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Fr. James Brown

State Chaplain


Dave & Cinda Helmsteader

State Secretary


Bob & Linda Collins

State Advocate


Larry & Mary Lou Moegling

Immediate Past State Deputy


Ken & Linda Girt

State Treasurer


Kevin & Trish Miller

State Warden

Wishing the Knights of Ohio and their families a

 Blessed and Holy Christmas Season



State Deputy Message


Some things every Ohio Knight of Columbus should know

 By Paul Upman

I want to make the most of the few minutes that I have of your attention, so have condensed several items of importance into single paragraphs. Admittedly each merits its own article so feel free to contact me for more direction.

Know who and what are available:

Whether you are a member or and officer, you should never feel left out, uninformed, or without guidance or leadership. At your beck and call is your District deputy, and as close as email or the telephone are a host of Diocesan leaders, Chapter leaders, Assembly officers and State Directors. To spice up your social meetings, I would encourage you invite one or more of these dedicated and knowledgeable leaders to your functions as guests and participants.

Supreme council and your state council have worked hard and long at preparing a wealth of information to inform all who wish to be informed about matters of the K of C. Just take some time to browse around, and  In hard copy, every GK and sometimes the FS have in their possession Surge for Service, Ohio General Program Handbook, Grand Knights Handbook and many more brochures, DVDs and so forth. Ask and you shall have!

Culture of Life

You have been hearing and will continue to hear this phrase.  I will expand on it in our bimonthly emailing/mailing to all councils as we are all called to support this cause through Supreme Council and locally.  I’m sure most recall that we were assessed $3.00 per member (less Life, Honorary Life and disabled) last year and that the assessment will be $2.00 for 2010 and going forward.  It is a rather small assessment to finance our Catholic values such as traditional marriage and “one nation under God” in our pledge of allegiance.  It is also used to counter pro-choice legislation and to support pro-life legislative efforts. 


As you know, Pro-Life activities have been elevated to a reporting category rather than a part of Community activities. This means that a sixth category is now added to Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth as a requirement for the end of the year Columbian Award.  Our state program requires only one major Pro-Life activity but the Columbian award requires that you report four activities to Supreme at the end of the fraternal year.

Ultrasound Initiative

As part of the funding out of the Culture of Life, Supreme council will match up to 50% of the cost of equipment for a qualified pro-life center. Local councils, chapter and/or assemblies, as well as the pro-life facility are required to raise the remainder There are guidelines to follow (check and browse the Culture of Life section or call 203-752-4403. State council has already contributed to a mobile unit to be used at various locations around the state. There are no plans at this time to fund machines in any of our dioceses as that will be left to local groups.

Membership Retention

Last issue I wrote about the importance of retaining members as easier than recruiting new members. Many jurisdictions in the order, including Ohio, have been hit hard by suspensions.  Maybe it’s the economy, but we will not know unless a personal contact is made and the pending suspension discussed with the individual before there are no choices left.  Any Brother found to be in financial need should be confidentially assisted by paying out of charity money or reducing the amount to cover only per capita assessments.

Power of Ten

We introduced this program awhile back. To really know the status of an absent Brother, we need to be in contact. The Power of Ten program suggests that active members (e.g. officers and committee chairs) each take a group of names from the council phone list, and make personal contact to see why the member does not attend meetings. Allow the callers to select any names they wish, preferably someone they know. It is surprising the things you hear with a personal call or visit.  Once the reasons are known, they can be dealt with.

Round Tables

What a neat Church and Membership tool this is!  Supreme council does not mandate reports until the end of the year, which is an oversight.  In order for this program to work for your parishes served and for your council, it should be accomplished as early in the fraternal year as possible.  This program is unique for councils that serve more than one parish.  A couple of parishioner- members should meet with the Pastor and tell him about the program and offer to help out as much as your council can.  Check out the guidance literature and forms available from Supreme council (, form # 4519, 2632) or speak to your District Deputy or State Church Director, Jack Campbell. A council that establishes a Round Table has automatically met all four requirements for Church activity under the Columbian Award!

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State Chaplain


A wonderful trip to Rome

By Fr. James Brown

Dear Brothers in Christ and your ladies too,

Recently I was blessed with a trip to Rome as a chaplain accompanying a group of Deacons and their wives and a few other people. We were twenty in the group, small by some standards by a very rewarding experience. We were able to live in apartments just outside the Vatican Wall and colonnade,

Like the Romans and to travel on public buses and the subway and basically live like the natives.

Of course we saw  St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Benedict ( several times), as well as, the other basilicas and churches of Rome , the coliseum  and ancient ruins of Rome and mingle with the crowds like we lived there. We had lots to see and little time to see it all so we were on the march quite a bit. The group even got to go to Assisi for a day.

