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State Deputy Message


There is much good we can do

 By Paul Upman

A while back, after explaining to a reporter what the Knights of Columbus is all about and what kind of things the Knights do for their communities, their church, their schools and their families, it must have occurred to the reporter that this sounds like a lot of work!

She posed the question: “Why do the Knights do this?  Why volunteer so much time and talent when there is no reward involved?”

She’s right. Most people don’t recognize the good we do.  My mind started clicking through the options that I could use to answer her question – so I could give the perfect answer.

But what came out was, “If we don’t do it, than who will?”

I believe the same question was posed to Fr. Michael McGivney more than once as he fought to establish our fraternity back in 1882. As I look at the lofty goals we have had since last June, and where we are with but four months to go this fraternal year, I come back to the same point: if we don’t do it who will?

I chose to take the “Polyanna” approach: that the glass is half full, and we need to fill it the rest of the way!

Here’s the key: we need to identify what can be done to add to membership and Round Tables, etc., and then do our part to get it moving! I hope that there are many Diocesan, District and Council leaders in our great state who see it the same way and who believe: If I don’t do it than who will?

Our state has been hit with unprecedented suspensions.  Maybe it’s the economic conditions; but shame on us if we suspend a member because he cannot afford to pay.  That’s why it is critical to make personal contact with our absent brothers.

Also, due to our aging population, we experience a high number of deaths.  So, we will have a tough time reaching our goal for number of members after all reasons for losses.

But there are other worthwhile goals that we can achieve -- such as total intake of new members and our insurance quota, and our quotas for Round Tables and New Council Development.  We can also do our best to raise funds for our seminarians (RSVP & Pennies for Heaven), for religious education (Matching Funds), for those with developmental disabilities (Measure Up), and for our charitable works (Cash Bonanza). Some of these programs already have been completed for the fraternal year, and you have done an outstanding job during these trying times!  Don’t let up on the programs that are still on-going.

To help us to focus on specifics and to reward those who do, I challenged our Grand Knights and District Deputies to make a commitment to do at least two of four items suggested between Jan 15 and May 15:

Establish Round Tables with our parishes.

Do a church drive to recruit new members.

Institute the Power of 10 to insure contact with absent brothers.

Call inactive insurance members and bring them back to full membership.

Those who commit to two of the four, and let me know, will be entered into a cash drawing, free of charge! Council officers and members should be asking: “which two are we doing?”

To help “fill” our Knights of Columbus glass, just pick the activities that will most help your council, plan your steps to success, and do it!


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State Chaplain


Lenten Season doesn’t end with Easter

 By Fr. James Brown

As you are reading this article we are deep into the great 90 Days of our Lent-Easter observance.  Prior to the inauguration of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, I never thought of grouping the six weeks of Lent and the seven weeks of Easter together. Lent was Lent and it had it’s own personality -- sometimes self-inflicted and sometimes imposed from others. But it ended at Easter, and then life went back to normal. At least that’s what I used to think.

I always kind of liked Lent and Holy Week and the Easter weekend, especially when I was old enough to serve Mass and the liturgies of Holy Week. The seminary reinforced that affinity and it still carries wonderful memories for me.

But the Catechumenate brings a whole new life and meaning to Lent and the whole Easter season. Lent still is the preparation period, but now we know what we are preparing for … the entrance of the catechumens and candidates at the Easter Vigil. We walk with them, prepare with them and support them with our prayers and acts of self sacrifice and service. The whole Church celebrates our new members in Christ.

But it doesn’t end there. The seven weeks that follow are real gifts the Church celebrates with our New members (neophytes) as they bask in the unfolding mystery of the Risen Lord. So now Pentecost is the sending forth rather than Easter!

There is an interesting development between Lent and Easter season. The number six (6) indicates imperfection, or humanity, left to its own devises – the six weeks of Lent; while the number seven (7) symbolizes perfection, or heaven  – the fullness of the kingdom and God’s realm  – the seven weeks of Easter Season concluding with the Feast of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost.

So Lent helps us look at our imperfections as in the Temptations of Jesus in the desert:

These are the areas of life we are challenged to scrutinize during Lent with the help of God, His Word in Scripture, the prayers of Holy Mass, the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance. Some other things may help us meditate and examine our conscience -- like the Stations of the Cross or other spiritual reading. Remembering always: it is the work of Divine grace, not our efforts.

