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State Deputy Message


It’s easier to retain than recruit

  By Paul J. Upman

State Deputy

I remember an old TV commercial, aired during the women’s rights movement, I think, depicting a mother trying to get out of a parking space at a mall.  A female voice-over lamented: “How are we going to save the world if we can’t even get out of the parking lot?”

That’s how I feel some days when I see reports of suspensions we Knights of Columbus suffer: “How are we going to do the great work of our Order if we can’t keep our Knights involved and happy?”

I also am reminded of a critical business fact: it is far more effective and profitable to retain a customer than to replace one you have lost.

Why then, do we pay such little attention to retention of current members?  How serious is the challenge?  In a year’s time, we in Ohio could lose up to 1,000 Knights!  Consider the effort needed in your own council to replace a lost Brother Knight and still grow your numbers.

At the state level, we have a well-structured team in place to help with this need.  State Membership Director Paul Barko and Retention Director Tommy Mathes are leading our efforts. They are assisted by no less than eight Diocesan Membership/Retention Chairmen and six Diocesan District Deputy Coordinators. We also have insurance field agents ready to help.

If your council has members that show up on an intent-to-suspend lists, you are likely to hear from one of these “retention” folks.

But why wait until the horse is out of the barn?  Let’s be more proactive and put a strategy in place to prevent these losses.

Large councils should employ a committee approach with specific assignments to call inactive members, and especially those falling behind in their dues. A personal conversation or visit can determine why. Then a fix can be pursued.  Maybe there is a health or financial issue; maybe a misunderstanding or a gripe. A lot can be fixed with a personal contact.

Smaller councils may need to rely on one or two capable Brothers to make these contacts.  Committees and individuals should work closely with the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary.  It is not the sole job of either the Grand Knight or the Financial Secretary to do this.  Council officers should decide in advance how to deal with forgiveness of any past dues.  Then the GK and FS can deal in confidence with such issues when they arise.   In no instance should a hardship case be brought to the floor for discussion or decision.

Soon you will be hearing about the “Power of Ten” program that our membership director will present.  In the context of retention, an active and capable Knight will be assigned to contact 10 Brother Knights who are not so active.  His job will be to find out why and to help the council develop programs, etc., to deal with the deficiency or to advise the Grand Knight how to solve a late dues problem.

Brothers, if we are going to close that back door, we have to have plans in place to settle problems with delinquent members. The solution is not to suspend, but to save and to reintroduce that inactive member to the great opportunities in the Knights of Columbus.  Let’s work as hard at retention as we do at attracting new members.

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State Chaplain


We have been blessed with responsibility

to take care of one another and our world

 By Fr. James Brown

State Chaplain

Bishop Lori, our Supreme Episcopal  Chaplain, is providing  the Knights and their families a wonderful and on-going reflection on the Catechism of the Catholic Church in his monthly Columbia  Magazine articles. Rather than be redundant or just echo his  topics, I would rather support his reflections and urge you to read his material and to discuss is at your council meetings and with your families. 

There are four resource documents that are crucial to the life of the Church:

1. The Bible, the Sacred Scriptures. This is Number One. It is God’s Words to us, the story of His redemptive plan    unfolding and our call to respond. It is our source for knowing the Person of Jesus Christ . St. Jerome tells us that “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

2.  If we don’t know Jesus it is impossible to be a good Catholic man.

3.  The second important Document  is the collection of Documents of the Second Vatican Council.  Several        documents stand out for us on the Liturgy, on Divine Revelation, on the Constitution of the Church , on the Laity’s role in the Church and world, and the Church in the Modern World.

4. Perhaps you might not get through all 16 documents, but these five would be an excellent beginning.

5. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is divided into four sections: the Creed, the Sacraments, the Commandments, and Prayer.  However, the titles of these four pillars is more descriptive: the Profession of Faith; The Celebration of the Christian Mystery; Life in Christ, and Christian Prayer.

6. Remember one of the prime questions from the Baltimore Catechism?  Why are we here? Why did God make us?  God made us to KNOW Him, to LOVE Him and to SERVE Him in this world and to enjoy Him forever in heaven.

7. Finally the Book of Canon Law of the Catholic Church. As a society we have laws that give direction to all parties in the Church, from the Pope and cardinals to the unbaptized.

We all have rights within the Church depending on our role, likewise we all have responsibilities as well according to our position in life and ministry. 

The two documents that challenge most  lay people  are the Bible and the Catechism. I invite you and your councils to develop an ongoing formation program … available through the Supreme Council and your local parishes.

As Knights of Columbus, we are men of faith and leaders. We are called to lead our families, children and grandchildren  into a deeper understanding of the facts of our faith. While faith is a gift from God we respond to the gift by receiving it but we are also called to grow in our faith -- grow our faith -- by learning and understanding .

It is important to experience our faith through retreats, renewal programs, Christ Renews His Parish, Cursillo,  marriage encounter, parish retreats and days of reflection,  men’s retreats or other kinds of private retreats.

Besides the prayer side we need to live out our faith … praying at home with the family, attending weekend liturgies at church, volunteering to help on social programs by standing up for the Right to Life of all people, advocating for the poor and marginalized and by making a difference in our world.

 WE are STEWARDS!  We have been blessed with responsibility to take care of one another and our world. We begin with prayer …  grow our talents with study, learning and living…and share our blessings with others by giving  generously.  Our time, talents and treasures are gifts from God to us so that He can re-gift them to others through us.

May God bless you each and every one. Enjoy the autumn season of the year.


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 Cincinnati Auxiliary Bishop Carl Moeddel, a long-time supporter of the Knights

 Cincinnati Archdiocese Auxiliary Bishop Carl K. Moeddel enjoyed being with Knights and was a staunch supporter of the Knights of Columbus. He passed away last Aug. 25 at the age of 71 following a long illness.