We had Mass with the Holy Father on Sunday with the Canonization of five new saints, beside Mass in St. Peter’s at aside chapel, in our apartment and at St. Susanna’s Church, the American Parish. We also said daily prayer together and prayer during visits to holy and special sites. One of my special moments

was to experience climbing the Holy Stairs on my knees. Another place of prayer for me was in Assisi at the Church of San Domiano.

Our tour guide is a very special couple, Greg and Mary Kuns from Fremont, Ohio.  They have a company called Pinnacle Travel &Tours, and  specialize in small group tours especially to Rome and Italy. This venture came about because their daughter Madelaine studied in Rome and then found a job there working for the Vatican. She lives there with her new husband of several months who is a Roman.  In order to see their daughter more often they became tour directors and now have the opportunity to plan several tours throughout each year.  The bonus of course, they have someone from the ‘other’ and the inside to facilitate tickets and getting around.

I had the good fortune of meeting Madelaine and her boss, Dr. Ambrosi. It so happens that they work for the Office for the Cause of Saints and presently are working on Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s cause.

The picture of us is in their office which is outside of the Vatican near Piazza Navona.

   I can give more information about the Pinnacle Travel & Tour Agency. E-mail me or call and I’ll get you in touch with Greg. He is looking to book tours for the Knights of Columbus.

Continue to pray for the Cause of Fr. McGivney. It would be awesome to join the Knights of Columbus from all around the world in Rome, at the Vatican for a Canonization Mass for him.

I also ask your prayers for priests in this Year of the Priest. We need your support and encouragement

As fewer and fewer of us are shepherding the Lord’s flock. Also keep working on vocations for your diocese.

In this Thanksgiving time of year crowned by the great Feast of Christ our King, let us with grateful hearts  renew our allegiance to Our King, Christ  Jesus our Lord. Let us work to bring His good news of salvation to people all around us. Let us be faithful to the task.


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General Program Director



Ohio is alive and well in programming

 By Mark Pickard

State General Program Director

WOW! We are half way through the General Program for this fraternal year, a big Thank You to all the Brothers that have submitted reports to the program directors, there is nothing but positive feedback from all the reporting state directors.   There is no doubt that the State of Ohio is alive and active as we all strive to be “Strong in Faith and Service”.

  Just a quick thought on submitting reports, for those of you that have reported online, thank you, I pray that you now believe me when I said how easy it would be and how much money it would save each of the councils in paper and postage, I wanted to thank each of you for taking the time to submit via our web site.

  As we enter into the Christmas Season, there is definitely a reason for the Season, especially now, with many of us that might be struggling during these times, reach out to the families around you and show them how much we care.  If it is through the community program of “Caring for the Less Fortunate” or “Keeping Christ in Christmas” in the church program, there is no better time than now to accomplish these programs.

  Our family programs offers a “Holiday Family Event” or with the youth program of a “Youth Holiday Social”, remember that our families should always be on the top of our lists in having memorable  times together. 

  If physical labor is more of the councils liking, check out the “Council Work Party” within the council program, here is an opportunity to work a bit and have fun doing it, with many hands working together.

   As we all strive to do the work that Father McGivney has asked us to do, we need to reach out to our brothers that might have lost their source of income or are struggling during these rough times in our lives, instead of suspending them for not paying their dues, show them that we are the Catholic Family that sticks together and forgive their debt to the council until they can once again contribute, you will be glad you did.

  Well it is now official, Pro Life is now a major activity as you have requested through the resolutions at the State Convention, and Supreme Council was listening and heard your request, great job brothers for helping make this a reality.  Now you ask, “How do we report it Mark” and “what do we need to do”.  Well, since this resolution was made at the Supreme Convention in August of 2009, and we already had the State General Program written and printed, we have decided to make changes in the next fraternal year in the OHIO STATE COUNCIL GENERAL PROGRAM to conform to Supreme council.  In summary, you can report the two Pro Life programs we currently offer within the community program and anticipate changes in the next fraternal year. BUT, here is a change that takes effect Right Now, for the Columbian Award that is reported to Supreme Council by June 30, 2009, you and your council will need to have and report four activities that we accomplished during this current fraternal year.  The activities can be as simple as saying a rosary before a council meeting for Pro Life or passing the “hat” as a council meeting or function with the monies collected to go to a Right to Life organization in your area.  If are unsure what needs to be done, you are always welcome to contact me or Marvin Vetter, the State Pro Life Director, we are on your team and ready to help you out.

