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State Deputy Message


It’s time for scheduling, blitzing, reporting


By Larry Moegling

State Deputy

Working toward a STRONG FINISH in this fraternal year is based on three key activities:  scheduling, blitzing and reporting.

Hopefully, there has been a commitment by local council leaders toward Planning for Success (the theme of my previous Buckeye Bulletin articles), and everything is in place for that STRONG FINISH.  The key elements to that strong finish are to SCHEDULE activities, conduct a membership BLITZ, and REPORT to the Ohio State Council on what the council members have accomplished or whom they want to recognize.  

The positive scoreboard highlights continue for the “Following in Their Footsteps” state general program:

1.     Membership is currently at 59% of Ohio’s Supreme quota. 

2.     Please follow through on suggestions made from State Membership Director Larry Droesch.  Is the council’s MARCH BLITZ activities scheduled and in place?  I hope so.  Let’s continue to spread Columbianism throughout Ohio.   Membership is the key to the growth of the Order.  Together, we can reach our membership goals this spring. 

3.     Hopefully, suspensions can be minimal.  Again, please remember that before a member is to be suspended, there needs to be personal contact made and the proper procedure must be followed for the suspension to officially take place. 

4.     There are five (5) new councils currently on the books with others in developing stages.  Our Supreme quota in Ohio is ten (10).  With this article, I would like to welcome the brother knights of our newest council, St. Cyprian Council No. 14714 in Perry (Cleveland Diocese). 

5.     There is an increase in council participation in the state general program.  With a STRONG FINISH, there could be 100% participation of ALL local councils. 

If the STRONG FINISH takes place, and I certainly hope that is the case, then your council’s hard work and participation in the state general program will be rewarded at the state convention in May. 

As we continue into the second half of the fraternal year, now more than ever, it is time to recommit to the vision of Father McGivney.  Together, let’s continue to Follow in Their Footsteps!

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State Chaplain


Humbly Let Others See Your Good Works

 By Fr. Paul Hrezo

State Chaplain

On the one hand our Lord teaches us in Matthew 6:1: “Take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them; otherwise, you will have no recompense from your heavenly Father.”  On the other hand, earlier in that same section, of the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus tells us: “You are the light of the world … your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.” 

We can wonder, therefore, which it is supposed to be. Are we supposed to do our activities, especially the charitable works of the Knights of Columbus, anonymously, so that our “left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” (Matthew 6:3)?  Or, do we publish broadly the good that is being accomplished through our fraternal organization? 

The key to these two seemingly contrasting teachings is who receives the glory.  We let our light shine so that God receives the glory, so that people can have a greater faith in God and turn to Him for His saving mercy.  Few things strengthen faith quite like a timely helping hand and hearing about the good things that are happening in our world, especially in our own Ohio councils and communities! 

This is the time of the fraternal year to make known those good works, those ways God has been given glory through inspiring council activities.  This is the time to get those reports in that can then serve to strengthen each other’s faith as well and can therefore strengthen our fraternal order even more.

Please send in your Chaplain of the Year nominations.  Many chaplains have been providing inspirational leadership and life-giving faith-formation.  It is good for them to be acknowledged for their service. And, the process of assembling the nominations can be inspirational in itself as well! 

*     *     *

I also would like to ask your help with an end-of-term project.  I would like to develop and update a contact database of and for our Council Chaplains.  So, I would like to ask Grand Knights, District Deputies and Council Chaplains to send me a simple email message with the name and contact information (address, phone number and, most importantly, email address) of your Council Chaplain (or those in your district).

I would like to be able to give a fairly complete database to our next State Chaplain.  That can help us to be sure that as many Council Chaplains as possible know about all of the many faith-formation resources available as well as resources to draw upon for giving effective chaplain’s reports.  Thank you and God bless!

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Super Cash Bonanza

Partner with another organization to boost your council’s ticket sales

 By Dave Helmstetter

State Treasurer

2009 Super Cash Bonanza Chairman

Howdy, Partner!

These simple words have become a rallying cry for many Ohio councils in how they  approach the 2009 Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign. These councils have found the value in partnering with another group – such as a school booster club or parish youth organization.  It means more mooooo-la from the Charity Cash Cow for their council.

It’s not too late for your council to consider partnering to boost your ticket sales. But you’ve got to get moooo-ving.

Need extra tickets to make it happen? Check with your District Deputy, your Diocesan State Officer or me, your Super Cash Bonanza chairman.

It’s a great way to finish the first phase (which ends on  April 15). Or better yet, what a great idea for a council to boost its Second Phase efforts. Partnering can make a council’s ticket sales a moooo-ving experience!

Councils are reminded the First Phase turn-in date is Wednesday, April 15. The Second Phase turn-in is Friday, May 15. Councils should return the shipping form by these deadlines with tickets to: Dave Helmstetter, State Treasurer, 5421 County Road 33A, St. Marys, OH 45885-9658. Tickets should be bundled in quantities of 50.

The annual drawing will take place at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Friday, May 22, at the Millennium Hotel, Cincinnati, during the State Convention’s Friday Night Party.


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Two Columbus area youths are perfect

in the Ohio K of C Free Throw finals

Click here to View Additional Free Throw Photo's

 Two young men from the Columbus Diocese became instant Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Champions when they shot perfect 25-for-25 attempts to win their age divisions in the Ohio State Council’s competition. They are:

Reece Duplet, 11, who was sponsored by Fr. Bill Johnson Council 11665, Newark.

Drew Onega, 13, who was sponsored by St. Jude Council 5801, Gahanna.

Supreme Council rules state that any participant who makes a perfect score in state jurisdiction competition automatically becomes an International champion.

Ten boys and girls between the ages of 10-14 were crowned champions in Ohio’s Free Throw Championships, held on March 22 at Bishop Ready High School in Columbus.

