State Deputy Dave Helmstetter


Welcome to the Ohio State Council, Knights of Columbus Website!
On these web pages of the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus, the theme, Take Up His Cross, emphasizes that we as Knights of Columbus must be leaders in our Catholic parish communities with programs that reflect the principle virtues of our Order: Charity, Unity and Fraternity. We must “Take Up His Cross…For Charity…In Unity…With Fraternity.”

The 2011-2013 general and membership programs focus on these main principles. These tenets address charity – our good works for our parishes, communities and families; unity – the manner in which we approach our good works, together as Knights and as a single body representing what our Order stands for; and with fraternity - the friendships and camaraderie we experience by belonging to the greatest Catholic organization in the world.

The Take Up His Cross program draws upon our call as Knights of Columbus to be strong leaders in the Catholic community. Our formation as Knights continues throughout our membership. We are expected to lead a good Catholic life, accept responsibilities and train ourselves for Catholic lay leadership. These familiar words are our call to Take Up His Cross and become outstanding leaders in our parishes and communities.

But it is very important to grow our membership. For those of you interested in joining the Knights of Columbus, please contact us. Join the Knights and become active in a local council near you!

For those already Knights, the challenge now is for us to bring this program to life. Are we as Knights ready to accept this challenge and Take Up His Cross…In Charity…In Unity…With Fraternity?