Bishop Moeddel was a member of St. Patrick Council 1747, Cincinnati, and of St. Isaac Jogues Fourth Degree Assembly. He was an avid bowler with the St. Patrick Knights, participating in Ohio Knights of Columbus Bowling Association tournaments. He also belonged to the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem with the rank of Knight Commander.

His last public appearance with the Ohio State Council is believed to have been at the 2006 State Convention, which was held in Cincinnati.

“Bishop Moeddel was a man of deep dedication and many talents,” said Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk. “He served in a vast number of leadership positions over the years in the Archdiocese and he served well. He loved the Lord. He loved the Church. He loved the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.”

Bishop Moeddel was a long-time priest, director of priest personnel, director of pastoral services, vicar general and president of the Ohio Council of Churches before becoming the Archdiocese’s auxiliary bishop in 1993. He was ordained in 1962.

Bishop Moeddel suffered a stroke several years ago and cited poor health in 2007 when he submitted his resignation to the Vatican.

  David Hoffman, was Ohio District 2 Fourth Degree Master

 Sir Knight David M. Hoffman, Fourth Degree Master of Ohio District Two (Toledo and Cincinnati dioceses), passed away last June. He was 41.

He was a member of West Toledo Council 3122 and of Bishop James Hoffman Fourth Degree Assembly 807.  He was a member of Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, and was instrumental in relocating Assembly 807 to the Cathedral and having the name changed from Toledo Assembly to Bishop James Hoffman Assembly. He also served on the Franciscan Care Center Board of Sylvania, and the YMCA of West Toledo.

David was a 1987 graduate of Central Catholic High School in Toledo, and for the past 10 years had been a funeral directors’ associate with the Hanneman Family Funeral Home of Northwest Ohio. He is survived by his wife, Cathy, and two children, among others.

 John Caroselli, former District Deputy of the Year

 John Caroselli, a long-time active member of the Knights of Columbus, passed away last June. He was 94.

John was a Past Grand Knight of Niles Council 1681 (Youngstown Diocese); a Former District Deputy, and Past Faithful Navigator of Msgr. Francis Lavery Fourth Degree Assembly. He once was honored as the Ohio State Council District Deputy of the Year.

John had many interests. He was a coal miner in Pennsylvania; meat cutter; employed at Jeanette Glass in Jeanette, Pa.; quality control officer at Packard Electric; repairman, and he operated Caroselli Grocery in Jeanette. He is survived by his wife, 68 years, Rosalina, among others.


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General Program Director



Try paperless.  It’s easy, efficient

 By Mark Pickard

State General Program Director

We are off and running with our 2009-2010 State General Program. Wow! How fantastic is that? My thanks go to all those Brother Knights who attended the Diocesan Summer Tour Programs last July. If you missed the one in your diocese, you missed a lot of good ideas, presentations and a lot of fun.

Thanks to all the program directors for accepting the challenge to go paperless, reporting online.  The state program directors inform me that the reports are coming in and are looking great.  If yours is one of the councils that still has the urge to send in paper reports, I challenge you to give paperless a try.  It’s easy -- and efficient.

Concerning the report from the Supreme Council that Pro-Life Activities is now a major program:  Thanks to the councils that presented resolutions at our State Convention requesting such a change. They went to Supreme for consideration at the Supreme Convention. Perhaps Supreme took Ohio’s idea and instituted the change even before the Supreme Convention.

Since it is difficult to change a program of this magnitude in mid-stream, we have decided that major changes will come next fraternal year in the State General Program. However, any and all Pro-Life activities can be reported now under the Community Activities Program.

State Membership Director Paul Barko and his Membership Team are working hard on New Council Development. Do you know of a parish that would benefit from a council of its own? Is it your parish?  The dream of Fr.  McGivney is ALIVE in Ohio; a council in every parish is the goal -- and is an attainable goal.  If you know of possible location for a council, please contact Brother Barko or New Council Development Director Gabriel Minton.

As we enter the second reporting period of our general program, be sure to examine what you have planned for the upcoming holiday season. In these tough economic times, there are many families in our communities needing a boost. In the spirit of giving and many hands working together, see what can be done, work together to brighten the lives of others.

In closing, thanks to all who have accepted the challenge as a Grand Knight or officer, as a General Program Director or a council director. You do make a difference! Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.  Keep up the good work.

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Ohio’s Top 10 Councils in Programming

Following are Ohio’s Top 10 Councils statewide as of Sept. 1, 2009. Top 10 includes program points ONLY. Standings do not reflect membership or administrative requirements.

                          Council                                       Location                           Dio.                Pts.

1                 South Akron 3410                       Akron                        Clev              600

2                 St. Francis of Assisi 10792         Strongsville                  Clev              575

3-4 (tie)      Msgr. Lang 1039                         Defiance                     Tole              500

3-4 (tie)      Our Lady of Peace 4243              St. Clairsville               Steu              500

5                 St. Jeromes 11450                    Walbridge                    Tole              450

6-7 (tie)      Msgr. Dury 505                          Zanesville                    Colb              425

6-7 (tie)      St. Gabriel 11380                       Minerva                       Steu              425

8-9 (tie)      Oak Harbor 1944                       Oak Harbor                   Tole              400

8-9 (tie)      Mother Seton 3376                     Cincinnati                    Cinn              400

Ten councils tied for 10th place.


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State Membership Director


Ohio offers membership stimulus program

By Paul Barko

State Membership Director

In order to further stimulate membership growth throughout the Ohio jurisdiction, State Deputy Paul J. Upman has authorized a Membership Stimulus Program to run during the months of September and November (not  in October, which is Supreme’s Blitz Month). It is a very simple program:

·       Every current member who brings in one new member during the months of September or November will be given a coupon worth $5.00 off State K of C merchandise.

·       If he brings in three or four, he will receive a coupon worth $20.00 off State merchandise.

·       If he brings in five or more, he will receive a coupon worth $30.00 off State merchandise.