Fifty-nine boys and girls from Ohio’s six dioceses participated in the state finals. They had won competitions at the council, district and regional levels.

Paul A. Barko, Youth Activities Director for the Ohio State Council, was in charge of the State Finals.

“The Ohio State Council has always had a special commitment to the youth throughout the state, encouraging active council involvement in establishing youth programs throughout the fraternal year,” Barko told the parents who were assembled in the gymnasium stands. “This annual competition represents that commitment to our youth, and we hope that it has been, and always will be, a positive and rewarding experience for you and your child.”

A Fourth Degree Honor Guard composed of Columbus area Sir Knights led the participants into the gym.

The complete list of winners follows:


Age 10: Lindsey Mayle, sponsored by Geneva-Madison Council 5286, Youngstown Diocese.

Age 11: Hannah Gulley, sponsored by Holy Trinity Council 711, Bucyrus, Toledo Diocese.

Age 12: Landrie Grace, sponsored by Canton Council 341, Youngstown Diocese.

Age 13: Bailey Thieman, sponsored by St. John of Beverly Council 4617, Waterford, Steubenville Diocese.

Age 14: Aubree LaForce, sponsored by Vermilion Council 4539, Toledo Diocese.


Age 10: Derek Jay, sponsored by St. Mary’s Council 1592, Cincinnati Diocese.

Age 11: Reece Dupler, sponsored by Fr. Bill Johnson Council 11665, Newark, Columbus Diocese.

Age 12: Brandon Hempfling, sponsored by Edgerton Council 1494, Toledo Diocese.

Age 13: Drew Onega, sponsored by St. Jude Council 5801, Gahanna, Columbus Diocese.

Age 14: Tyler Blind, sponsored by St. Andrew Council 11275, Upper Arlington, Columbus Diocese.


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  Miscellaneous Stories


     Cincinnati Knights to Host 2009 KofC State Convention


Knights from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are preparing for the 110th Annual Ohio State Knights of Columbus Convention which will take place Friday, May 22, through Sunday, May 24, at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati.

“We think delegates and all attendees will enjoy the experience. Our committee is hard at work planning an enjoyable convention for our Brother Knights throughout Ohio,” said Convention Chairman and State Treasurer Dave Helmstetter.

Hotel room rates are $89 nightly. In addition, a special $59 rate has been extended for attendees interested in staying Sunday night. Reservations can be made by telephoning the hotel at (513) 352-2100. Hotel reservations should be made by May 7.

Convention registration cost is $75. It includes the Friday night party, State Deputy’s Banquet on Saturday night, and a Sunday lunch. Registration forms were mailed to Grand Knights with the First Call in mid-March. Registration forms should be sent to Registration Chairman Frank Carchedi by May 15.


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Celina Council donates furniture to Supreme

Some of Celina Council’s furniture in the Knights of Columbus Museum.

In the early 1900’s, many Knights of Columbus council chambers contained special K of C furniture – chairs and tables for council officers and ceremonials.

Supreme Council last year began a search for such furniture to display in the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven, Conn. They found some right here in Ohio.

State Deputy Larry Moegling made some inquiries and found that Celina Council 1800, in the Cincinnati Diocese, was willing to donate their furniture – which was in excellent condition. Arrangements were made and the furniture was transported to New Haven.

Supreme Council also received furniture from a council in Utah. Both sets were re-upholstered so they matched, and they recently were put on display in the museum.

Tony Schindler, spokesman for the council, explained that the council heard about Supreme’s search, published the idea for donation in the council newsletter twice (looking for response from members), then voted on the matter at a council meeting.

“We had stored it (the furniture) in a back corner and used it for one hour a month at our regular meetings,” Schindler said. “We do not have any history of the furniture. All we know for use is the one cabinet has `1915’ stamped on it. That is the same year our council was chartered.”

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The Washington D.C. March for Life


The crowd grew and grew, which pleased all



Jerry Solomon, a former State Director for the Ohio State Council, has been attending the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. and filing reports for many years. The following is his report of the 2009 March for Life.


By Jerry Solomon


Unlike 2008, the weather was sunny and pleasant, in the mid-40’s, for the 36th Annual March for Life in Washington D.C. on Jan. 22. The theme was “Remember – The Life Principles of the Pro-Life Movement Means Equal Care with NO Exceptions”. The crowd grew and grew, which pleased everyone, especially the organizers, who didn’t know what to expect as the result of the presidential election.

After the opening prayer, Nellie Gray, president of March for Life, read a letter she had sent to President Obama asking him to speak to the marchers. Sad to say, there was no response from the President or his administration at the march.

But the marchers’ message was loud and clear: WE WILL NOT GO AWAY.

One writer for the National Right to Life movement, wrote that it was not in the marchers’ DNA to give up. This was evident by the huge crowd, estimated to be more than 300,000, the largest ever.

My journey to the march from northern Virginia began at the Dunn-Loring Metro station, where I met an enthusiastic group from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, who also were going to march. It is indeed a small world.

While riding the Metro I observed a group of young people dressed in red attire from Indiana. They all had neat and very appropriate signs which they had made themselves. They read: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, but Life is First. I commended them on their effort.

As we marched, thoughts and fears of what might come with a pro-abortion President ran through my mind -- given the fact that he already overturned by executive order on the very day of the March the ban on funding abortions with taxpayers’ dollars in Mexico and other countries, as announced by one Congressman who spoke.

The enthusiasm and number of youth remains very encouraging. Hopefully, they will be guided properly on God's laws and life principles regarding the unborn. Life is first before any other issue and there should be no compromises or passes. The murder of 50,000,000 unborn babies since 1973, approximately 3000 a day, is ignored by the media, but surely outweighs all other issues. The youth from Indiana understood that.