Lent is meant to help us open ourselves to the fullness of all God has to offer through the Death and the Resurrection of His son, Jesus Christ. The Paschal Mystery as it is called is the pattern of our spiritual life, our journey, to the kingdom of heaven. Lent moves us to Holy Week and the Easter Triduum  – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter weekend.

Easter  Season is seven weeks in duration to signify a taste of the mysteries that await us in the fullness of Heaven. It is the time of unveiling the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

This season is a  proper time to discern the Holy Spirit’s place in our lives, the gifts of ministry that we are called to  and how best to serve the needs of our community and the world.

The Life in the Spirit Seminars fit very well into this seven week season and are meant to help us all go deeper into the Mystery  of our life in Christ. Some of the topics of such a seminar are:

God’s love for us; Salvation in Jesus Christ; The New Life He offers us; Receiving God’s Gifts; Praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; Growth in the life of the Spirit; and Transformation into Christ.

Pentecost is the graduation exercise for all of us … not the end, “Lets go back to our old self,” but now with a new joy, and power of the apostles, ready to change the world.

May your ninety days be blessed as you journey to renewal and may you then be a blessing to all whose lives you touch? 

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Insurance Laision



Knights of Columbus member benefits

 By Carl C. Ferguson, General Agent

Ohio State Council Insurance Laision

Aside from the numerous personal rewards that come from being a Knight, there is a list of many tangible rewards for you and your family.

Have you set down lately with your personal Field Agent?  He is here to serve you and your family personally.

I am told repeatedly by our members, “I didn’t know that”.  Our Field Agents are your and my Brother Knights and they care about you and your family.  They still feel the way that Fr. Michael J. McGivney did when he started the Knights of Columbus.

You should have your Field Agent into your home at least once a year to review your insurance and savings portfolio, as things do change and it is one of your many benefits of being a Brother Knight to have your own personal Insurance representative who cares about you.

Did you know that the Board of Directors voted back in 1994 to give us all Accidental Death Insurance? Do you have your certificate?  I know how you can get your personalized copy to be placed with your other important insurance contracts.

Did you know that as of December 31, 2009, the Order has paid out to beneficiaries $9,909,472.00 in accidental death benefits?  Now this money is only a benefit of being a Brother Knight, and you should always keep your dues current so that you are fully covered. You also should contact your Field Agent and ask him for your copy.

Membership has other benefits for eligible members, such as stillborn children and early child deaths before age 61 days old. I find those numbers pretty staggering (Stillborn deaths 446 with $334,500.00) and (Infant deaths 368 and $ 552,000.00)  Did you know?

Membership in the Kof C has many advantages, and I personally ask that you find out more of what you are entitled to through your membership.


Fraternal Benefits Paid

(Since program was initiated on Sept. 1, 1994)

 YEAR      MEMBER/SPOUSE                      STILLBORN                             INFANT

            No.                   Paid                No.                   Paid                No.                   Paid

1994        35         $      76,500                5           $      3,7560                3         $        4,500

1995        356       $    610,500                35         $      26,250                23         $      34,500

1996        367       $    626,250                38         $      28,500                27         $      40,500

1997        351       $    598,500                32         $      24,000                32         $      48,000

1998        420       $    700,250                49         $      36,750                32         $      48,000

1999        427       $    727,000                43         $      32,250                30         $      45,000

2000        390       $    646,500                29         $      21,750                28         $      42,000

2001        412       $    701,500                29         $      21,750                23         $      34,500

2002        423       $    670,000                30         $      22,500                14         $      21,000

2003        384       $    608,000                35         $      26,250                29         $      43,500

2004        414       $    662,000                23         $      17,250                24         $      36,000

2005        405       $    640,000                22         $      16,500                23         $      34,500

2006        405       $    669,000                25         $      18,750                15         $      22,500

2007        425       $    673,000                16         $      12,000                27         $      40,500

2008        405       $    625,972                11         $        8,250                18         $      27,000

2009        461       $    674,500                24         $      18,000                20         $      30,000

