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Program Directors Letter

With 2 of the 5 reporting periods completed, we have seen some very promising results.  Almost half of all the councils in Ohio have reported at least one activity.  We have a great many of our Ohio councils report 3 or 4 activities in each program area already.  This puts them well on their way to achieving Star Council.  Two councils in Ohio have already maxed out all six program areas.  I would hope that when all of the councils across the state report all of their Council parties and activities as well as their Christmas Church and Family programs, that almost all of our councils will have programs and activities reported by the end of this calendar year. 

Please check the new standings. You will see the top 10 in each Division. This is a good time to be double checking your turned-in reports and your graded or credited reports. Compare the website stats with your council stats that your keeping. If they don’t agree with each other, please call the prospective Director and find out where the differences are.

This is also a good time to start putting together a list of all council volunteer hours and monetary contributions to be used to complete the Supreme Fraternal Survey which will be submitted on Form #1728 which is due January 31st.  This is also one of the Administrative Program requirements in part 2 of the “Light of Ohio” State Program.


Our “Light of Ohio” Program Directors are proven leaders of their own councils and are very experienced at conducting programs and activities.  They have been quite successful in generating interest in and keeping their membership involved.  Our team of Directors has brought that knowledge and experience to this State Program and has built that into the “Light of Ohio” State Program.  It is our desire that your participation in this State Program will bring to all brother Knights in the State of Ohio that ‘Light of Christ” which will shine out visibly from all of us.



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