On a personal note, we should pray hard that our legislators and judges -- especially the U.S. Supreme Court justices -- make the right decisions regarding the unborn. Roe vs. Wade was wrong, just as slavery was wrong, and can be overturned. This is why we march.

The organization, Silent No More, again gave moving testimonies regretting their abortions and how harmful it was to them. My Brother Knights, continue your support through your council's pro-life activities and speak up for life whenever you can..

Nellie Gray, in her ending remarks, requested the President -- who promised while campaigning to be the President of ALL people, to include ALL people, from conception to natural death, without exception or compromise.


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Knights join Connecticut bishops, priests,

to battle legislative attach on the Church


The Knights of Columbus has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Catholic bishops and priests of Connecticut to battle an attack on the Church by leaders of the state legislature’s Judiciary Committee.

On March 5, the committee introduced a bill proposed to strip the bishops and priests of the state of all administrative authority over their own churches, a blatantly unconstitutional intervention in the internal affairs of a church. The Knights quickly joined the bishops and the Connecticut Catholic Conference in a public condemnation of the bill.

The bill’s sponsors, apparently surprised by the action, cancelled a planned hearing on Wednesday, March 11. But some 4,000 Catholics from all around the state traveled to the capitol at Hartford for a protest rally. Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson joined Archbishop Henry Mansell, Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori and Bishop Michael Cote in strongly worded speeches.

Anderson called the attack “clearly unconstitutional and poses a danger to all religions, even though its immediate target is the Catholic Church.”

“This legislation violates both the First Amendment, by intervening in the internal affairs of the Church, and the Fourteenth Amendment because it singles out the Catholic Church for discriminatory treatment,” Anderson continued. “Moreover, it will chill freedom of religion and free speech because it sends a message to all religious leaders that they will now have to consider whether what they say will subject them to government interference and intimidation.”

The sponsors of the proposal, both Catholics themselves, have received thousands of angry emails from across the country. While withdrawn, Anderson warned that more battles probably lie ahead.


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Marietta to host Ohio KofC Campout


The 41st Annual Ohio Knights of Columbus State Family Campout will be held on the weekend of July 24-24 in the hometown of State Deputy Larry Moegling – Marietta.

The campsite will be at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Host council will be Marietta Council 478, which has planned a variety of fun activities.

Campers can discover the rich heritage of Marietta through its museums and landmarks; cruise the Ohio and Muskingum rivers on the Valley Gem sternwheeler on Friday evening following a soup dinner. They can take a trolley tour, find items in antique stores, boutique-style shops and galleries.

“There is so much to do,” suggests Moegling. “The Ohio and Muskingum rivers provide endless opportunities for golfing, boating, fishing and water sports. You can take a bike ride or stroll along the newly constructed Rivertrail that meanders along the Muskingum River.”

For further information, and to obtain a registration form, contact Campout Chairman Kenny Offenberger at (740) 374-2943. Information also is available on the website

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Hawthorne Hills is site for state golf tournament

The 2009 Ohio Knights of Columbus State Golf Tournament will be held on Aug. 6-8 at Hawthorne Hills Country Club in Lima.

The Super Seniors tourney, for those age 65 and over, will be contested on Thursday, Aug. 6. The Seniors tournament, for those age 50 and over, will be played on Friday, Aug. 7. The State Championships – winner and runner-up of each class in District Qualifiers – will be played on Saturday, Aug. 8.

For further information, contact Ed Lasch at (330) 467-2690, or Lou Toth at (440) 779-5803.


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By Bob Collins, Chairman

State Warden

How will we as Knights of Columbus in Ohio continue to support our Measure Up Campaign and our initiative for 2009? 

Some of you may not have known that there is a little more to the Measure Up Campaign than just the two-week general public street collection weekends in April and May.

There are actually four major fundraising areas -- or phases -- of the Measure Up Campaign. Every council in Ohio is encouraged to participate in as many of these areas as possible.

We are currently in the Gimme Five collection phase, when we ask councils to actively solicit a donation of $5.00 or more from each of their members. The Financial Secretaries were given Gimme Five flyers to be mailed out with their 2009 membership dues notices. Members who contribute to this phase will have a special Gimme-Five Club sticker affixed to their 2009 membership card, letting everyone know that they are a Gimme-Five participant.

This year we are again asking local councils to contact businesses within the council's home area through a "general mailing campaign" and solicit from them a financial contribution.  Make sure the letter from the council chairman or Grand Knight explains how their contribution will assist those with mental retardation in the community.

Some councils would rather do a fundraiser for additional Measure-Up funds. This activity can be extremely beneficial if there are difficulties in obtaining permission to conduct a street or storefront collection in your council area. 

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Not just a two week street collection

 By Bob Collins

State Warden

2009 Measure-Up Chairman

How will we as Knights of Columbus in Ohio continue to support our “Measure Up” Campaign and our initiative for 2009? 

Some of you may not have known that there is little more to the “Measure Up” Campaign than just the two week general public street collection weekends in April and May.

There are actually four major fundraising areas or phases of the “Measure Up” Campaign. Every council in Ohio is encouraged to participate in as many of these areas or phases as possible.

We are currently in the “Gimme Five” collection phase of the campaign. During this phase we ask the councils to actively solicit a donation of $5.00 or more from each of their members. The Financial Secretaries were given “Gimme Five” flyers to be mailed out with their 2009 membership dues notices. Members that contribute to this phase will have a special “Gimme-Five Club” sticker affixed to their 2009 membership card. This will let everyone know that they are a “Gimme-Five” participant.

This year we are again asking the local councils to contact businesses within the council’s home area through a “general mailing campaign” and solicit from them a financial contribution.  Make sure the letter from the council chairman or Grand Knight explains to them how their contribution will assist those with mental retardation in the community.