  What more can be said, except for “Great Job Brothers” and it is an honor and is extremely humbling to be able to serve you as the State General Program Director.  Please accept my fraternal wishes on a joyous Christmas Season, as we celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior, may we all strive to be “Strong in Faith and Service” to one another and our world.

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Ohio’s Top 10 Councils in Programming

 Following are Ohio’s Top 10 Councils statewide as of Nov. 1, 2009. Top 10 includes program points ONLY. Standings do not reflect membership or administrative requirements.

                    Council                              Location                     Dio.          Pts.

1                 Fr. Aufderheide 12912            Vandalia                     Cinn          1150

2-3 (tie)     Msgr. Lang 1039                      Defiance                     Tole          1100

2-3 (tie)     South Akron 3410                    Akron                         Clev          1100

4                 Fr. Hohman 5253                   Reynoldsburg             Colb           1075

5                 North Olmsted 4731               North Olmsted            Clev          1000

6                 St. Francis 10792                   Strongsville                Clev            975

7                 Mother Theresa 14344            Toledo                       Tole            900

8                 Fr. Wolf 4378                         Russells Point             Cinn            875

9-10 (tie)   Msgr. Dury 505                        Zanesville                  Colb            850

9-10 (tie)   Garfield 4130                           Garfield Heights         Clev            850

9-10 (tie)   Msgr. Dooley 4361                   Mingo Junction          Steu             850

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State Membership Director


Membership Growth in Ohio

Inviting men to witness their faith in action is catching on!

 By Paul Barko

State Membership Director

The efforts of councils and individuals to spread the message of Fr. McGivney to invite Catholic men to join the Knights of Columbus as a means of better witnessing their faith in action has been really catching on! Thanks to all who have been actively working on membership recruitment so far this fraternal year.

I wanted to encourage your continued efforts, as well as to invite councils and individual members who have not been involved in membership growth to consider doing so. Why? Because membership growth guarantees the continuation of the Order in Ohio for years to come and it means the continuation of local and state programs that touch the lives of ten’s of thousands of people in Ohio each and every year. Programs that support our youth, our church and our communities are critical to Our Order’s support of Pope John Paul II’s “Culture of Life” and helps facilitate the active participation of Catholics who might otherwise not be involved.

Membership Growth Ideas:

1.     1)     One-on-One Invitations. This involves the personal invitation of Catholic men by individual members. These can be friends, family or members of your parish that you have seen involved in the parish.

2.     2)     Church Drives / Open-Houses. This involves a planned program where your pastor or a member of your council talks about the Knights of Columbus from the pulpit and extends an invitation to men of the parish and their wives to attend a “Get to Know the Knights in your Parish” program. Don’t just announce the meeting, promote it: in the church bulletin, from the pulpit, on posters and through personal invitation. Invite your Insurance Agent to help, and make it a fun event with food and interesting speakers.

3.     3)     Advertisement in Local Newspapers. Promoting activities that your council is conducting and inviting “interested Catholics” in the area to attend can be an effective way of promoting membership in the Knights of Columbus as a meaningful experience. People don’t tend to have a lot of free time and where they choose to spend their time is becoming more of an issue. Letting people in your area know what you are doing and how much fun it is to be involved, can motivate them to consider joining.

4.     4)     Recognize Your Members. When your council conducts activities, consider taking the time after the event to recognize those who planned and helped run it. Doing this in your council newsletter in fine, but consider doing it in area publications. Recognition of members in area papers communicates to those in the community that local Catholics are active and involved within the community, and it both promotes the work of the Order and validates the value of considering involvement in the Knights of Columbus.

5.     5)     Use Your Parish Round Tables. Within the state there are 175 potential parishes where Round Tables could be established. Having a parish round table allows your council to extend their base for recruiting new members and for witnessing the service activities conducted by the Knights. Start a round table in all of the parishes served by your council and work with that parish priest to promote the involvement of the Knights of Columbus in that parish. From that base you can conduct an Open House or Church Drive, and extend those personal invitations to Catholic men in those parishes.

6.     6)     Membership Retention / Reactivation. Every council in the State of Ohio can benefit from “outreach efforts” to members who have taken a withdrawal and become inactive; especially inactive insurance members. Did you know that reactivating an inactive insurance member not only brings back a former member, it also counts as both a new member and a new insurance member for four council!

7.     7)     Active Participation in the State Membership Drives. The State Membership Program has been designed to encourage membership efforts  throughout the fraternal year; offering both individual and council incentives to enlist participation.


