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Please get this check list to all Council Program Directors and Grand Knights so they can start checking off the boxes. Any council that checks off all these suggested items (boxes) will be in great shape to win awards at the State Convention! REMEMBER – you must complete all the Membership Program Requirements as well as these below to Max your Council’s Programs. Good Luck!


General Program Director:


       GPD Dynamo will be emailing out the Program Stat Reports to councils by January 12th. Have your councils open that email attachment and double check their approved report totals with what is on the email Stat report from State.

        Then in early March a paper copy of the updated Program Stat Report will be sent through USPS to the councils. At that time, have your councils open that letter and double check their approved report totals with what is on the mailed Stat report from the State.

        The Program ends on April 15! Reports must be input online by April 20, 2013.


       Awards are in the GP Book & the web. See what you can obtain by working and completing the “Take Up His Cross” General Program.

        NO Double Dipping! This means that you cannot report a Step (activity of a council) more than once in any Program Area (Church, Community, Council, Family, Prolife, Membership, Youth).

        Don’t just write checks to claim points. Encourage councils to physically and mentally do an activity to raise the $ for the check or for the Step number!

       Write more than one or two sentence description for each Step. Directors need to see how you completed the Step to give points.


Youth Programs


       Basketball Free Throw Contest Timeline

Council Championship – Complete by January 27th

District Championship – Complete by February 10th

Regional Championship – Complete by March 3rd

State Championship – March 16, 2013


       Substance Abuse Poster Contest Timeline

Council Level Judging – Completed by January 8th
District Level Judging– Completed by January 29th
Regional Level Judging– Completed by February 15th
State Level – All Regional winning posters must be submitted

           to the State Youth Director by March 1st

Community Program

       Volunteer of the Year:

         Any adult can be nominated. The nominee does not need to be a council member.

         The nominee must be involved in a non-profit activity during this fraternal year.

         We recommend councils present an award to its nominee, preferably at a major council or community function. However, this is not a requirement for reporting. It’s important to send details along with your nomination.


       Blue Coat of the Year:

         Any adult can be nominated – the nominee does not need to be a council member.

         We recommend councils present an award to its nominee, preferably at a major council or community function. However, this is not a requirement for reporting. It’s important to send details along with your nomination


Council Program

       Knight of the Year -   Please start working on finding that worthy brother today.  Please, so we can allow ALL Knights to have an equal chance at winning, don’t submit repeat honoree's from last year.

        Brotherhood Program is the third week of February is National Brotherhood week. ASKED ANOTHER ORGANIZATION TO JOIN YOU IN A SPECIAL PROJECT. (Lions, Eagles, Elks, etc.)


Pro-life Programs

       Step # 41 – Pray the Rosary for Life (Mandatory)

If your council has not yet completed this step, now is the time to schedule it since it is a mandatory step. Pray a Rosary for Life before or after council meetings, Mass, or any other council activity or event. Whenever possible, have the Rosary led by the pastor, parish priest, or council chaplain. Distribute pro-life prayer cards available from Supreme Council.

To receive credit for this step, submit the following information:

· When and where the Rosary for Life was prayed as well as who led the Rosary and the number of council members and other attendees present.

       Step # 42 – K of C Day of the Unborn Child


Promote the annual Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child, held on the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25. Knights and their families should pray for the return of respect and protection of the unborn child.

To receive credit, the event should take place in March. Select from the following suggestions for this program:

· Plan and sponsor a Mass for the Unborn (may include your Fourth Degree Color Guard). Consider a pro-life talk with light refreshments after.

·  Pray the Rosary as an assembled family for unborn children.

· Hold a prayer vigil in front of a statue of our Blessed Mother Mary while praying a Rosary for the Unborn.

       40 Days for Life

Since 2007, the 40 Days for Life spring and fall campaigns have saved over 6700 babies from abortion. The campaigns have been responsible for the closing of 25 abortion clinics in 481 vigil locations across the U.S., Canada, and around the world. The mission of the campaign is to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40 day campaign of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism, with the purpose of repentance, to seek God’s favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to abortion in America and around the world.

The Spring 2013 campaign begins Ash Wednesday, February 13 and runs through Palm Sunday, March 24. Now is the time for councils to begin planning their involvement.

To receive credit for this step, councils must fulfill either one of the following:

 Contact your local Right to Life chapter to determine if a local 40 Days for Life campaign is scheduled. If so, schedule at least one day during the 40 day period when the council and its families and friends will provide peaceful, non-confrontational prayer coverage at the selected abortion clinic. Provide the number of council members who participated and the total hours spent at the clinic.

 If there is no local 40 Days for Life campaign, contact the national campaign leadership team at and sponsor a local campaign.


Church Program

       Step # 3   Chaplain and Religious of the Year Nominations are due by April 1st. Chaplain of the Year is for ordained priests, and Religious of the Year are for Deacons, Sisters and Brothers. Please write how the nominee helps the parish and your community.

        Step # 9     Pennies for Heaven, a year round program, reports must be sent in by April 15 to receive credit.

        Step # 10   RSVP (Refund Support Vocations Program) This is also needs to be reported to the State Church Director by April 15, to receive credit.  To receive the refunds make sure to send Form #2863 to Supreme with copies of the front and back of the support check.


Family Program

       Family of the Year, plan early and be comprehensive in reporting this program, include as much information as possible and report on line, but send a hard copy to the state Family Director


       Family of the Month. Continue to participate in the Family of the Month" program from the Supreme council.

        "Best Activity of the Year" for your council, if you, the Grand Knight believe that a particular activity should be considered for the state best activity, please alert the State Family Director with a hard copy via US Postal Service.


Vocations/Seminarian Support Program

       Pennies for Heaven due April 15th. To State Secretary Ken Girt. Make check out to “Ohio State Council, Knights of Columbus”. Do not make the check out to State Secretary Ken Girt.

       R.S.V.P - Supreme Council Program, form # 2863. Submit by June 30th to supreme. Submit the activity to Church Director Bob Walsh. Supreme to refund $ 100 dollars for every $ 500 dollars donated by council or assembly. 

 And For the support of our Seminarians:

       Hold degrees at Seminaries.

       Hold Dinners for seminarians and novices.

       Show a more visible presence at Seminarians and Novice centers. They need our support.


Veterans Program

       Contribute $50 to the Military Chaplain’s Scholarship Fund

        Supply Manpower/Visit a VA facility


       Conduct a Council Patriotic Activity