Some of our councils would rather do some type of fundraiser within their council to raise additional funds for the Measure Up Campaign. This fundraising activity can be extremely beneficial if there are difficulties in obtaining permission to conduct a street or store front collection in your council area.  Coordinate your efforts within the council now to have a quality program that will make an impact to your council’s donation bottom line.

The street collection is still the most familiar and easiest way to raise funds for the Measure Up Campaign. It has been the mainstay of soliciting funds from the general public for a long time. Make every effort to contact your local merchants for permission to collect funds in front of their stores and businesses. Have a sign up sheet available at the council on meeting nights to allow members to volunteer for time slots during the street collection phase. Encourage your members to wear the yellow Measure Up aprons at the collection site so they can visibly be seen by potential donors. A Measure Up ruler should be provided to every potential donor regardless if they offer a donation or not.

Our goal again in Ohio this year is $543,210 and a total 100% participation by our councils. Brother Knights we ask you to support our “flagship” charity and to put “columbianism” into action for our “special” friends. Will you and your council help Ohio “Measure Up” to exceed our goal in 2009? 

I would like to thank you ahead of time for your generosity and ask that God continue to bless you in your efforts with another successful campaign.

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Margaret Wabler

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Margaret Wabler, who passed away Feb. 2 at the age of 92. She was the wife of the late LaVern Wabler, a Past State Deputy of the Ohio Sate Council.


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 Pennies for Heaven

 By Paul Upman, Chairman

State Secretary


 To earn program credit, donations must be received by April 1. However, checks will be accepted until April 15 for inclusion in the State Convention report and qualifying for the $1000 Club Award.

 A submission form (optional) can be found On the Ohio State Council website,

 Diocesan donations on your council’s behalf will be given  to Diocesan Vocations Directors at the July Tour Programs


Paul Upman, State Secretary

4838 Skipper Court, Maumee, OH 43537-8648


Our seminarians are most grateful

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How is your council looking?


By Larry Droesch

State (Dynamo) Membership Director

“How’re you looking?” That question was used a few years back when Past State Deputy Robert Sears was the Ohio State Council’s Pennies for Heaven chairman. It incorporated a small mirror that a council member received, and when he looked into it he was supposed to answer, “LOOKING GOOD!” It meant that you and your council were looking good in collections for Pennies for Heaven.

I borrow this question and pose it to all of you. My numbers thus far reflect a decrease from where we were last fraternal year, so I am not sure where you see your numbers. I won’t dwell on the reasons and the negativity, but instead offer some thoughts for you to ponder.

I recently moved my home and office. It was a wonderful but frustrating event. It got me thinking about those Brother Knights who move to another city or state. When such a move is made, they should notify the Financial Secretary from the council they are leaving, and/or the council they are transferring to. This way their membership will continue, their years of service will not be interrupted, and the transfer process can take place as normal. This also applies to members who are just transferring from one council (or assembly) to another.

You’ve heard the term “spring cleaning”. It’s what many councils do this time of year to “clear the roster” for numerous reasons. It is a painstaking process that involves much time, red tape and frustration. It can be emotional for councils and members.

A good way to avoid this process is to do what our State Retention Director, Tom Mathes, preaches: “Work with your members. Get them involved. Spend some time with them”.  Many councils miss this point, even though it is so simple. There are more dissatisfied members out there because these things are not practiced than there are new members in the entire state each year. But we somehow forget them -- not all of them -- but just enough to create extra work for our leadership and headaches for our councils.

Wrapping up loose ends seems to be the theme this time of year. Council membership directors and Grand Knights are working hard to make sure all reports are completed and requirements for their programs and membership quotas are met. So the rush is on. It does help if you are mindful of sending in the paperwork to Supreme (ie. The completed and signed Form 100 after the new member receives his First Degree; the on-line reporting so you get your reports credited and “max” the Membership Program).  Don’t procrastinate, as we all know haste makes waste.

Consider the team approach. There is strength in numbers and when you partner with a person, and then another, the excitement and enthusiasm really builds. So go out and take at least one Brother with you and go out and recruit a new member. It is easier to ask someone when you have moral support and another friend to add in selling points when talking to someone. Another way to ‘team recruit’ is at an event (like a fish fry) where you get prospects to help your team by working the event. It gives them a chance to see the service side and the social side of your membership.

This is a the best time to recruit new members. By getting them in now you set yourself up with NEW workers, officers, and ideas as you finish up one Fraternal Year and begin a new one!

I do hope that these thoughts do help you round out your year and help you increase your membership. Just remember Charity – helping Catholic men and your members get what they need and Unity – working together to make a better way of life for us all.

Larry Droesch’s new home address is 1758 Prairie Rd., Wilmington, OH 45177.

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Mid-way through the month of March, Ohio stood at 63.3% of its membership goal. So we still have a ways to go to meet our goal.

Just one reminder to help you help the State meet its goal: Do Step #64 – Zero Suspensions or 1-for-1. You don’t have to send in an on-line or paper report. I will get the May 1 numbers from Supreme and confirm that your council had zero suspensions or a balance of one for one (one new member for every suspended member). After the confirmation the credit will be assigned automatically.


  Membership Success Story No. 9

 By Larry Droesch

State Membership Director

This success story comes to us from Norwood Council 1162 in the Cincinnati Diocese. Grand Knight Lawrence Barker summed up his council’s success in just a short sentence: “Service is what I feel the Knights of Columbus are all about”. Here’s his report:

“Our theme this year is service. As the Grand Knight, I feel that it is too easy to just write checks. What we need to do is let people know that the Knights do more than sit around and play cards.

“So some of the things we have done is volunteer with PWC (People Working Co-operatively). We cleaned up an elderly lady’s yard by cutting down her bushes so that the address could been seen from the street. We also helped out a gentleman by painting his garage. And we cleaned up branches from the yard of one of the ladies from the church.