All the member needs to do to qualify for this “Stimulus Program” is to email me ( the following information:

1.     His name and address.

2.     The name(s) of the new member(s) recruited.

3.     The date the new member took his First Degree, and  where.

4.     The name/number of the council the new member is joining.

The state membership director’s email address is:


 We need to TELL THEM,

not just ASK THEM

By Paul Barko

State Membership Director

In today’s society it appears to be getting more and more difficult to get men to join any organization; which I hear from friends who are officers in the Kiwanis, the Eagles, the VFW, the Catholic War Vets, etc.

Why? Well one reason is that many people perceive themselves as being so busy that they have become increasingly skeptical of joining any organization that will take time away from them.

So, how do we continue to get busy Catholic men to consider joining the Knights of Columbus?

The simple answer for years has been “Ask them!” While it may get them to join, it appears that it has not gotten many of them to be active and involved members; often leading to withdrawals and/or suspensions down the road.

What’s the answer?

“Tell them!” Yes, we need to consider telling Catholic men what the Knights of Columbus is about; its founding by Fr. Michael J. McGivney; its mission to foster Catholic men in witnessing their faith through acts of charity as a fraternal and unified force in their church and in their community, and its ability to enhance their Catholic faith through active involvement. We need to promote more than membership! We need to promote the meaning and value of active membership in the lives of those men who choose to join!

How can we do this?

Well, Supreme Council has come up with a very simple plan to get this process going. It is the Council Admissions / Retention Committee, usually made up of the Deputy Grand Knight and the Council Trustees. This small group of men is charged with personally talking with candidates for membership about the K of C and explaining what the Order is about, what their particular council activities are, and helping the candidate see how membership can enhance their life and help him witness his faith through participation in those council activities.

Through this personal contact, conducted before the candidate takes his First Degree, the committee also is engaging the candidate into a personal rather than an organizational relationship with members of the council. This action is more likely to get the candidate to take his degrees and to attend council meetings and functions afterwards. This meeting can happen one-on-one with candidates, or be conducted in a group setting. In either case its giving “value” to membership in the Knights of Columbus, which will lead to more active participation.

If you noticed, the committee is called the Council Admissions / Retention Committee. The reason for this is that it can also accomplish the task of helping retain current members through this same process. I do not know of any council who does not have some inactive members. As a matter of fact one of the most frequently asked questions is: “How do we get members active?”

The answer can be as simple as getting new members active. We need to remind them of what the Knights of Columbus is all about, we need to turn their attention away from issues with other members or problems with how the council does things and refocus it onto the fact that membership is about living Fr. McGivney’s dream by witnessing their faith through service to their church and community, and infusing the “spirit” of Fr. McGivney back into them. What better vehicle for doing this then the same committee of men who have been charged with engaging new candidates for membership. Having personal, one-on-one meetings with inactive members focused on re-infusing them with the meaning and value of membership works so much better than an “out of the blue” phone call or an impersonal letter.

This concept has been working within councils that have set up an active Admissions/Retention Committee and that have followed the above guidelines.

Give it some serious thought and a serious effort. The vitality of your council will be positively impacted through this process of engaging new candidates and re-engaging currently inactive members!

Finally, consider implementing a periodic “Welcome Knight” function at one of your council meetings to recognize and actively engage new and reactivated members; making them feel a part of the council and getting them excited about participation and attendance at future meetings. This could be as simple as taking time to recognize them individually at the meeting, setting them up to work on an activity with another member (Buddy System), and have some snacks and social time after the meeting for them to meet other members.

It’s not just about Charity; it’s about Unity and Fraternity! Our members are truly are most valued part of the Knights of Columbus. Let’s reach out and unite our councils through revitalization activities throughout the year. I will be presenting more practical ideas in following issues of the Buckeye Bulletin.

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The Power of “10” Program

 By Paul Barko

State Membership Director

In an effort to help councils throughout the state be more effective in running their councils, I am offering the following program idea that was presented to me by the State Deputy of Georgia at the 2009 Supreme Convention. He shared the huge success that this simple program has made over the last two years. I am encouraging you to consider this idea for your council as a “simple plan” to:

·  Increase Membership.

·  Foster Membership Revitalization.

·  Reduce Membership Withdrawals and Suspensions.

Each council is encouraged to divide their council membership into groupings of 10. (50 members = 5 groups, 120 members = 12 groups, etc.). Each group has a designated “Captain”. At the beginning of each fraternal year all the council captains meet and select members from their council to be members of their group or team. (In some councils they divide the membership by special interests, age, etc. rather than a random selection.).

Once each group or team is determined, the captain contacts all the members on his team (a total of 9 members along with himself) to notify them they are on his team and to encourage them to actively participate as a team member. During the fraternal year each of the council teams compete against the other teams in areas of Membership Recruitment and Membership Retention, while also updating their team’s roster and membership status, and to suggest/run council activities. (E.g. if the council conducts weekly fish fries or pancake breakfasts, each team takes their turn running that week’s program, making it easier to secure volunteers.)

But one of the best features of this program is that the team captain makes personal bi-monthly contact with every member of his team in order to encourage active participation and foster membership retention. This bi-monthly contact has significantly lowered membership withdrawals and suspensions throughout Georgia, and has revitalized membership involvement in a number of councils that relied very heavily on only a handful of members to run their council programs.

It has also taken some of the pressure of membership recruitment and retention off of the shoulders of the council officers, and has encouraged “friendly competition” between brother knights, which in turn has lead to increased fraternalism and allowed the “spirit” of

Fr. McGivney to re-emerge within many semi-active councils.

In all, it has been a highly successful program throughout Georgia and very much worth considering here in Ohio. Please give this program due consideration for your council.


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Pledge of Faith drive winners are announced

Winners of the Ohio State Council’s "Pledge of Faith" Membership Drive held in July and August have been announced by State Membership Director Paul Barko.

The council winner in the drawing for $250 is Dover Council 1973 (Columbus Diocese). The individual winner in the drawing for $100 is Kevin AmBurgy, of North Olmsted Council 4731 (Cleveland Diocese).

