Second Vatican Council, responding to the “signs of the times”, and

WHEREAS, in order to further our commitment to building a culture of life, it has become desirable to establish a permanent fund with monies contributed from members, councils and assemblies that will support a broad range of initiatives that advance the culture of life.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Knights of Columbus reaffirms its long-standing commitment to marriage, family and the gift of life by creating a Culture of Life Fund through an assessment of each member of the Order in the amount of $3.00, and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors shall review this assessment after a period of one year, and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that we encourage all members, state councils, councils and assemblies throughout the Order to affirm their commitment to marriage, family and the gift of life through additional voluntary contributions to the Culture of Life Fund.


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Ohio Dinner provides attendees

with hospitality feeling

Approximately 60 Ohioans, including delegates and officers, attended the Supreme Convention. That figure was down somewhat from past years, partially due to high costs of travel and expenses in Quebec City.

Traditionally, an Ohio Dinner on Wednesday evening of convention week is held at a restaurant in the city, with conventioneers from the state being given the opportunity to attend at their cost. The dinner was held this year, but because of the cost factor and lower attendance, it was altered a bit. Instead of going “out” to dinner, State Deputy Larry Moegling conceived a plan whereby Ohioans would come to the state’s hospitality room in the Hilton Hotel for a full-course meal.

It was prepared by “chef” Tony Lang – special warden to the State Deputy – and his wife, Gail, along with help from Executive Assistant Raph Maloney and his wife, Mary Lynn, among others.

It was a bit crowded, but it was a special – and inexpensive – treat. Following the dinner, state officers put on their traditional skit.

*     *     *

Ohio’s delegates included State Deputy Moeging and Immediate Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein (automatic delegates); and those elected during various caucuses at the State Convention last May: Carl Stein, of Council 957; Ray Alt, of Council 711; George Metz, of Council 4130; Dave Dvorak, of Council 4212; George Walrath, of Council 11665; Marty Schumacher, of Council 4243; Walter Amein, of Council 14094, and State Treasurer Dave Helmstetter, of Council 1592. Helmstetter was a last-minute replacement for elected delegate Mike Thomas, of Council 4587, who on the eve of the convention could not attend.

Supreme establishes Fathers for Good

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson announced at the Supreme Convention an initiative called Fathers for Good.

“Like marriage itself, fatherhood is a vocation,” he said. “When we are faithful to our calling as husbands and fathers, we are ultimately being faithful to ourselves.”

He said the initiative, with its own web site at, “will become a valuable resource for you and your families, and for Catholic husbands and fathers everywhere.”

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Challenges lie ahead

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson had some strong comments for all Knights of Columbus in his annual report.

“My brother Knights, this has been a great year for us and the Church,” he said. “But even greater challenges are on the horizon. We have before us both opportunity and responsibility.

“We strive to be a people of life and a people for life-committed to building a culture of life. We resolve to protect the basic building block of society – the family based upon the marriage of a man and a woman. We continue our works of charity to aid those in need and who suffer, bringing them hope and comfort. In those ways and many others, being strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we will continue Building the Civilization of Love Through Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

“It will not be easy. But it is our mission, our vocation, our solemn duty.”


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It’s time to plan For the October Blitz

What a difference a year makes.

Last year (on Sept. 19, when this article was written) we were at 151 in Net New Members for the fraternal year. This year we are at 128.

There’s only a 23-member difference. BUT: we lost 51 more members so far this year as compared with 28 on this date last fraternal year. So you can see what the difference is.

No Problem, my Dynamos! The Ohio Team doesn’t scare that easy.

The next step is “laying the ground work” for another banner year. We just started, so we have 9 1/2 months left.

If each of you get out and plan where to recruit from, who to ask, what activities you can do, then your groundwork will be done and you’ll enjoy smooth cruising. Many of you already have reported good activities that started last summer -- and I’m seeing the results of those membership activities with the numbers increasing nicely.