Upcoming membership drives

* The November, 2009 Membership Stimulus Program – which offer individual members discounts on State Merchandise for each new member recruited who takes their degree during that month and reports it directly to the State Membership Director. (See your DD. for the details.)                                                 

* The December – January, 2010 “Continue the Dream” Program – which offers both individuals and councils incentives for recruiting new members who take their degree within those two months. (See your DD or refer to the State General Program Book for the details.)    

 Please remember that Fr. McGivney challenged each of us as members of the Knights of Columbus with the responsible for the continuation of the Order by inviting Catholic Men to join the Knights of Columbus! It is our responsibility to take up that challenge and reach out to the Catholic men we know who are not yet members, share with them what the Knights of Columbus is all about, and to invite them to join our Order and witness their faith through service activities within your council.


 Comments, questions, concerns or communications can be directed to Paul Barko by phone (1-419-388-4734) or E-mail

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Church Activities

Help keep Christ in Christmas

 By Jack Campbell

State Church Director

Brother Knights, I am impressed with your Church Activity reports I have received so far this fraternal year.  There are a lot of councils throughout the state that are doing an excellent job supporting their parishes and pastors with their Church programs.

I have received most of the activity reports thru the State Council web site and that process is working just fine.  Keep up the good work with your Church Programs.

The Church Activity Programs strengthen our faith and provide service to the Church.  These programs enable us to work with our parishes and pastors promoting the Knights of Columbus, thus attracting new members to our councils.

Councils who serve more than two parishes need to establish a Parish Round Table (activity#7) in each parish.  The Parish Round Table will enable councils to have a working relationship with the pastor and should be established as soon as possible at the beginning of every new fraternal year.

I encourage councils to participate in the “Keep Christ In Christmas” program (activity#3), which will send the proper message that Christmas is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  May you and your family have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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 Community Activities

Helping others during the holiday season

 By Mike Abfall

State Community Activities Director

What a great second reporting period. My hat is off to all Grand Knights, Program Directors, and Community Chairmen, for your fantastic reports.

With the holiday season fast approaching this would be a great time to consider doing, Community Activity #17, SUPPORT OUR VETERANS AND SERVICE PERSONNEL.  Let’s put a smile on our service personnel’s faces and let them know how much we appreciate them.

Along with that, you might want to do ACTIVITY #12, CARE FOR OUR LESS FORTUNATE FRIENDS.  Many people will not be able to have a holiday dinner and or give family members especially children a small gift. Take time this holiday season and help an individual or a family, make this year’s holiday season a special one.

Please read more about these two programs on the state website or in your program book.

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Council Activities

Its time to say thanks to the ladies

 By Bob Byers

State Council Activities Director

The holiday season gives us plenty of ideas for good council activities. And it’s the time of year to step back and say THANKS.

How about saying thanks to the ladies of our council – those who are by our side cooking the dinner for us.

The holiday season can give your council a chance to accomplish Activity #22, Ladies Appreciation Night. How about a Christmas dinner, or a dinner/dance, for the ladies?

There’s another reason for a Christmas party: Activity #24, Council Social. This can be your grand gathering for the year, complete with a holiday theme.

The holiday season also is a good time for Activity #28, Council Choice. You can incorporate so many ideas of the holiday season into something good for your council.

Yes, the holiday season is a great time to gather for a great Christmas season activity.

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  Family Activities

Lots of winter ideas to try

 By Larry Droesch

State Family Activities Director

I am getting many good reports and some really creative family activities. It is good to hear about all the Council Choices that are out there and being done. A minor challenge so far, is that I have been getting a good number of Councils reporting on the same Activity number more than once. I realize that it is easy to hit the submit button a couple of times which causes the report to be submitted twice, but we are all getting used to reporting on-line, so I imagine that this challenge will work itself out.  Even so, do check your records before you submit the on-line report, to be sure that another person did not already submit the report.

Another little challenge is that some councils have already submitted their Family of the Year (Activity #31). Just remember that if you are picking MONTHLY Family winners, and then using all of them to choose your Family of the Year, you only can report Activity #31 one time to get the points for that Activity. One council thought they needed to submit #31 each month when they picked their monthly winner. Even though that is not the best way, I am definitely okay with councils doing that, but would really prefer they wait to report on #31 until April 1st or late March at least. This gives you a while to review family nominees and make a solid decision on who is the better choice at the end of the year.  By the way, the nomination form for Family of the Year is on page 63 of your General Program Handbook, and should be used to submit your winner-of-the-year.