“These are just some examples of the hands-on work we have done. Some other services we participate in is work at the Walnut Hills soup kitchen on the first Saturday of the odd months. In addition, we did bagging at Biggs, a local grocery store, to raise money for the food pantry. We just had a sleeping bag drive in which we were able to help 20 people stay warm this winter.

“The service we have done puts the council members out in the parish community and the public where people notice them.”

By being noticed, Norwood Council is well on the way to meeting its membership quota. Men want to be part of an organization that does something. We are the best PR for our councils. If they see us out there, they want to be out there with us.

(Editorial Note: Thanks to Grand Knight Larry Barber for submitting this report. If you are interested in hearing more or have questions, please feel free to call Brother Barber at (513) 923-6777).

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Hot Cabin Fever Contest winners named

Winners have been named in our Hot Cabin Fever Membership Contest. Councils bringing in at least ONE new member during the month of February were entered into a drawing to win cash for the council, Grand Knight, sponsor (proposer), and District Deputy.

Seventy councils decided to get warmed up by participating in this HOT Membership Contest! Congratulations to the winners:

Councils 1016, 2433, 2850 each receiving $75; Grand Knights Randy Smith (Massillon Council 554), Mark Rowe (Upper Sandusky Council 2050), and Wayne Vreeland (Blessed John XXIII Council 14502, Perrysburg) each receiving $50; and Sponsors (Proposers) Robert Trunk, Council 4847, George Walrath, Council 11665, Ted Spurgeon, Council 2850, Mark Steele, Council 10941, David Yehl, Council 5506, and Don Morris, Council 2726, each receiving $25.

The Dynamo thanks all those who brought in at least one new member and participated!

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Ohio's Top Five in Membership

Following are the Top Five councils in each Division that have brought in the most NET members as of March, 2009

 DIVISION I                                                                                      DIVISION II

 New                                                                                                   New

Council                                                Dio.    Mem.                       Council                                             Dio       Mem.

11311    Upper Arlington                   Colb       23                           1003       Milford                               Cinn       15

14504    Centerville                            Cinn       16                           3930       Msgr. Mears                      Youn      15

14416    Olmsted Falls                      Clev       16                           13608    West Chester                     Cinn         8

14400    St. Sebastian, Akron          Clev       14                           11207    St. Patrick                           Colb        8

12912    Fr. Aufderheide                   Cinn       10                           10765    Powell                                 Colb        7

 11354   Bexley                                  Colb       10                                386    Msgr. O’Connell                 Tole        7


 DIVISION III                                                                                     DIVISION IV

14551    St. Hilary                             Clev       46                           3376       Mother Seton                    Cinn        20

2039      St. Joseph-Randolph         Youn      14                           10792    St. Francis of Assisi         Clev        11

11355    West Chester                     Cinn      10                           4603     Grove City                            Colb       11

10941    New Albany                        Colb       9                             7981     Beavercreek                       Cinn       10

2374       Ripley                                 Cinn       9                             4168    Medina                                 Clev        10


                                                                                 DIVISION V

1016      Lancaster                          Colb       23                           5669       Kalida                                 Tole        12          

4130     Garfield Heights                Clev       17                           3122       West Toledo                        Tole       12

671        Marion                               Colb       17                           2050       Upper Sandusky                 Tole       12


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                    Ohio’s Top 10 Councils

Following are Ohio’s Top 10 councils statewide and in each division as of March 1, 2009. Top 10 includes program points ONLY.

Standings do not reflect membership or administrative requirements.



Council                                            Dio.      Pts.                  Council                                  Dio.      Pts.

10792  St. Francis of Assissi      Clev     1375                14406  Our Lady of Charity     Clev     1025

2374    Ripley                                Cinn     1275                14551  St. Hiliary                     Clev     1000

1569    Leetonia                           Youn    1175                 14502  Pope John XXIII          Tole       975     

12912  Fr. Aufdeheide                Cinn     1150                 5589    St. Marys                      Youn     950

13755  St. Bede                          Clev     1075                  5628    Immac. Conception    Tole      900

10876  St. Edwards                    Colb     1050                 4212    Jefferson                      Youn     800

4731    North Olmsted                 Clev     1050                 10820  Fr. Kempf                    Colb      800

10765  St. Joan of Arc                Colb     1050                 14344  Oregon                        Tole      725

14406  Our Lady of  Charity       Clev     1025                 14504  Fr. Hoffer                     Cinn      700

1973    Dover                               Colb     1025                 14416  St. Marys of Falls       Clev      625



Council                                            Dio.      Pts.                  Council                                  Dio.      Pts.

1569    Leetonia                            Youn    1175                  2374    Ripley                           Cinn     1275

12912  Fr. Aufderheide                 Cinn     1150                10876  St. Edwards                 Colb     1050

13755  St. Bede                             Clev     1075                 3822    St. Pius X                     Clev      975

10765  St. Joan of Arc                  Colb     1050                 4587    St. Joseph                    Cinn      975

13984  St. Peter the Apostle        Clev     1000                 885      Rosecrans-Willard       Tole      950

11450  St. Jeromes                       Tole     975                   7970    North Ridgeville            Clev      925

11550  St. Joseph 3 Rivers          Cinn     975                   11915  Boardman                    Youn     900

8115    Fr. John Roettele               Cinn     950                   3123    Msgr. Gerdes               Cinn     875

14155  St. Patrick                          Tole     925                    11216  St. Peter                       Colb     875

386      Msgr. O’Connell                 Tole     925                    2299    St. James                     Colb     850



Council                                            Dio.      Pts.                  Council                                  Dio.      Pts.