Now it is time for our OCTOBER BLITZ.

During the month of October, hold a First Degree and claim Step #58, October State/Diocesan First Degree. It is a mandatory step, so your council needs it to max the Membership Activities Program. And our District Deputies need your council to hold, or attend, a First Degree in October so they can meet their DD incentives.

It is real simple. If you are recruiting now, you should hold the degree in the first three weeks of October, and you must bring in at least one new member.

The First Degree can be council or district-wide, and should honor your diocesan state officer. You are urged to report your degree dates, new member numbers and results to your District Deputy. He has to report it to me, and I have to report it to Supreme Council. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Finally, don’t forget to fill out the activity step report form on-line or via paper form and submit or send it to the Dynamo. It’s as easy as that!

 Dynamo Digest

Welcome to the mid part of the first half of the year! Let’s only remember fondly where we were and dynamically charge on to the future.

We have a little space to make up. We’re only 19 behind the net numbers from last year at this time (September). I  know  we can do it again …. just be hardworking, energetic…be the Dynamo!

The first big incentive of the 2008-2009 fraternal year – the Father McGivney Incentive -- was held on both Tuesday, Aug. 12, and Thursday, Aug. 14. Your Grand Knight’s name was entered into a drawing for $50 IF your council held a First Degree, or IF your council brought  a candidate to a First Degree.  Here are the results:  Approximately 29 Councils participated, with approximately 64 candidates being welcomed into the Order. The winner will be announced very soon …. so some lucky Grand Knight should be looking for a check in October.

Please email, or send. me the details of your success story as you did last year -- something you did or created that resulted in new members; an old way or a new, creative way.  I want to hear about it. I cannot promise your story will make it to print, depending on how many I get, but I will do my best to get them all into the Buckeye Bulletin, a monthly mailing, or on the web site. Send your success story to:  855 North South St., Wilmington, OH 45177; email:; fax 1-888-474-2994.

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 Directors Reports

Church Activities

Mail those checks for Matching Funds

 By Kevin Miller

State Church Activities Director

I certainly enjoy reading all of the reports that councils have been sending to me this fraternal year. It is a pleasure to see all of the Christian charitable work that is being done to help our pastors, our churches, our parishioners and our communities. Please keep up the good work and be sure to share with me all the great things that you are doing on behalf of our Order.

Please allow me to remind all councils that Matching Funds, a part of the Church Activities Program, ends on Nov. 15 – the date when funds are due. Please make your check payable to the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and write “Matching Funds” on the Memo line. Be sure to include your council name and number somewhere on the check.

Send those checks to State Warden Robert Collins Jr., 10181 Tracy Trail, Parma, OH 44130-5210. He can be reached at (440) 888-8909, or via email at

Remember: the “early bird gets the worm” – and the first $25,000 will be matched by the Ohio State Council. So please mail your checks as soon as possible.

Matching Funds and the Pastor's Request are the two mandatory Steps that are worth 50 points each. If you have not yet contacted your pastor to see what you can do for him and his parish, please do so soon – and let me know about it.

Kevin Miller can be reached at 1101 Arbor Oaks Lane, Galloway, OH 43118-8507; (614) 853-2642; email

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Community Activities

Honor our patron during October

 By Joe Mackos

State Community Director

Christopher Columbus, patron of our honored Order, was a Catholic man who discovered the free world.  How can he be recognized?

Look around within your council. Make plans for a special event honoring him – perhaps a dinner and a dance, or an awards presentation. Participate in a Columbus Day parade. Or work with your local school to conduct an essay contest or a poster contest about Columbus.

Another idea is to consult your local library.  Ask if it would be permissible to feature a display of books and materials during the month of October about Christopher Columbus.

Anything your council can do to honor Christopher Columbus will be accepted.  Come up with a special program of your own.  This step can be done only during the month of October. 