Well now, the snow and cold weather will soon be around us….brrrrrrr…and yuck (unless you live in Cleveland and are used to it)! But that shouldn’t dampen our spirits; it just gives us a reason to do indoor Family Activities. Good winter choices for your councils to do and report on are #36-We Believe in Marriage, #37-Family Corporate Communion, #33-Family Holiday Activity, and #32 Family Memorial Mass. You choose and make it the best activity you can. Just have fun. You never know, it could be a Best Activity of the Year.

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  Vocations Activities

Remember to support Pennies for Heaven

 By Joe Mackos

State Vocations Activities Director

Stewardship gives us the power to change how we live our lives. How we use our time can change our lives. Stewards can use time to further the kingdom of God by worshiping and praying together as a family, studying scripture or simply spending time with family members.

By now, councils should have a good start with their Pennies for Heaven program. If you take the time to promote what this program is all about, it then becomes easier to ask for donations. By now most everyone knows that a vocation is a call from God. God calls everyone. Let’s support the ones who have had the commitment. Promote and support Pennies for Heaven

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Youth Activities

Plan now for your 2010 Free Throw Contest

 By Ken Gardner

State Youth Activities Director

All councils in Ohio should now be planning their Council Level Basketball Free Throw Contest to be held in January 2010.  This program is a great way to get the youth of our communities involved in an athletic event and offer them recognition for their abilities.  If you have not done so already, order your Free Throw Kit from Supreme Council by either going online at or by using the order form found in the  Council Report Forms Booklet that was included with the Surge with Service kit.  The form number to order your free throw kit is FT-KIT.  The kit includes everything you need to hold a successful competition.  including clip art, an official guide book, promotional posters, entry forms/scoresheets, participant certificates, and winners certificates.  Once you have the kit in hand, you need to pick a date to hold your competition in January, secure a location, and line up helpers.  Everything you need to know about the rules and regulations is in the guide book.  Be sure your council follows these rules exactly as they are written, paying special attention to the ball sizes and shooting distanced used for the various age and gender groups.  Make sure all scorekeepers and other volunteers completely understand the rules before the contest starts.  Once your have a date and place set for the competition, promote it at local schools and in local newspapers.  I would suggest getting area youth basketball coaches involved and have them promote the contest to their teams.  Once the competition is complete, report your winners to your District Deputy so he can plan his District Free Throw Contest.  Also report your participation and comments to Supreme Council on report form FT-1.

I would like to thank all councils that held a Soccer Challenge contest this year.  Also, I would like to thank all District Deputies who held district contest and thank the Diocesan District Deputy Coordinators who held Diocesan contest in their diocese.  This program is still suffering from growing pains, but I really hope it catches on so we can offer the young soccer players of our communities a chance to show their skills.

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Squires Activities

Squires Activities

We need to start new Squires circles in Ohio

 By Marty Schumacher

State Squires Director

My first months as State Squires Director have been very encouraging to me. We have held a State Leadership Seminar, a Bowling Tournament and a Fall Retreat. Our Squires have shown true leadership in all of the events.

We as Knights need to work hard at looking into starting new circles and being leadership models for our youth. We have the capabilities to make our councils grow through the Squires program by working with our youth and supporting them with our sponsorship. What better way to get a new Knight than by mentoring him through the Squires, then, when he turns 18, he can join the ranks of the Knights of Columbus and become a great leader in your council.

If you are thinking of starting a circle but are not sure what to do, please contact me. Call me at (740) 782-1235.

When your council provides enthusiasm and commitment into promoting a Squires circle, you reap great rewards

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Public Relations

A great example of excellent Public Relations

 By Harding Christ

State Public Relations Director

“We should not hesitate to tell our story.”

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson used those words during his Annual Report given at the 2009 Supreme Convention in Phoenix. They are so true.

Our councils should be promoting the good, charitable things they do throughout the fraternal year. One council certainly did that last spring – Blessed John XXIII Council 14502 in Perrysburg (Toledo Diocese). Grand Knight Wayne T. Vreeland sent me a wonderful, four-page document outlining how the council promoted an “Eggstravaganza” project – an Easter Egg Hunt and games for children of Blessed John Parish School. It was well prepared, very detailed, and the results were super. More than 120 children of the school participated, parents were involved, pictures were taken with the Easter Bunny, and very importantly, a representative of the local newspaper showed up to take pictures, which appeared in the paper. It was super public relations for the council. The people of the parish and community had to be impressed about the work of the Knights of Columbus.

We all do good works in our councils throughout the year. We need to plan them well and make sure we use good public relations to let the parishioners and people of the community know what we do and who we are.