10792  St. Francis                        Clev     1375                  4731    North Olmsted             Clev     1050

1973    Dover                                Colb     1025                  11187  St. Elizabeth Seton     Colb     1000

4847    Brunswick                         Clev       950                  2790    West Park                    Clev      1000

3754    Marian                              Cinn        925                  3410    South Akron                 Clev       950

4168    Medina                             Clev        925                  13517  Cuyahoga Falls            Clev      850

11275  St. Andrew                       Colb        875                 1610    Middletown                   Cinn      850

472      Immaculate Heart             Steu       875                  341      Canton                          Youn      825

9788    St. Anthony of Padua       Tole       875                  1757    Ottawa                          Tole       800

5253    Fr. Hohman                      Colb       875                   4361    Msgr. Dooley               Steu      775

10215  St. Leonard                      Cinn       850                   5669    Fr. Muehle                   Tole       750

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                Program Checklist for the Grand Knight

                                        "Program year ends April 15"

 ___           Grand Knights are reminded that the 2008-2009 program year ends April 15 and all reports are due to

                 the respective state directors at that time.


 ___          Schedule and Open House or Drive for membership in March or early April.  Schedule the First Degree for

                 prospective members as soon after to insure active membership and participation. 


___          Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity #1728 for all councils  submitted to Supreme Council, the State Deputy,

                 and the District Deputy (was due Jan. 31).  According to the Supreme Council list, there are 75

                councils that still need to report.  Has your council’s fraternal survey been sent?


___          Semi-Annual Audit Report #1295  for all councils submitted to Supreme Council, State Deputy and the District Deputy (was due Feb. 15).                 Each council must submit a report.  Has your council’s audit been sent?


___          Schedule the Measure Up campaign activities now.


___          Prepare for the 2009 Super Cash Bonanza first turn-in on April 15.


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 Directors Reports


 Church Activities

Pastor’s Request is a great step

 By Kevin Miller

State Church Activities Director

I would like to thank our Ohio councils that have participated in the State Church Activities program. It has done my heart good to see the great reports of all the different ways we help our Catholic Church , our pastors and parishioners.

Many  councils will “max” the Church Activities program. Step #2, Pastor’s Request,  had a wide variety of tasks that were performed by our Brother Knights around the state. This was a great “step” in our Church Activities program. It provided a much-needed function for our Order in Ohio; it reinforced what the Knights of Columbus is all about, and reminded us that all we need to do is to go to our pastors and ask what we can do for the Church.

Please remember that the Pennies for Heaven program – a part of the State Vocations Activities program – ends on April 1. Checks should be made payable to Ohio State Council and mailed to: Paul Upman, State Secretary, 4838 Skipper Court, Maumee, OH 43537.

 And don’t forget RSVP (Refund Support Vocations Program), which allows councils to provide financial assistance to seminarians and postulants. This is a program sponsored and promoted by Supreme Council. It is aimed at providing financial support along with prayer and moral support to those who have “answered the call”. Supreme Council will refund $100 to any council making a RSVP donation of $500 or more to any seminarian or postulant. Complete Form 2863 and submit it, along with a copy of the cancelled check, to Supreme before June 30.

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Community Activities

Knights have helped our less fortunate

 By Joe Mackos

State Community Activities Director

The care for our less fortunate – Step #13 -- has been an outstanding part of the Community Activities program this fraternal year. Knights throughout Ohio have donated time and energy to this very worthwhile project – assisting those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Councils have been involved with agencies in their communities to provide assistance – volunteering at a food bank, soliciting funds for donation to needy causes, working with parish St. Vincent DePaul Society, etc.

Thank you. Your involvement really has shown that you’re totally involved in the Community Activities program.

One such involvement occurred when Youngstown Diocese District Deputy Coordinator  Don Prall and I had the honor of presenting a check on behalf of the Ohio State Council to the Second Harvest Food Bank last Dec. 13.

Yes, so many of our councils – our Brother Knights – are working to feed the less fortunate.

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Council Activities

Toot your horn for a best activity

 By Mark Pickard

State Council Activities Director

We are just about at the end of another program year, and I would like to say thanks to all the Grand Knights and Program Directors who have submitted reports, either through the web site or through the U.S. Postal Service. We have had some great reporting of activities that are happening in our Ohio councils. Keep up the good work and let us finish strong.

  If your council has done an extraordinary event or activity this fraternal year -- even if you have already reported it -- remind me by sending in a “Special Report” for a possible “Best Activity of the Year” award.  In other words, TOOT YOUR OWN HORN a bit. It may help your council to receive recognition for your efforts at the upcoming State Convention.

If you haven’t already done so, consider a couple of our Council Activities: Step #25, Ladies Appreciation Night, or Step #28, Past Grand Knights or Council Awards Dinner. Either of these would make a great end-of-the-fraternal-year activity. It is so important to make sure that those ladies who help us along the way, and those valuable volunteers, are appreciated!

And Grand Knights, don’t forget to submit your application for the Columbian Award.  It needs to be submitted to me (Form SP-7) by April 15, although it doesn’t have to be submitted to Supreme Council until June 30.

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Family Activities

Don’t forget Supreme Family of the Month

 By Ken Gardner

State Family Activities Director

Here’s something every council in Ohio should do: honor your council’s outstanding families with the Supreme Council Family of the Month nomination. This is a great way to recognize the dedicated families of your council.

You can nominate your council’s Family of the Month either by mailing the form found in the Family of the Month booklet distributed to all councils as part of the Surge with Service package at the beginning of the fraternal year, or by filling out a short online form by going to the Supreme Council website at  Both of these forms are #1993A.

Very little information is required on either form -- just the Brother Knight’s name, the names of family members, and your reason for the nomination.

Each month, Supreme Council holds a random drawing of all Family of the Month nominations in each jurisdiction, and 100 families are awarded a Holy Family statuette and letter of congratulations from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

As a follow-up, once you have sent your nomination form to Supreme Council, the Grand Knight should present the family with a Family of the Month certificate, item #1843, available from Supreme.  Be sure to present this certificate at an event that families of your council are attending.