Some other ideas for future Community Activities involvement are working with the Special Olympics or having a Special Population Free Throw. Consider the possibility of a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness Poster Contest.  You can order the Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Kit from Supreme. This can be found on Page 5 of the Report Forms booklet from Supreme.

Let’s get involved working within our communities!

Joe Mackos can be reached at 3125 Estate Circle, Youngstown, OH 44511; (330) 792-7745; email

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Council Activities

Work hard, use proper planning

 By Mark Pickard

State Council Activities Director

As we get more and more involved with activities this fraternal year, the time is NOW to prepare for great Council Activities. Proper planning will generate the earning of the maximum number of points for your council allowed within the Council Activities Program. Work hard and good things will happen.

This time of year is a great time to honor your Immediate Past Grand Knight – or all your Past Grand Knights -- with a dinner. Or how about showing the ladies of the council how important they are with a Ladies Night Out program.  A council work party is an excellent activity to combine helping others while having a great time doing it.

Whatever programs you select, be sure to do it to the best of your abilities – just as we do in everything we as Knights of Columbus do. Then be sure to send your Council Activities reports to me, either via “land” mail or through our Ohio Knights of Columbus web site.

I look forward to reading your reports, and serving you.

Mark Pickard can be reached at 21500 Anderson Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402; (419) 833-1655; email

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Family Activities

Coming months hold many things to do

 By Ken Gardner

State Family Activities Director

As summer turns to fall and the days and nights cool down, it’s time for your council’s planning of Family Activities to heat up! Can you think of any better time of the year than during the holiday season to hold Family Activities?

Over the next few months, your council will have the opportunity to hold many of the programs suggested in the Family Activities portion of the Following in Their Footsteps Program Book.

November is the month that your council should hold a Family Memorial Mass, Step #36 in the program book. Don’t forget to invite families of  deceased members of your council – those who you will be remembering at the Mass.  Be sure to offer transportation to those widows who may have problems driving at night. The Fourth Degree Color Corps can add to the dignity of the Mass.  Another nice touch is to hold some type of social event after the Mass.  I really feel that a Memorial Mass is one of the most important events any council can hold.

Thanksgiving is an excellent time to get your council families involved in a Family Service Project, Step #39. Putting together food baskets, working at the local food bank, or providing meals for the less fortunate are just a few ways to teach our children the great feeling of charity.

Many councils hold Christmas parties to bring the families of their council together during the holidays. Report this event under Family Holiday Activity, Step #38.  Don’t forget that Jesus is the “Reason for the Season” and include a celebration of the birth of our Savior in your event.

January and February are great months to hold an Estate Planning Night, Step #44.  Things have settled down a bit after the hectic holiday season, people are looking to get out of the house, and tax season is just around the corner.  Your council’s Field Insurance Agent would be very happy to put together a program to educate your council’s members and spouses on the benefits of estate planning.

Ken Gardner can be reached at 321 Greenwell Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45238-5811; (513) 451-3079; email

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Youth Activities

Some tips for a successful program

 By Paul Barko

State Youth Activities Director

I want to thank my Brother Knights for your participation in the State Youth Activities Program to date! Please remember the following tips to a successful youth program:

·  Advertise, promote and then remind the youth again about your program.

·  Do the projects together, and help them see the benefit to them and others.

·  Make them as “fun” as possible.

·  Advertise the results. Follow-up communication in newspapers and council bulletins lets people know how your program turned out and, can encourage increased attendance in the future.

As we continue into the fraternal year, please note the two mandatory programs (Step #45 and Step #46) and the need to complete either Steps #54 or #55 in order to max the State Youth Activities Program.

The success of the new K of C and Boy Scout initiative (Step #54) has been fantastic. But please do not forget the State Squires Program (Step #54). Please continue to support existing Circles and work to establish new ones. Remember: the future of Our Order is directly connected with our involvement with our youth today.