 Miscellaneous Stories

Washington March among causes to pursue

 By Marvin Vetter

State Pro-Life Activities Director

Now is the time to plan your activities around the January 22 March for Life in Washington, D.C.  Don’t forget to order your Pro-Life support materials to hand out at the local rally for life demonstration and at parishes your local council serves.  These materials are free from supreme except for shipping and must be ordered at least 4 weeks in advance to guarantee timely delivery.  View available brochures, posters and prayer cards on the Supreme web site:  The Grand Knight or Financial Secretary must order and sign requisition form # 1.  Claim your council participation in these activities under item # 19 and report to the Community Activities Director.

Plans should be underway for activity # 20 - the K of C Day of the Unborn Child - that will be celebrated on March 25, 2010.  Check the Pro-Life section of the community program on the Ohio web site at

As you are already aware, Supreme Council has elevated Pro-Life activities this year to be the 6th major program area along with church, community, council, family and youth.  While this will change our reporting structure in the future (2010-2011), we here in Ohio are not changing our 2009-2010 fraternal year activities and method of reporting.  All pro-life activities should still be reported to the State Community Activities Director. 

Also with the elevation of Pro-Life initiatives, every council submitting for the Columbian Award will need to report involvement in four pro-life activities along with  four activities in each of the church, community, council, family and youth categories they have traditionally reported.  To report your pro-life activities, use the Columbian Award (#SP7) application from the Council Report Forms booklet (#1436) and attach a separate sheet of paper to the SP7 form, listing your four programs in the pro-life category. This form is currently being updated.  It will be announced when it is completed and available on the forms page at

Remember that “PRAYER” is our most powerful weapon against the abortion decision by the Supreme Court in 1973.

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New Ohio law mandates a change in wording for Measure-Up Campaign


State Warden Kevin Miller is beginning to plan for the 2010 Knights of Columbus Measure-Up Campaign in Ohio.

One of his first duties is making everyone aware that we no longer refer to “mental retardation”.

The Ohio Legislature last Spring passed a law removing the “mental retardation” phrase and replacing it with “developmental disabilities”.

“We have ordered new rulers with new writing, and they will be distributed,” Miller said. “Our instructions are to use everything up first that we have in stock, and then use the new material with the new language of ‘developmental disabilities’,” Miller said.

The Ohio State Council has purchased 500,000 new rulers with the new wording at a cost of $20,000.

“We totally understand and agree with the new language, but we have to remember our first goal is Charity, and it would be such a waste and a cost to the Charity if we did not use the rulers that we currently have on hand with the old language on it,” Miller continued.

Miller said the Measure-Up Campaign is the most significant charitable act we can do for our brothers and sisters with developmental disabilities. “Please help us out and be a big part of the effort,” he emphasized.

He suggests that some councils may want to order new aprons, as many of the old ones include the phrase, “mentally retarded”. The apron order form has been made available to Grand Knights.

And Miller asks that Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries focus on the “Gimme Five” portion of the campaign, whereby members can make a $5.00 donation to Measure-Up upon paying their 2010 dues. Financial Secretaries are asked to include information about the Gimme Five program when sending their dues notices.

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Richard Tabler is appointed

 District 2 Master


 Richard L. Tabler has been appointed to complete the term of Fourth Degree District 2 Master. He replaces David Hoffman, who passed away last June. His term will expire on Aug. 31, 2010.

Sir Knight Tabler joined Archbishop Purcell Council 2798, Cincinnati, where he is Financial Secretary, in 1956. He has been a Sir Knight of St. Isaac Jogues Assembly 801, Cincinnati, since 1962.

Tabler and his wife, Marcella, reside in Cincinnati. He can be reached at (513) 598-1665, or via email at

District 2 encompasses the Toledo and Cincinnati dioceses.


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Hall replaces Maloney  as Ceremonials Director

Don Hall, a former state director, former Master and current Stubenville Diocese Membership Retention Chairman, has been named State Ceremonials Director. He replaces John (Raph) Maloney, who has asked to step down for personal reasons.

The announcement was made by State Deputy Paul Upman. Hall will continue as diocesan membership retention director for the diocese.

Brother Knights wishing to schedule Third Degree work should now contact Hall at (740) 264-6724, or email at


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February diocesan meetings planned for Cash Bonanza ticket distribution

The 2010 Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign will be kicked off in February with diocesan meetings scheduled for the primary purpose of ticket distribution.

State officers in each diocese will handle the ticket distribution and give instruction packets to Grand Knights, council leaders and District Deputies in attendance. At least two members of each council are expected to be present and sign the attendance form to be eligible for the special “meeting attendance” rebate (council representatives may NOT include District Deputies or State Directors unless they are Grand Knights or Campaign Ticket chairmen).

“We hop Grand Knights and other council representatives are enthusiastic about being present at these meetings,” stated State Treasurer Ken Girt, 2010 Cash Bonanza chairman.

