Youth Activities


Happy New Year!

 The winners of the State Soccer Challenge are:

 Age 8    Boy Kyle Ross #14502,         Girl  Danielle Tebbe #14408

Age 9    Boy Andrew Leopold #947,    Girl  Brooke A. Martinez #1750

Age 10  Boy  Joshua Freiman #2365   Girl  Rachel Tebbe #14408

Age 11  Boy  Emilio Del Toro #13813  Girl  Olivia Oziomek #2362

Age 12  Boy Sean McMarthy #1610    Girl  Hannah Tebbe #14408

Age 13  Boy Nathan Hallam #2362

Age 14  Boy  Michael Allen #5628

 Congratulations to all those involved!

 Looking at some Council Newsletters for the Free Throw Contest, please remember that 9 year old's are able to shoot.  The time line is Council's should be finishing up by Mid January, District's should be held by 1/31/2014 and Regional's by 3/2/2014.  District Deputy Coordinators should send me the results as soon as possible after the competition.  The State Competition will be held at Bishop Ready High School in Columbus 3/15/2014.

 If any Council is doing the Essay Contest, it is time to send them to me for State judging.  

 The Substance Abuse Poster Contest is coming up, get your packet from Supreme.  Judging for the Council should be done by the end of February, if District and Regional's are needed, they should be done by the end of March.  This way State judging can be held in early April and then sent into Supreme.

 Please help keep these deadlines so that everything goes smoothly.  

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the children.  I appreciate the reports and encouraging work being done.

Youth Activities Director

Robert Walsh

© 2011 Knights of Columbus