Each month I receive a report from Supreme Council indicating how many Ohio councils submitted nominations the past month.  Sadly to say, even with more than 350 councils in the state, only 10-20 councils bother to send a nomination. The Holy Family statuette is a beautiful remembrance that will make your council’s Family of the Month proud.

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Pro-Life Activities

There’s a great website to bookmark

By Gary Anderson

State Pro-Life Director

President Obama has wasted no time fulfilling his promise of supporting “pro-choice” legislation immediately upon taking office. Although the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) -- which would overturn virtually all pro-life legislation if approved – still has not been officially proposed, it is on the horizon. The president has vowed to sign it. He already has overturned the Mexico City Policy, which forbade U.S. foreign aid dollars from being used for abortion.

He recently nominated a strident “pro-choice” Catholic, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, for the position of Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. He has signed an executive order lifting restrictions on the funding of life-destroying embryonic stem cell research. And yet another dissident “pro-choice” Catholic, Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, just introduced the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2009 on March 6.

The attacks on life continue on several other fronts, often times with Catholics being the flag bearers.

I would like to make you aware of a wonderful new Catholic website that you will want to bookmark:  You’ll find a wealth of information as well as ways you can make your voice heard. Its mission is to provide background information necessary to help Catholics make informed decisions when choosing candidates who best reflect legitimate Catholic values.

In addition, it focuses on public policy issues encompassed in protecting the sanctity of life, preserving the sacrament of marriage and maintaining the Godly heritage in which our nation was founded.

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Youth Activities

We’ve seen some exciting new activities

 By Paul Barko

State Youth Activities Director

As we head down the stretch for this fraternal year, I want to applaud the efforts of my Brother Knights throughout the state who have engaged in some new and exciting youth activities, as well as support of the standard activities recommended in our state program.

There currently are a number of councils ready to “max” the State Youth Program. In order to “max” it, councils must complete the two mandatory activities -- Step #45, Free Throw or Soccer Competitions; and Step #46, Youth of the Year nomination. Councils also must complete either Step  #54, Support of the Squires Program, or Step #55, Support of the Scouts.

For the Youth of the Year, please submit as much supporting documentation as possible. Also, please note that the nomination must be submitted by the deadline of April 1. Your nominee does NOT have to be a relative of a member.

I want every council to be successful and receive all the credit they deserve for their youth programs.

Paul Barko can be contacted at 2124 County Road E, Swanton, OH 43558. Telephone: (419) 388-4734; email:

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Insurance Liaison

The laughing banker

 By Carl Ferguson, General Agent

State Insurance Liaison

I entered the manager’s office of my neighborhood bank and made this proposal:

“Mr. Bank Manager, there is a piece of vacant land in my area that I’m interested in buying. It is well-suited, the town is developing in its direction, and I am virtually certain that its value will rise. I’ve thought the matter out carefully from every angle and I’ve come to the conclusion that the land would be a very good buy.

“There are several reasons why I prefer the prospective capital gains of a vacant lot to the current cash income I could have by buying another type of property, such as an apartment building.

“For example, I don’t particularly need a supplementary income at the moment, because these are the best earning years of my life.

“Also, the extra income that I would receive from income-producing property would, in any case, be cut considerably by the income tax I would have to pay.”

“For these reasons, I think that the purchase of this land is a good-buy – provided I can be sure that its value will increase over the years, enough to represent a good return on the investment I make.”

“Since I don’t want to lose money on this enterprise, I’d like to make an agreement with you and your bank that will protect me financially and give me security and peace of mind.

“The purchase price of the land is $28,000. If I buy it at that price, I want to have a written guarantee from your bank to protect me on several points.” Specifically:

“I want your guarantee that the property will be worth $100,000 in 35 years (at which time I’ll be age 65) and that the bank will buy it from me at that price.

“I’m prepared to accept a reasonable shrinkage in its immediate value if I decide to sell within the next few years; such shrinkage is to be expected in the case of a long-term investment such as this. However, I want – this early-sale clause notwithstanding – the guarantee that, each year, the land will have a market value proportionate to the $100,000 it will be worth in 35 years, and that the bank will buy it back from me at that value at any time I wish.

“In the event of my death, whenever this occurs (in three days, three months, or three years), I want your guarantee that the bank will pay to my heirs the full $100,000 that the land will be worth in 35 years.

“I want your bank (in the event of my death) to absorb any capital gains tax that would be chargeable, so that my heirs will receive the $100,000 without paying any income tax.

“I want the bank to consent to be trustee and to administer (without charge) the proceeds from the sale of this land, either for my heirs in the event of my death or for myself if I so desire, and I want the bank to guarantee the principal and interest.

“I want the bank to absorb maintenance costs and any taxes that could be levied against the land during the years I am the owner.

“I want the bank to give me the privilege of buying this lot in installments over a period of 20 years, if I should decide to do so, rather than paying the $28,000 in cash. In this way, I would make 20 level annual payments at about 6 percent interest, so that each annual payment would be about $2,200.

“Finally, in the event of my death before the end of the 20-year period, I want the bank to cancel the remaining payments and deliver the $100,000 ultimate value guaranteed by the bank to my heirs.

 “Mr. Manager, if the bank accepts these conditions, I will buy that piece of land. What do you think?”

*     *     *

The bank manager laughed. Then he told me that he didn’t think a financial institution could comply with my wishes under such conditions.

Yet, as you probably guessed by now, all I did was describe a $100,000 permanent life insurance policy. It is a policy that can be purchased with a single premium or over a 20-year period. Life insurance is one of the best contracts ever conceived. It is what you offer your clients.

 --original story by Benjamin N. (Woody) Woodson, CLU, Life Trustee of LUTC and re-printed from Managers Magazine.