Paul Barko can be reached at 2124 County Road E, Swanton, OH 43558-9764; (419) 388-4734; email

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Vocations Activities

Helping those with a religious vocation

 By Joe Solomon

State Vocations Director

“Christian communities must never fail to provide both children and adults with constant education in faith. Vocations to the ministerial priesthood and a consecrated life can only flourish in a spiritual soil that is well cultivated.” Those remarks are attributed to Pope Benedict XVI.

The Knights of Columbus takes seriously the call to grow a spiritual environment in our families and communities; to pray for all vocations and new vocations to the priesthood and a consecrated religious life, and to support the next generation of priests. The path to a religious life is not without obstacles. It is sometimes beyond a family’s resources, and the resources of a diocese. The Following in Their Footsteps  Vocations Activities Program recognizes the need to follow those who have chosen a religious vocation.

Our Pennies for Heaven program has been so valuable to your diocesan vocation directors. It allows every council to assist with vocations recruitment in its own diocese.

The Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) allows councils to provide financial assistance to a seminarian or postulant directly. This program also encourages prayer and moral support.

Grand Knights, please be sure that your vocation director has all the material necessary from Supreme to aid in planning your council’s vocation activities. Councils must complete one of the listed activities to max the Church program. Report additional activities as a council choice.

Give our youth the proper environment. Motivate those who have heard God’s call. Extend them the support they need. Each one has an infinite source of energy, and they will deliver.

Joseph J. Solomon can be reached at 910 N. Fourth St., Toronto, OH 43964; (740) 537-2333; email

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Insurance Liaison

Five statistics Worth considering

 By Carl Ferguson, General Agent

State Insurance Liaison

The month of September has been Life Insurance Awareness Month.  To help educate consumers about the need for and value of adequate life insurance protection, the Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA) has published the following five facts.  These statistics are certainly worth considering.

Fact 1:  Nearly three-fourths of North Americans agree that life insurance is the best way to protect against premature death of the primary wage earner.

Fact 2:  Twenty-four million households have no life insurance protection. Almost one-third of all adults have no life insurance protection.

Fact 3:  Forty-four percent of all households either don’t own life insurance and believe they should, or own life insurance and believe they need more.  Among those that already own some life insurance, 40% believe they don’t have enough.

Fact 4:  One-fourth of primary wage earners feel they do not have a plan in place to provide a decent standard of living for their family if they died tomorrow.  Twelve percent of families would immediately have trouble meeting everyday living expenses, and another 15% would have difficulty keeping up after several months.

Fact 5:  People would like to discuss life insurance with a qualified professional agent. They believe that buying life insurance is an important and complex financial decision.  Half find it difficult to decide how much to buy, and 43% worry about making the wrong decision.

*     *     *

We would  like to meet with you in your home, at your convenience.  We will work with you to make sure your family is protected.  As a Brother Knight you can trust, we will take the stress and worry out of the    buying decision. Your General Agent can be found at  (click on “Find Agent” link).

Carl Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 213, Greencamp, OH 43322-0213; (740) 387-5814; email

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Vocation Olympics

A time to go for the gold

 By State Secretary Paul Upman

2008-2009 Pennies for Heaven Chairman

One has to marvel at the number of new world records and Olympic records that were set in August in Beijing.  You would think that by now the human body had achieved the best possible results. But then an athlete would find a way to do it better.

That’s where we are with our Pennies for Heaven campaign for the support of priestly and religious vocations.

The Pennies for Heaven campaign has evolved over recent years to become a premiere statewide fund-raising effort.  Under the leadership of several State Deputies and with Past State Deputy Bob Sears as chairman, we have improved our donation record year after year.

A couple of years ago, the Ohio State Council adopted Pennies for Heaven as a permanent state program under the guidance of the State Secretary.  In 2007-2008 we again achieved new heights with a total collection of $79,020!

How do we continue to improve?

For those councils that did not participate at all in the past, the answer is easy: get involved!  For those that did a credible job but know they can do better, some guidance is given.