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Church Activities

Strengthening our faith and service

 By Jack Campbell

State Church Activities Director

Our Ohio Church Activities Program is based on strengthening our faith and providing services to our Catholic parishes and the pastors of those parishes.

One way for councils to support their parishes is Activity #4, the Pastor’s Request. All you have to do is contact your pastor and ask how you can assist him by taking on a specific project he may request.

While speaking about helping our pastors, councils also are encouraged to establish a Parish Round Table, which is Activity #7.  If a council serves two or more parishes, a Parish Round Table should be formed in each parish.  The Parish Round Table Program will make your council’s presence known in those parishes and build a relationship with the pastor.  It also will help recruit new members from those parishes.

As we look forward to the holiday season, perhaps your council would want to start planning Activity #3, Keep Christ In Christmas -- which will promote the birth of Jesus Christ, making it a Holy Day instead of just a holiday.

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 Community Activities

A couple of ideas to be considered

 By Mike Abfall

State Community Activities Director

You’re doing great so far! Just a couple of reminders:

·       How about working on Activity #16, Wheelchairs Make the World Go Around. It’s a great way to help the handicapped. The Order has teamed up with the Wheelchair Foundation to bring mobility to those in need around the world. For every donation of $75, the Foundation will match the donation to purchase a wheelchair. Inquire at There are many people in our communities that need our help obtaining wheelchairs.

·       School already has started, so perhaps you want to work on Activity #14, Working with Our Special Friends. Support activities in your community that help citizens with mental or physical handicaps. For example, you may want to hold a basketball free-throw competition at a special needs school, schedule an activity for them, take an active role in Special Olympics. Contact your local board of mental retardation to find out how you can help.

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Council Activities

Thank your workers with a special dinner

 By Bob Byers

State Council Activities Director

This is a great time of the year to honor your members with a dinner. Or how about a Ladies Night Out program?  Getting together and saying thanks for the hard work that was done during the past year can be a building block for good things to come this fraternal year.

Patriotism is another activity that can be accomplished anything during the year. It is the fourth principle of our Order, and is NOT just for the Fourth Degree. It is everyone’s responsibility and privilege, and should be part of our daily lives.

Councils can participate in a Council Patriotic Activity – Activity #23. Participating councils will not only receive credit points, but the Fourth Degree Former Masters will present a special Council Patriotic Award at the state convention in May.

There will be a Best Council Patriotic Award for each Diocese as well as an overall winner for the State of Ohio.

Suggestions for patriotic programs include supporting our troops overseas with care packages from home; honoring our fallen troops and their families in a special way; promoting patriotism in the local schools by erecting a flagpole, holding a special assembly, purchasing new flags for the school, etc., or perhaps participating in a local holiday parade.

I certainly have enjoyed reading all the great reports that have come in for the first reporting period.  It’s exciting to read about all the great things that are going on around this great state.  And the on-line reporting has been fantastic. Please keep it up!

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  Family Activities

Plan those family holiday activities

 By Larry Droesch

State Family Activities Director

Family Reports of Activity #34 (Family Fun Activity), and others, are coming in wonderfully. All but one council has sent their reports in on-line and it seems that there are few problems. Good Work Brothers. Even so, please be as descriptive as possible when typing in your reports. I love details, and the longer the better!

Keep the family active in your council by doing things together with the kids, spouses, grandparents, and yes even the pets! There have been creative activities that have been happening out there in the State and I think that shows a great effort by all of you.

We have October through December coming up soon …. the biggest three holiday months, at least for families. So plan your Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas Family parties now! These all get reported under Activity #33, Family Holiday Activity. November also is a good month for the Memorial Mass (which is not required).

Please remember to NOT report the Family Corporate Communion Breakfast (Activity #37) for the Family Memorial Mass. These are two different reports and activities.

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  Vocations Activities

Special projects help Pennies for Heaven

 By Joe Mackos

State Vocations Activities Director

Let’s go beyond how we can help vocations -- Eucharist Ministers, Lectors, Adult Servers, Homebound Ministry, getting involved with the local Serra Clubs., etc. These are all areas where we can get involved with vocations.

Sit down with your pastor, or the vocations director in your diocese.  Ask them what is it that we as Knights can do to help promote vocations.

Donating to Pennies for Heaven is one way – a very good step, as all monies collected in your diocese stays in your diocese for use to promote vocations.

But how about considering sponsorship of a special event to raise funds for vocations. Let others within your parish know what the Pennies for Heaven program is all about and how the funds collected helps your diocese.

At the August meeting of St. Joseph/Austintown Council 13977, a Brother Knight came up with an idea: add an extra envelope in the monthly packet just for Pennies for Heaven “Vocations”.  The council also took out a full page ad in the St. Vincent de Paul program booklet, and it is going to promote Pennies for Heaven and how those monies collected will support vocations.

Great ideas. Great start.  Let me know what your council is doing to fund special events to support Pennies for Heaven.  Passing the jug is only one way.  Let’s see who can come up with the most unique way of raising money for vocations.

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Youth Activities

Try the Substance Abuse Poster Contest

 By Ken Gardner

State Youth Activities Director

One of my goals as the State Youth Director is to increase council participation in the Supreme Council Substance Abuse Poster Contest.  I believe this is a very important youth program for councils to get behind because it allows the students of your community to show off their artistic talent and help spread an important message among their peers.  It is also a very easy program for councils to support, as it takes very little time and funds to promote and execute.

The contest is open to all students ages 8-14, and judging is in two age groups – 8-11 and 12-14.  Students choose one of two subjects to draw posters of -- Alcohol Awareness or Abuse and Drug Awareness.

To participate, councils must:

1.     Order the Substance Abuse Poster Contest kit from Supreme Council.

2.     Decide what the prize will be for the four winners of your council-level contest. (I suggest a $50.00 U.S. Savings Bond).

3.     Contact your local schools in late September or early October with contest details.

4.     Set a deadline for entries (I would suggest early December).

5.     Choose your council-level winners and award them their prize (Be sure to get some publicity when you present the prizes).