Carl Ferguson can be contacted at (740) 387-5814; email:

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State Web Site – Reporting

 By Jerry Lowery

State Web Site Director

We encourage our membership to visit the Ohio State website and utilize the many features that have been designed and developed to help disseminate state information and make program reporting fun and easy.

Using your browser application, go to At the initial page of the website, you will see the current Ohio State Council logo. Click on the state logo image to enter the K of C Ohio State Council Web Site, where you will see a photo of the current State Deputy and a listing of all your State Officers. On the top of this page you will see a list of menu choices.

Select the “STATE PROGRAMS” menu tab at the top center of the page; then scroll to the “STATE WEB FORMS” menu tab, then to the “GRAND KNIGHTS COUNCIL PROGRAM FORMS” menu tab and left click. You will see the “SCOONER APPLICATION” login web page.  All activity report forms by program area are available for on-line reporting.

Select the “STATE PROGRAMS” menu tab and select “EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES”. The state website is a great communications tool to keep our members informed of the many Knights of Columbus programs and issues throughout the state of Ohio.

Select the “LINKS” menu tab and then select “KofC LINK PAGE” and review the many Council and Assembly web sites. There is a wealth of information presented that can assist all councils to become more involved and successful with their activity programming efforts.

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Public Relations

Good PR is so important

 By Harding Christ

State Public Relations Director

Good public relations is so important to everything we as Knights of Columbus do.

More and more of our Ohio councils are living up to that statement with good public relations internally (among their members) and externally (among the people of their parishes and communities).

A special committee has just completed judging for the 2009 Best Newsletter Contest – awards will be made at the State Convention – and the comment most heard was the excellent quality of so many newsletters. Judging gets harder and harder every year as newsletters get better and better. Thanks for that, of course, go to the computer age and the Brother Knights who have become so adept at the keyboard.

We must remember that a good council newsletter is so important to keeping your members interested and active – letting them know what’s going on in the council. It always seems that our more active and successful councils always have the better newsletters.

We’ve also seen some great public relations from our councils with the people of their communities.

For example, just a couple of weeks ago I received in the mail newspaper clippings of a Special Population Free Throw Contest held in Mansfield. Page One of the Mansfield News Journal – a large daily paper – was dominated by a picture/feature of the activity. And a columnist for the newspaper gave full credit to the three Mansfield area Knights of Columbus councils for hosting the event. Great public relations, letting the people of the community know what we Knights are doing.

Last year the monthly full-color newsletter of St. Joseph Church in Avon Lake included a full-page picture/feature story about my council – Father Ragan Council 3269 in Avon. The headline read, “Our 400 Knights of Columbus”. Great public relations, letting the people of the parish we serve know what we’re all about.

And last year The Catholic Times, publication of the Columbus Diocese, devoted its front cover to a large photo of Fourth Degree regalia, and an extensive, three-page picture/feature about Knights of Columbus councils in the diocese on the inside. Great public relations.

Good public relations means so much to letting people know what we’re all about. And for that reason, it’s the best recruiting tool we can use to attract new members.

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District Deputies

Program Checklist for the District Deputy

By Marty Schumacher

State District Deputy Director

 ___          Require all local councils to conduct a spring (preferably March) membership BLITZ.   Schedule the First Degree as soon after the

                blitz to insure membership.


___          Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity # 1728 for all councils  submitted to Supreme Council, the State Deputy, and the District

                Deputy (was due Jan. 31).   According to the Supreme Council list, 75  councils still need to submit.


___          Report on Council Status #944 – A. This needs to be submitted for each council (was due Dec. 31) to

               Supreme Council and the State Deputy.

                Was yours sent in? 


___          Semi-Annual Audit Report #1295  for all councils submitted to Supreme Council, State Deputy and the District Deputy

                (was due Feb. 15).  Each council needs to submit a report.


Marty Schumacher can be contacted at 66279 Harlan Acres, Belmont, OH 43718. Telephone: (740) 782-1235; email:

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Third Degree Exemplification Schedule

 The State Deputy, along with the State Ceremonials Director, must set the dates and locations of all Third Degrees. Send Third Degree requests to State Ceremonials Director LaVern Fortkamp, 7584 Rose Lake Dr., Dayton, OH 45414. Tel: (937) 454-5247.

 DATE                     COUNCIL                              ADDRESS                                                 DIOCESE

Mar. 29                   Painesville 947                      987 Mentor Rd., Painesville                          Clev

Mar. 29                   Newton Falls 3350                100 Superior St., Newton Falls                      Youn

Apr. 5                     Father Ragan 3269               1783 Moore Rd., Avon                                    Clev

Apr. 5                     Dayton 500                            267 Bainbridge St., Dayton                             Cinn

Apr. 26                   Mansfield 687                       1114 Park Ave. W., Mansfield                          Tole

Apr. 26                   St. John 13608                       9080 Cinn. Day Rd., West Chester                Cinn

Apr. 26                   St. Andrew 11275                 3880 Reed Rd., Columbus                               Colb       

May 1                     West Park 2790                     3556 W. 130th St., Cleveland                          Clev

May 3                     Card. Bernadin 12359           7820 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati                   Cinn       



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The Buckeye Bulletin

The Buckeye Bulletin is published by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and distributed via Third Class Non-Profit Bulk Postage, Permit No. 229, U.S. Postal Service, at Cleveland, Ohio.

Editorial Content

Forward all editorial content to: Harding Christ, Editor, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012-1642. Tel: (440) 933-8986. Email:

Subscription Requests, Address changes, deletions

Members of the Knights of Columbus in good standing in the Ohio jurisdiction may subscribe free of charge. Forward requests for new subscriptions, address changes, cancellations to: Harding Christ, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012. Email: The full 9-digit Zip Code must be included with all new subscription and change of address requests.



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