As with any quest, there has to be a plan, a goal, strategy and tactics in order to achieve.  Our goal has been and continues to be to achieve $100,000-plus in a single fraternal year. Our gold medal! The council goal should be to better last year’s achievement.

Two major council strategies are (1)  “Pass the Jug” to remind people about the need for vocations and to collect the basic funds needed, and (2) to “Think Beyond the Jug” in order to achieve the success we really want to have for our council and vocations.

A necessary tactic is to assign a permanent chair to make sure the Jug gets passed around.  Many councils assign the Chancellor.  To get “Beyond the Jug,” activities that raise money must be devised, planned and executed.  Some successful examples are: schedule dinners or events with some or all of the proceeds to the Pennies for Heaven program; allocate tip money from the bar; get miniature jugs and send them home with members to fill; collect aluminum and donate proceeds, The list is endless.

To make sure that we are on track, a council check for the monies collected from July to November, 2008, should be sent to the State Secretary by mid-December.  A check with a note will do, but there is a form available for use in the State Deputy mailing or at our web site www.KofCOhio,org.

We must pray for and support vocations.  The Pennies for Heaven campaign provides a significant means to do this.

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Miscellaneous Stories


Football Sweepstakes turn-in deadline

is Oct. 18; season “starts” on Oct. 26

If you’re looking for an easy way to raise operating funds for your council, look no further than the Ohio State Council’s Football Sweepstakes, which is now under way. All council members have to do is sell those Football Sweepstakes tickets (at $10 per ticket), and the council will become eligible for fantastic rebates, which this year may approach more than $125,000.

If your council isn’t participating, it’s losing out on a golden opportunity to put money in its treasury. Based on tickets sold, councils can make as much as $3.90 per ticket., according to Football Sweepstakes Chairman Gary Eckstein.

Each ticket is valid for the last 10 games of the National Football League season – games of Oct. 26 through Dec. 28. Winners are determined by the “highest” and the “lowest” 4-Team totals each week. Scores of all 4-team combinations are added together and compared to determine prizes each week. It makes no difference if your team wins or loses.

Send your tickets, turn-in form and check, to: Gary Eckstein, 185 Wagon Trail South, Powell, OH 43065-7099. All entries must be received by Oct. 18. For more information, call him at (614) 679-4238.


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Fahy elected president of bowling association


Pat Fahy, of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Council 4603, Grove City, was elected president of the Ohio Knights of Columbus Bowling Association at its annual meeting in July. Other officers elected were:

1st vice president: Dan Rumpki, of St. Patrick Council 1747, Cincinnati.

2nd vice president: John Englehart, of Tiffin Council 608.

Secretary-treasurer: Donald Smith, of Mansfield Council 687.

Board of Directors: Richard Davis, of Marian Council 3754, Dayton; Michael Zacher, of Wickliffe Council 5405; Dale Spoerl, of West Toledo Council 3122; Dave Speed, of St. Patrick Council 1747, Cincinnati; Chuck Radich, of Santa Maria Council 2898, Columbus; Dan Bruns, of Coldwater Council 1991; Ronald Burzynski, of West Toledo Council 3122.

Life members are William Fox, of Tiffin Council 608; Jim Berning, of West Toledo Council 3122, and C.R. Antonucci, of Akron Council 547.

The 91st annual tournament will be held in Cincinnati starting on March 7, 2009, and ending on April 19. Princeton Lanes will host the tourney, with the Holiday Inn North the host hotel. Reservations were opened last July 1. As of Aug. 15, approximately 70 teams had been registered.

“Get your group together and send in your reservation,” suggests Fahy. Reservation dates should be sent to Secretary-Treasurer Smith at 405 Taylor Rd., Mansfield, OH 44903; tel: (614) 257-8511. Also, bowlers are asked to call the Holiday Inn North at (513) 563-8330 to make room reservations.