6.     Forward your four council winning posters to your District Deputy by Dec. 31.

I will ask District Deputies to bring their district's posters to the Mid-year District Deputies Meeting in January. From there the posters will go to the six Diocesan District Deputy Directors, who will choose a diocesan winner by Feb. 15. Four Ohio State Council winners will be announced in March.

 There are several important rules and ideas about the contest that councils must understand – such as poster size, slogan requirement, judging criteria, etc. These are all in the guide book that comes with your kit.

Councils that conduct a Substance Abuse Poster Contest can claim it under Activity #43, Drug Awareness, under the State Council Activities program.

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Squires Activities

Introducing our new state Squires officers

 By Marty Schumacher

State Squires Director

I want to thank all the Knights who are working on Columbian Squires circles.

It is with great pleasure to announce the new State Squires officers. They are:

·                State Chief Squire Nicholas Malott, of St. Elizabeth Seton Circle 4891, Pickerington.

·                Deputy Chief Squire Greg Hoffman, of Danny Thomas Circle 3961, West Toledo.

·                Notary Squire Tommy Petrushka, of Miraculous Medal Circle 4624,  Columbus.

·                Bursar Squire Alex Esparza, of Miraculous Medal Circle,  Columbus.

·                State Marshal Andre Dessert, of St. Luke Circle 3676, Danville.

The Immediate Past State Chief Squire is Wilford Durbin, of St. Luke Circle 3676, Danville.

These young men are ready to accept the challenges which the Knights have set forth and I know that they will provide us with some great leadership.

The State Squires had a Leadership Seminar on the weekend of Sept. 26-27 at St. Luke’s Parish, Danville.  This is an opportunity for Squires to learn skills, from running meetings to improving their public speaking.  In October, they have a Fall Retreat on the weekend of Oct. 24-25 in Danville, and a Bowling Tournament on Oct. 18 in Wapakoneta.

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Information Technology

Some helpful hints

 By Jerry Lowery

State Information Technology Director

WHERE IS THE DIRECTORY? - When you enter the KofC Ohio Website you will now see at the top of the page a new menu tab called “GK LOGIN”. This will take you directly to the “Council Programs Login Page”.   Here enter the Grand Knight’s Login and Password, then click on the “submit” button which will take you the “COUNCIL REPORTING FOR ALL ACTIVITIES” web page. Select the “GRAND KNIGHT’S REVIEW CENTER,” Tab and then select “Council”,  “District Deputy” or  “State Officers” and scroll down the list to locate an individual.

·                To search a listing, press and hold the “ctrl” key and press the “F” key. A window will open providing you an area to type in your search request.

·                If you walk away or are distracted after you have login to the “SCHOONER” application and show no activity in the application for a 60-minute period, you will be logged off. If you were in the middle of filling out a report and you time out, you will be taken to the K of C Ohio web site entrance screen.   

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 Ohio honored for achieving Circle of Honor

 Ohio was honored at the 127th Annual Supreme Convention, held in Phoenix, Arizona, for its performance in membership recruitment during the 2008-2009 fraternal year.

Specifically, it received the Supreme Knight’s Circle of Honor Award, which recognizes performance based on achievement of 100% or more of its net gain quota for the fraternal year.

Ohio, one of 39 jurisdictions receiving the award, achieved 109% of its membership quota. Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling, with his wife, Mary Lou, accepted the award on behalf of the state. Under his leadership, Ohio received the award in both years of Moegling’s term as State Deputy. And it was the fifth consecutive year that Ohio has achieved the Circle of Honor.

The top Circle of Honor jurisdiction was Mexico South, with 228% of its membership quota.

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson reported that for the 38th consecutive year, Knights of Columbus membership has grown. A net gain of 22,211 new members brought K of C membership to an all-time record high of 1,785,393. In the United States, Texas led the way in 2008-2009 membership growth with a net gain of 2,024 members.

“While there is plenty of good news to celebrate on the membership front, we must not lose sight of the huge unrealized potential in the countries where we are active,” said Anderson in his Annual Report. “In the United States, for example, we have more than 1,287,000 members, but there are as many as 30 million eligible Catholic men who are not yet Knights.”

Anderson reported that Cuba, which had a delegation at the 2008 Supreme Convention for the first time in 58 years, continues to grow ….. and in the newest jurisdiction – Poland – membership has grown by 225 members in the past year.

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 Delegates support Culture of Life fund;   Approve continuing $2.00 assessment

 Supreme Convention delegates, gathered in Phoenix, Ariz., during the first week of August, vigorously committed to a long-term goal for the Order’s Culture of Life Fund by authorizing an annual assessment of $2.00 per member.

“We commit ourselves to a long-term goal of building the culture of life that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have so strongly urged, and regard the establishment of the Knights of Columbus Culture of Life Fund as a significant step toward this goal,” read the approved resolution. The fund “will be administered by the Board of Directors at its discretion and ….. we encourage every member to make such additional voluntary contributions to the fund as his personal resources permit.”

At the 2008 Supreme Convention, delegates approved a one-time $2.00 per member Culture of Life assessment. This year’s action extends the assessment indefinitely.

A culture of life was the common thread that bound much of the work of the 127th Annual Supreme Convention. It was incorporated in several resolutions, alluded to by various speakers and emphasized by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson in his annual report.

“The Knights of Columbus remains firmly committed to defending the right to life of every human being, from the moment of conception to natural death,” exclaimed Anderson as he opened the convention business session with his traditional annual report. “But the task ahead of us is even more formidable this year than in the past.”

Among those tasks, Anderson cited the United Nations “bureaucracy and its allies in pro-abortion non-governmental organizations ….. that ….. have applied increased pressure on heavily Catholic countries like the Philippines, Mexico and Poland to legalize abortion.”

“But there is a landmark shift taking place in public attitudes toward abortion, and it is the result of the hard, patient work you’ve been doing for more than 35 years,” he told the more than 1,000 Knights and families listening to his annual report, explaining polls showing that shift.