The tentative schedule of meetings are:

Cincinnati Diocese

Saturday, Feb. 13, 10 a.m., Father Aufderheide Council 12912, St. Christopher Parish, 435 E. National Rd., Vandalia.

Saturday, Feb. 13, 1 p.m., St. Michael Council 3382, St. Michael’s Parish, 11144 Spinner Ave., Sharonville (tentative).

Toledo Diocese

Saturday, Feb. 13, 10:30 a.m., Defiance Council 1039, 111 Elliott Rd., Defiance.

Sunday, Feb. 14, 2 p.m., Tiffin Council 608, 49 E. Perry St., Tiffin.

Cleveland Diocese

Saturday, Feb. 13, 8:15 a.m. social; 10 a.m. meeting, Garfield Council 4130, 10806 Granger Rd., Garfield Heights.

Columbus Diocese

Sunday, Feb. 14, 2 p.m., St. Elizabeth Seton Council 11187, Hermann Hall, 600 Hill Rd., Pickerington.

Youngstown Diocese

Saturday, Feb. 13, 10 a.m., St. Dominic’s Church, 3403 Southern Blvd., Youngstown.

Steubenville Diocese

Saturday, Feb. 13, To be determined.

Monday, Feb. 15, 7 p.m., Marietta Council 478, 312 Fanklin St., Marietta.


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Winners are announced in the 2009 Ohio State Council Soccer Challenge


The Ohio State Council Soccer Challenge is now complete.  All six dioceses in the state held Regional Soccer Challenge Contests, and the State Council winners were determined based on the scores from that contest, along with the scores from the council level contest.  The 2009 Ohio State Council Soccer Challenge winners are:


10 years old- Logan Williams, Steubenville Diocese

11 years old- Cole Mathias, Columbus Diocese

12 years old- Luke Landis, Toledo Diocese

13 years old- Jon Handwerk, Cleveland Diocese

14 years old- Josh Prephan, Toledo Diocese


10 years old- Kaeleigh Stang, Toledo Diocese

11 years old- Alisha Himes, Cincinnati Archdiocese

12 years old- Ella Young, Cincinnati Archdiocese

13 years old- Sara Stoll, Toledo Diocese

14 years old- Falon Weidman, Steubenville Diocese

A big thank you goes out to all councils that held a local competition, to District Deputies that held district contests, and to the six Diocesan District Deputy Coordinators who ran the regional championships.

The decision to not hold an actual State Level contest was made based on the reported level of participation at the council and district level.  This was a very tough call, but there would have been only two or three contestants at several of the age/gender categories.  Perhaps with more council holding this program next year, a State Level Contest can be held.

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Knights helping Knights

Using the internet to match job possibilities


The following was submitted by Donald Vocca, a member of Ascension Council 4324, Johnstown, and Faithful Navigator of Assembly 3037.

This isn’t an original thought. Fr. Michael McGivney had this vision more than 100 years ago, leading to the founding of the Knights of Columbus, dedicated to helping people of the parish get through some rough economic times. Back then, help was communicated by word of mouth. It was the best – and only – way at that time.

An Ohio Knight has found another way to expedite the concept of Knights helping Knights. Charlie Kramer, of Ascension Council 4324, devised a system of using the internet to link job seekers with job providers.

Brother Kramer’s vision to assist Knights in need of a job, or to have a position filled, was presented to Ascension Council members. A Brother Knight with computer skills to develop this program volunteered to take on this task.

The program was designed to provide resources for job seeking and/or employment positions available. In addition, a discussion link is provided for other information pertaining to employment. Business owners and unemployed people looking for work now have a venue to connect.

A website has been created to post employment opportunities and jobs wanted for those who have met with unfortunate circumstances, or who are wishing to improve their employment status.

Knights helping Knights. It is what this is all about. Fr. McGivney would have wanted it that way.

The web page can be accessed from the Ohio State Council home page (, and then clicking on the link to Jobs in the upper right corner. The link will redirect you to

In the Administration section, there are instructions for registering and accessing the site. Upon successful registration and login, the entire Knights helping Knights board will be displayed. Once this is done, it is suggested that you mark this in your favorite places to provide easy access in the future.

All are encouraged to login and participate in this venue for employment services.

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One high school = three State Deputies

When Paul Upman was elected State Deputy of Ohio last May, he didn’t know that two other new state deputies in the Order would be from the same high school. The three (from left), Upman (Class of ’58), Maryland State Deputy Richard Siejack (Class of ’59) and Vermont State Deputy Florian Wewrzyniak (Class of ’58) all were graduated from Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, Md. All three were elected to their state’s highest office for the 2009-2010 fraternal year.