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300 Ohio campers enjoy fun-filled week


The 40th Annual Ohio Knights of Columbus Family Campout was a fun-filled week of activities and entertainment held July 20-27 at Meadowbrook Park in Bascom. The gathering included 76 registered campers and approximately 300 attendees, according to Campout Chairman Lou Hohman, of Delphos Council.

Attendees included State Deputy Larry Moegling and his wife, Mary Lou, State Secretary Paul Upman, Squires from five Ohio circles, State Father Prior Fr. F. Richard Snoke. Host councils were Delphos, Wapakoneta and Van Wert.

The 2009 Campout will be held July 19-26 and chaired by Ken Offenberger, of Marietta Council 478.


Knights honor their longtime brothers

Knights long have been known to take care of their own, especially the elderly.

In Toledo last July 1, Knights of St. Jude Council 3904 honored longtime Brother Knight Art Simon, who would turn 100 years of age on Aug. 14. They hosted a dinner complete with a huge birthday cake. Donations to Pennies for Heaven were accepted in Art’s honor in lieu of gifts. He was presented with a proclamation from Toledo Mayor Carlton Finkbeiner and a letter of congratulations from State Deputy Larry Moegling. State Secretary Paul Upman, a St. Jude Council member, chaired the event. Present with Art was his son, Fr. Tom Simon.

Unfortunately, there is a sad footnote to this story. Art passed away on his actual birthday, Aug. 14, during a dinner party in his honor at Swan Creek nursing home. But he had achieved his goal of reaching 100. Art was a pharmacist and Fourth Degree Sir Knight.

*     *     *

In Garfield Heights (Cleveland Diocese) last June 9, Garfield Council 4130 Brother Knights gathered to celebrate the 101st birthday of Lal Diegido, a member for 57 years. He still sings with the Holy Name Church choir.

*     *     *

Alfred Cramer this year is celebrating his 70th year as a Knight of Columbus. He joined New Washington Council 1718 in 1938 and in 1968 transferred to Maria-Joseph Council 4022, Kettering. He served in World War II from 1941-1945.

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Maple Heights’ Toth captures three Ohio K of C golf crowns


Lou Toth, of Maple Heights Council 5106 (Cleveland Diocese), was the big winner in the annual Ohio Knights of Columbus golf championships held in August at Hawthorne Country Club, Lima.

Toth won championships in both the Class AA Super-Senior  and Class AA Senior tournaments with rounds of 70 and 71, respectively. He also won the Class AA State Finals title with an 18-hole round of 77. The winners list (name, council, score) follows:

Super-Senior Tournament

Class AA – Winner: Lou Toth, Maple Heights 5106, 70.

Class A – Winner: Roy Brooks, Fr. Butler 968, 84; Runner-up: PSD Dennis Shonebarger, Fr. Bauschard 13581, 89.

Class BB – Winner: Bob Owens, Our Lady of Perpetual Help 4603, 78; Runner-up: Dave Lauvray, Coshocton 994, 80.

Class B – Winner: David Hoffer, Msgr. Dury 505, 85; Runner-up: Paul Brooks, Archbishop Purcell 2798, 87.

Class CC – Winner: Phil Vorherr, St. Leonard 10215, 88; Runner-up: Marty Mostyn, St. Peter 11216, 89.

Class C – Winner: James Roahrig, Coshocton 994, 99; Runner-up: Jerry McAdoo, Findlay 957, 106.

Senior Tournament

Class AA – Winner: Lou Toth, Maple Heights 5106, 71.

Class A – Winner: Cal Songer, St. Francis 1234, 75; Runner-up: Bob Owens, Our Lady of Perpetual Help 4603, 79.

Class BB – Winner: Joe Skelton, Coshocton 994, 72; Runner-up: Pat Cahill, Fr. Bauschard 13581, 75.

Class B – Winner: Dan McElroy, Mother Seton 3376, 81; Runner-up: Mother Seton 3376, 83.