“In short, out long-term strategy of working to change hearts and minds on abortion is working,” he summarized. “And ultimately, the will of the people matters.”

Anderson said the Culture of Life Fund “has enabled us to have a significant impact in many areas, both in providing additional resources to groups ….. as well as projects closely associated with the Bishops of the United States and Canada …”

As an example, the Supreme Knight cited a new Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Project, whereby the Supreme Council matches state and local council contributions for ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers.

“Up to 90% of women considering abortion choose to have their baby after seeing an ultrasound image,” he said.

“And here’s the best part,” he continued. “You can’t change that decision for life by an executive order. It can’t be reversed by a court decision.

“Today, we say to `pro-choice’ advocates, `Why not allow women to make an informed choice with the help of the latest ultrasound technology?’ And to all those who say that they want to reduce the number of abortions, we say, `Come join us in a program that can reduce abortions by perhaps as much as 90%’.”

*     *     *

Regarding a culture of life, delegates also approved a resolution “calling upon legislators everywhere to adopt legislation protecting the religious conscience rights of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, guaranteeing their right to refuse to participate in abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide or any other practice that is destructive of innocent human life or that conflicts with their sincerely-held religious beliefs.” And the delegates reaffirmed “out long-standing policy of not inviting to any Knights of Columbus event, persons, especially public officials or candidates for public office, who do not support the protection of unborn children against abortion or advocate the legalization of assisted suicide, euthanasia and other violations of the right to life.”

On the issue of proposed healthcare reform, Anderson said, “A healthcare system designed to save lives on the one hand must not become a vehicle for taking lives through abortion and euthanasia. Heath care reform must be abortion-free.”

On the issue of protection of marriage, delegates adopted a resolution “pledging to join with Catholic bishops conferences around the world in their efforts to achieve legal and constitutional protection at the national, state, territorial or local levels for the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.”

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 Convention theme reflects on our priests

 Theme of the 127th Annual Supreme Convention was We Stand with Peter in Solidarity with Our Bishops and Priests – “and we know that they guide us to the truths of our faith, and how to apply that faith to the changing conditions of our world,” summarized Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.

The convention theme also related to this special Year for Priests, proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI.

Several thousand Knights, family members and guests gathered for the convention at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, Ariz., on the first week of August.

Eight Cardinals, more than 80 Bishops and a hundred Priests concelebrated the Mass that opened the convention Tuesday morning.  They were joined by an estimated 200 4th Degree Sir Knights in a colorful procession into the hotel ballroom where the Mass was held. Phoenix Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted was principal celebrant and homilist.

Church hierarchy also were present at the Tuesday night States Dinner, in which Knights, their families and guests sang their state’s song, dined, and heard the words of Anderson and several hierarchy. Keynote speaker was Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago.

The Ohio delegation numbered more than 40 Knights and guests. Ohio delegates included State Deputy Paul Upman; Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling; Leonard Kruse; DD-30 David Yehl; Nick Gresko; George Bodajlo Jr.; DD-1 Benjamin Tobe; Francesco Iannaggi; Nat Moscato; DD-11 Bill Gradsch. Bodajlo, Fourth Degree master of District I, an alternate, subbed for elected delegate Bob Simon, who could not attend.

During the Awards Session, Moegling was given a plaque showing Supreme’s appreciation for his two years as State Deputy.

Following the convention, the Knights of Columbus sponsored an inaugural International Marian Congress on Our Lady of Guadalupe on Friday through Sunday, Aug. 7-9 ….. Three Catholic TV networks and a Catholic satellite radio channel provided coverage of the convention – EWTN and EWTN Radio; Canada’s Salt & Light TV, and Boston-based Catholic TV.

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 Miscellaneous Stories

Ohio’s idea for Pro-Life

is implemented by Supreme


A sixth major category – Pro-Life – has been added to the Knights of Columbus International Service Program, effective with the current 2009-2010 fraternal year – perhaps with a little push from Ohio.

Ironically, the change coincides with a resolution passed and sent to Supreme Council at Ohio’s State Convention last May asking that “we elevate Pro-Life Activities to a Supreme program on the same level of importance and with the same number of activities as Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth activities” (the other five major categories). The Florida jurisdiction also submitted a similar resolution for consideration at the Supreme Convention.

The Ohio resolution had been submitted by Dayton Council 500 at the State Convention.

Ohio’s resolution – and similar ones from Florida and Arizona – were approved at a convention business session. However, it was announced that the change already had been implemented.

State General Program Director Mark Pickard, after consulting with State Deputy Paul Upman, said no immediate changes will be made to Ohio’s current Pro-Life Activities program, “since it would be difficult to change an entire program mid-stream”. He said changes will occur in 2010, the second year of the current state program.


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Pennies for Heaven 2009:

Vocations Now … More Than Ever!


In what Pope Benedict IVI has declared the “Year for Priests,” it should only be natural for Ohio Knights of Columbus councils to actively support the annual Pennies for Heaven program.

“It’s a great way to raise visibility – and dollars – for vocations in your parish for your diocesan vocations office,” said State Secretary Dave Helmstetter, 2009 Pennies for Heaven chairman.

 And efforts of Ohio’s Knights are needed to reach the $1 million pennies needed to achieve the 2009 goal of $100,000 established by Helmstetter.

“Every council in every diocese needs to ‘get vocations’ by passing the jug or doing a special fundraising activity to support vocations,” said Helmstetter. “We have some ambitious Brother Knights who are anxious to increase the Pennies for Heaven efforts in their respective dioceses.”

Brother Knight Ed Olenhouse of St. Brandan Council 11208, who works extensively promoting the Pennies for Heaven program in the Columbus Diocese, would like to see Columbus councils reach $30,000. He challenges councils to work closely with their parish pastors for more frequent collections after Sunday mass.

“I think each council can do more,” said Olenhouse. “I challenge each council to go outside the normal meeting and activity and collect from our parish members.”