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Ohio youth’s substance abuse poster Is judged best among 27,000 entries


Ohio youth’s substance abuse poster is judged best among 27,000 entries

 Sixth grader Makenna Geise, of Fort Loramie (Cincinnati Archdiocese), loves art, and her passion paid off in a big way in the annual Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Poster Contest.

Her entry, entitled “Win the Race”, not only won the Ohio State Council contest, b ut was No. 1 in the Order’s International competition – judged the best from among 27,000 entries. For her efforts, Makenna received a check in the amount of $250.

Makenna, a sixth grader at Fort Loramie School, is the daughter of Don and Cathy Geise. She was sponsored by Father Andrew Kunkler Council 2158, Minster.

The annual program promotes awareness of the dangers that alcohol and drug abuse have on society. The contest is open to all youths age 8 through 14.

Ohio State Council Secretary Dave Helmstetter, Minster Grand Knight Jeff Droesch and Council Youth Chairman Steve Dircksen presented the check to Makenna prior to a recent council meeting.


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New Washington’s Linus Bishop, WWI vet

and Knight since 1941, stays very active


Linus Bishop has been involved with Knights of Columbus work since 1941, when he joined New Washington Council 1718 (Toledo Diocese).

He spent World War II in the U.S. Navy, then moved to Mansfield and resumed his K of C work in both Mansfield Council 687 and Joseph Scholl Council 4448, Mansfield. He also served as a District Deputy.

Linus, now 86, went through the chairs in Joseph Scholl Council. And he has chaired his council’s Ohio Charity Campaign for 38 years – leading the effort to achieve the council’s quota each year. He currently serves as council Warden and continues to be very active in pro-life matters.

Last Feb. 21, Linus and his wife, Freda, celebrated their 60th Anniversary by hosting 41 family members at a dinner sponsored by Joseph Scholl Council. Linus and Freda raised nine children – seven daughters and two sons. Both sons, and two sons in-law, are Brother Knights.

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K of C Insurance

Relax and Rest Easy

 This article was submitted by Thomas P. Smith, Jr., Supreme Council Executive Vice President, Agencies and Marketing.

 Sometimes I sit at my desk and just wonder about things. Today, I was wondering why our annuity business is doing so well – up about 70% over last year. Not that I am unhappy or troubled by business being good. I am in sales, and when business is good, the sun seems to shine a little brighter, food tastes better, and I find

myself singing along with the radio. It’s nice.

But what I ponder is this: why now and not all the time? What is it about market downturns that cause people to suddenly think that they need a position that includes a stable GUARANTEED product like a K of C retirement annuity? Doesn’t the market

always turn down sooner or later? So why not establish a GUARANTEED alternative to balance those swings?

As I pondered, I enlisted the help of my friend and co-worker Tony Minopoli, who is our senior vice president of investments. Here is the scenario I asked him to help me with.

Two 55-year-old men in the United States on January 1, 1999. Both have $50,000, and are looking for a place to put it for ten years. One decides to invest it in the S and P 500 and leave it there for ten years (ten years!), paying taxes on dividends as they are paid, and spending more than a little time worrying about the effects of inflationary pressure on global currency that could impact the performance of the U.S. markets (I just made that

up, but it sounds like something I may have heard once.)

The other guy (I’m resisting calling him the “smart guy”) puts his $50,000 in a tax deferred retirement annuity with the Knights of Columbus, with all the guarantees that come with it. He leaves it here for ten years, and spends absolutely no time worrying about it. Never even crosses his mind. He’s tap dancing to the mailbox.

Ten years later and its December 31, 2008 (notice that to be fair I am using a date before the most recent market madness). Both men are now 65-years-old and starting to consider retirement. They check on the $50,000.

Our S and P fellow, Tony tells me, would have an account value of $43,494.17, an annual compounded return of -1.38% per year. And he paid taxes along the way on those dividends.

Our K of C tax-deferred annuity fellow would find a balance that has swelled to $78,152.41, for an annual compounded return of 4.57% -- and the power of deferring taxes has not been factored in.

I have nothing against money in the market – some of mine is there. Or it used to be there. But I do wonder why more of our members and their families don’t take advantage of our guaranteed retirement annuity product. You get a great return, defer taxes, prepare for retirement and get to sleep at night. Not a bad deal.

So, regardless of where you think the market is headed right now, why not prepare yourself for the inevitable downturn, and build yourself something guaranteed. Call your agent. Establishing an annuity is a simple, quick, easy process. Then relax and rest easy.

We’ll do the rest.

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