Class CC – Winner: Denny Meiser, Coshocton 994, 85; Runner-up: Dick Downing, Findlay 957, 85 (Meiser won on playoff hole).

Class C – Winner: Dick Phillipps, Findlay 957, 94; Runner-up: Jim Schidecker, Fr. O’Connor 3730, 98.

State Finals

Class AA – Winner: Lou Toth, Maple Heights 5106, 77; Runner-up: Dan Dugan, Loyalty 2661, 78.

Class A – Winner: Mike Piedmont, Lorain 637, 82; Runner-up: Dave Buss, Fr. Muehle 5669, 84.

Class BB – Winner: Ross Siefker, Ottawa 1757, 80; Runner-up: Jack Stidak (no council listed), 83.

Class B – Winner: Tom Malicki, Maple Heights 5106, 88; Runner-up: Paul Purcell, St. Leonard 10215, 89.

Class CC – Winner: Phil Vorherr, St. Leonard 10215, 92; Runner-up: Terry Cole, Maple Heights 5106, 93.

Class C – Winner: Mike Williams, Santa Maria 2898, 94; Runner-up: Mike Niese (no council listed), 96.

Team Low Gross

Winner -- Loyalty 2661, Lima (Dan Dugan, Jim Penn, John Zerante Jr., Ken Blanchard, Mark Longmeier), 315.

Runner-up – Archbishop Moeller, Cincinnati (Gary Rogers, Tony Russo, Mark Braun, Ed Bracke III, Tom Mathews), 324.

Team Low Net

Winner – Lorain 637 (Mioke Piedmont, Dave Volek, Greg Argenti, Tiom Andrews, Kevin Stidak), 292.

Runner-up – Lancaster 1016 (Mark Spires, Greg Blanchard, David Wallace, Mike Sullivan, Jerry Clum), 298.

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Matching Funds continues through Nov. 15

The Ohio State Council’s Matching Funds Campaign, which provides continuing support for Catholic education in each of the six dioceses, continues through Nov. 15. Checks should be mailed to State Advocate Ken Girt, 2008 Matching Funds chairman, at 6433 Lutz Ave. N.W., Massillon, OH 44646. It also is a mandatory “step” that can be claimed under the Church Activities Program.

The Ohio Charity Foundation will match any contribution up to the first $25,000 received before Nov. 15,. Funds are used to purchase audio-visual materials for teaching children in Ohio Catholic schools, parish schools of religion, and for instructing adults preparing for baptism”. All funds collected in a diocese goes to the vocations director in that diocese.


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K of C launches information news site for Catholics

The Knights of Columbus has launched an Internet-based news and information service for Catholics everywhere: Headline Bistro.

Headline Bistro is a website that provides a quick digest of daily news sources around the world that contain news of interest to active Catholics.  It also will contain video clips, detailed state-by-state information about voting and public policy, and recommended reading from the world of books.  The web address is

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K of C insurance receives highest ratings

Both Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best Company once again have given the Knights of Columbus insurance program their highest ratings.

For the 16th consecutive year, the K of C program has earned Standard and Poor’s highest rating: AAA (extremely strong). S&P is the financial industry’s foremost independent rating bureau.

For the 33rd consecutive year, A.M. Best Company has given the K of C insurance its highest rating: A++ (superior). A.M. Best is a worldwide rating and information agency.

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October Is

Respect Life Month

Plan a Pro-Life activity in your council


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The Buckeye Bulletin

The Buckeye Bulletin is published by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and distributed via Third Class Non-Profit Bulk Postage, Permit No. 229, U.S. Postal Service, at Cleveland, Ohio.

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Subscription Requests, Address changes, deletions

Members of the Knights of Columbus in good standing in the Ohio jurisdiction may subscribe free of charge. Forward requests for new subscriptions, address changes, cancellations to: Harding Christ, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012. Email: The full 9-digit Zip Code must be included with all new subscription and change of address requests.




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