“Call it priestly vocations, or support our seminarians or just Pennies for Heaven,” he adds. “I guarantee with enough publicity, you will be amazed at the monies our fellow Catholics will donate.”

More than $77,000 was collected statewide last year, according to Helmstetter, but he says the $100,000 goal is realistic, especially with approaches and attitudes like Olenhouse’s. “Columbus had six councils reach the $1,000 level last year and I would expect that number to rise this year. Support like this can be contagious.”

Helmstetter emphasizes the phrase “Got Vocations --- Pass the Jug” to stress the importance for each council to pass the jug at council meetings and activities. But he encourages additional activities so councils can reach the $1,000 level and receive recognition at the annual State Convention.

“Beyond the Jug” activities – extraordinary efforts to raise funds may also be used as a Vocation Activity credit – see page 36 in the State General Program Book or Activity 10 in the Church Activities Program. Pennies for Heaven checks will be credited to the Award of Excellence programs.

 There are two contribution deadlines: a first turn-in, Dec. 15, 2009, and a final turn-in, April 15, 2010. Checks should be made payable to Ohio State Council, Knights of Columbus, and sent to Dave Helmstetter, State Secretary, 5421 County Road 33A, St. Marys, Ohio, 45885.


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2009-2010 K of C Catholic high school

scholarship applications are available


The following was submitted by Past State Deputy Dennis Shonebarger, chairman of the Ohio Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program.

The 2009-2010 Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program began on Sept. 15 with the mailing of a scholarship announcement, a school bulletin board flyer, and applications to every principal and guidance counselor in the Ohio Catholic High School system. Once again this year, at least 30 $1,000 K of C scholarships will be awarded to Catholic students throughout Ohio to aid in paying their high school tuition assessment.

Applicants must be practicing Catholic students in an Ohio Catholic high school and demonstrate a financial need for the scholarship.  Academic achievement as well as participation in school, church, and community activities are important considerations. Those students whose father or grandfather are Knights of Columbus members, will receive additional consideration.

Entry forms may be obtained from the high school guidance counselor or principal. They also may be found on the website

Completed applications and the student’s most recent grade transcript must be postmarked no later than Nov. 16. Winners and their schools will be notified by mail no later than Dec. 20.  The scholarship checks will be presented to the winners after the first of the year.

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 2008-2009 Ohio K of C Scholarship Winners


The following information includes the student’s name, school and grade.

Cincinnati Diocese

Timothy Meisman, Archbishop McNicholas, 12; Steven Bare, Archbishop Moeller, 12; Vincent Haenni, Bishop Fenwick, 9; Felicvioa Lizza, Catholic Central, 9; Jessica Thobe, Lehman Catholic, 10; Gabriela Carrero, Mother of Mercy, 12; Brianne Lehnigh, Mount Notre Dame, 12; David Lantz, Purcell-Marian, 11.

Cleveland Diocese

Stephanie Klettinger, Archbishop Hoban, 12; Deanna Klettinger, Archbishop Hoban, 10; Mari Foisy, Elyria Catholic, 12; McKenna Brabenec, Magnificat, 9; Kelly Raddell, Notre Dane-Cathedral Latin, 12; Sarah Cate, Padua Franciscan, 12; Eric Mayer, St. Edward, 12; Samantha Sohi, St. Joseph Academy, 9; Luke Hearty, Walsh Jesuit, 11.

Columbus Diocese

Travis Gunn, Bishop Hartley, 11; Colleen Colvin, Bishop Ready, 10; Derek Adam, Newark Catholic, 11; Caitlin Delabar, Notre Dame, 11; Kyle Green, St. Charles, 11; Bryson Wade, Newark Catholic, 12.

Steubenville Diocese

 Joseph Pavelek, St. John Central Catholic, 11.

Toledo Diocese

 Cleo Bowers, Calvert, 10; Matthew Hankenhof, St. Francis de Sales, 11; Adam Kaverman, St. John’s, 12; Isabella Rohrbacher, Sandusky St. Mary’s, 10; Mykenna Schlorb, Mansfield St. Peter’s, 9; Olivia Scarlett, St. Ursula Academy, 11.

Youngstown Diocese

Bridget Mason, Cardinal Mooney, 12; Tiffani Murphy, Sts. John & Paul, 11.

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2009 Ohio K of C golf tournament results

 Winners of the 2009 Ohio Knights of Columbus Super-Senor and Senior Golf tournaments, held at Hawthorne Country Club, Lima (Toledo Diocese), are:

State Finals

Class AA – Winner: Josh Blaha, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 79. Runners-up: John Blaha, Council 5106, Maple Heights, and Pat Ewing, Council 5129, Tipp City, 80.

Class A – Winner: Dave Bauer, Council 774, Elyria, 81. Runner-up: T.J. Russo, Council 3861, Cincinnati, 83.

Class BB – Winner: Phil Vorherr, Council 10215, Centerville, 83. Runner-up: Kevin Rogers, Council 3861, Cincinnati, 90.

Class B – Winner: Ed Lasch, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 87. Runner-up: Terry Cole, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 90.

Class CC – Winner: Dave Voskuhl, Council 3861, Cincinnati, 101. Runner-up: Gerald McHugh, Council 774, Elyria, 102.

Class C – Winner: Jim Lynsky, Council 774, Elyria, 97. Runner-up: John Beckman, Council 3861, Cincinnati, 102.

Team Low Gross – Winner: Maple Heights 5106 (John Blaha, Josh Blaha, Terry Cole, Tom Malicki, Lou Toth), 317. Runner-up: Cincinnati Moeller 3861, 338.

Team Low Net – Winner: Elyria 774 (Dave Resar, Steve Fuchs, Pat Powers, Gerald McHugh, Jim Lynsky), 313. Runner-up: Cincinnati Moeller 3861, 324.


Super-Senior Tournament

Class AA – Winner: Lou Toth, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 75. Runner-up: Virgil Bennett, Council 505, Zanesville, 81.

Class A – Winner: Bob Owens, Council 4603, Grove City, 79. Runner-up: Dennis Shonebarger, Council 13581, Columbus, 87.

Class BB – Winner: Tom Malicki, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 80. Runner-up: Dave Hoffer, Council 505, Zanesville, 85.

Class B – Winner: Phil Vorherr, Council 10215, Centerville, 84. Runner-up: Ed Lasch, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 85.

Class CC – Winner: Bill Beiting, Council 3376, Cincinnati, 91. Runners-up: Roger Owens, Council 500, Dayton, and Fred Kirk, Council 659, Sidney,  98.

Class C – Winner: Wayne Spoltman, Council 659, Sidney, 88. Runner-up: Jim Schidecker, Council 3730, Dayton, 94.


Senior Tournament

Class AA – Winner: Tony Russo, Council 3861, Cincinnati, 71. Runner-up: Lou Toth, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 73.

Class A – Winner: Al Schultz, Council 3861, Cincinnati, 77 (playoff). Runner-up: John Walsh, Council 857, Findlay, 77.

Class BB – Winner: Dave Hoffer, Council 505, Zanesville, 77. Runner-up: Matt McGuire, Council 774, Elyria, 83.

Class B – Winner: Terry Cole, Council 5106, Maple Heights, 82 (playoff). Runner-up: Jim Carle, Council 774, Elyria, 82.

Class CC – Winner: Ray Weithman, Council 1234, Galion, 89. Runner-up: Al Knueven, Council 857, Findlay, 90.

Class C – Winner: Gerald McHugh, Council 774, Elyria, 90. Runner-up: Richard Phillips, Council 957, Findlay, 96.

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Knights plan evening with Irish entertainer

The Knights of Charles Reymann Council 4664, Akron, are sponsoring an evening with Cahal Dunne, an Irish composer, pianist, singer and storyteller, on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at St. Matthew’s Church, 2603 Benton Ave., Akron, in the Fr. Silva Center. Cahal has appeared with many entertainers, on PBS and for several U.S. presidents. Ticket information may be obtained by calling (330) 628-3833, or leaving a message at the K of C Hall, (330) 733-9115. Cost is $12 per person.

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Families of the months . . .

March, 2009

Family of John & Mary Jean Shutsa, Council 2362, Cuyahoga Falls.

April, 2009


May, 2009

Family of John & Brenda Whytal, Council 3724, Fairborn.

June, 2009

Family of Edward & Lucy Takach, Council 4361, Mingo Junction.

July, 2009

Family of Richard & Marilyn Teter, Council 360, Ashtabula.


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 Knights help at the FEST in Cleveland Diocese


A number of councils in Northeast Ohio provided volunteer help at the FEST, when an estimated 30,000 people gathered for a Catholic Family and Music Festival held on the grounds of the Center for Pastoral Leadership in Wickliffe (Cleveland Diocese) last Aug. 9.

Among the hardest working volunteers were Knights of Brunswick Council 4847, who were in charge of the complicated parking arrangements. Perhaps that job was given to them because their Chaplain, Fr. Robert Stec, is pastor of St. Ambrose Parish in Brunswick, and is originator and organizer of the FEST. It was the fifth year that the council was put in charge of the parking.

A message on special vests worn by the parking volunteers read, “Men Serving the Lord”.

“We exhibited our motto to the fullest,” exclaimed Brunswick Grand Knight John Brown.


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 Columbus Chapter aids vision-impaired veterans


The Greater Columbus Chapter has added another project to their programs for local United States military veterans. It benefits those with impaired vision, or who are legally blind.

The chapter provides services for the V.A. program at the Columbus Chalmers P. Wylie Clinic. Its first project was sponsoring five vision-impaired veterans to the National Tee Tournament in Iowa. Matt Page, director of the V.A. impaired vision program at the clinic, has suggested donations of such items as talking watches, radios, walking canes.

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Here We Go

 By Carl C. Ferguson, FIC, LUTCF

General Agent

Well it is second and ten.  Yes, I know it is football season; however that’s not what I am talking about.

Ask your Grand Knight if he knows this fraternal year started last July 1.  Month two is history, the council has goals preset, and the council officers have set up a few of their own.  The Grand Knight probably wants to see Stars -- that is, a “Double Star Council Award” at the end of the year.

How are we doing?  Have we started moving in the right direction?  Program chairs in place ….. ideas ….. dates. What else do we need to get the Star or Double Star award?

We must start moving forward now. The October Blitz is just around the corner.  Have you met with your parish pastor yet?  Has the date(s) been set?  Have you talked with or set down with your council’s field agent and asked for help? Have enough pamphlets, Form 100’s, etc., been ordered?

How about you. Are you active? Have you offered your support and service to your council?  Are you an insured Brother Knight?  Have you ever taken the time to review the benefits that each member and your family is entitled to through membership in our order and what it has to offer?

The whistle is blowing. A penalty may be called for delay of your game.

We all need to make sure we are in good shape -- financial Shape. A review at least once a year is recommended.  So have your member benefits agent at your council at least that often for your free fitness check up.  Those who have never had a free review should look into one soon and see what is available and how these benefits can help shape you and plan for your families’ future.

We want to help you achieve your goals, and the Grand Knight and council achieve theirs as well.  Tempus Fugit!  Oh, do we ever know that time flies.  Get in that huddle soon!  Let’s Go!  

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The Buckeye Bulletin

The Buckeye Bulletin is published by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and distributed via Third Class Non-Profit Bulk Postage, Permit No. 229, U.S. Postal Service, at Cleveland, Ohio.

Editorial Content

Forward all editorial content to: Harding Christ, Editor, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012-1642. Tel: (440) 933-8986. Email:

Subscription Requests, Address changes, deletions

Members of the Knights of Columbus in good standing in the Ohio jurisdiction may subscribe free of charge. Forward requests for new subscriptions, address changes, cancellations to: Harding Christ, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012. Email: The full 9-digit Zip Code must be included with all new subscription and change of address requests. 


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