TOTAL    6080      $  9,909,472                446          $    334,500                  368          $      552,000



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Top KofC Agency in Ohio year 2009


The Valent Agency in central Ohio has been named Top Knights of Columbus Agency in Ohio for 2009. Pictured are (back row, left to right) Matthew Vitarias, Thomas McNeeley, Keven Moeller, Andrew Christan, Paul Vitarias and Supreme Field Director Richard Gaskell; (front row, left to right) Mark Mandel,  and General Agent James Valent.  The award is given to the agency with the most life insurance applications writtenper member assigned in the State of Ohio per Supreme "All Business Lancer" at the end of each year. The award is a traveling trophy that resides during the yeasr with the top agency.

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General Program Director



It’s time to review council program reports

 By Mark Pickard

Wow, here we are Brothers of the Great State of Ohio, headed down the stretch of the fraternal year in the State General Program.  Before we all know it, April 15, 2010,  will be upon us -- and we all know what that date is ..... Yes, tax day.  And just as importantly, it is the deadline for all councils to have reported all the great activities done for the fraternal year.

Brothers, this is a “drop dead date” for the reporting of activities.  Since more than 90% of our councils are now reporting online through the web site, the state directors no longer have to wait for the local postal worker to visit their mailboxes.

I ask now that each and every Grand Knight and General Program Director of the councils take a long hard look and be sure that all the reports have been submitted to the correct director and whatever points have been earned by your councils have been given credit.  Please after a program has been submitted and graded by the appropriate activities state director, take a moment to read the comment section of what the State Director has commented on.  It is within these comments that you can learn to make your council stronger and more active.

I would just like to thank each and every Grand Knight for all the great activities that you have been doing this entire fraternal year, the feedback I am getting from your State Directors is nothing short of fantastic.  Thanks for everything you are doing for your church, community and families.  Keep up the good work that you are doing.

We will see you in Cleveland for the Ohio State Council State Convention in May.

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State Membership Director


Fraternity in Membership

‘Spring into Prosperity’ campaign begins April 1

 By Paul Barko

In order to help stimulate an increased focus on membership growth throughout the State of Ohio over the final quarter of this fraternal year, State Deputy Paul Upman has initiated the following membership recruitment program. It offers generous CASH incentives to individuals and councils actively involved in membership recruitment.

The program is as easy as: 1 – 2 – 3!!!

It’s Recruit ….. Report ….. Cash- in.

1  1.  Recruit new members through personal invitation, an open-house or church drive, and take those candidates to     their First Degree.

2  2.  Report your recruitment efforts to the State Membership Director via email:

3  3.  Sit Back and watch the money roll in from this CASH incentive program! All cash payments will be issued in July, 2010 (after the close of the program).

For Individual Recruitment, we need the recruiter’s name, address and council number; the name of each new member recruited and the council number; and the date of their First Degree.

For Council Recruitment, we need the name and number of the council and its Grand Knight; a list of the names of all new members of the council, and the date of their First Degree (between April 1 and June 30).

Here are the CASH incentives:

For Individuals: $5.00 for each new member recruited who takes his First Degree between April 1 and June 30, 2010. The award will be paid directly to the recruiter once he reports to the State Membership Director.

For Councils: $5.00 for each new member recruited when a minimum of three are recruited. A minimum of three new members must take their First Degree between April 1 and June 30, 2010. The award will be paid directly to the council once it is reported to the State Membership Director.

(Please note: This special incentive program does NOT include New Council Development recruitments, which are compensated in other ways).


 Ohio’s Top 10 Councils

Following are Ohio’s Top 10 councils statewide and in each division as of  March 1, 2010. Top 10 includes program points ONLY. Standings do not reflect membership or administrative requirements.


Council                                      Dio.      Pts.                   Council                                      Dio.         Pts.

4378      Fr. Anthony Wolf    Cinn     1750                 13755       St. Bede                 Clev      1550

1016      Lancaster              Colb     1600                  1039        Msgr. Lang             Tole      1425

5253     Fr. Hohman             Colb     1600                 1569        Leetonia               Youn      1425

2633     Harrison                 Cinn      1550                1944       Oak Harbor             Tole       1425 

3410     South Akron           Clev       1550                5669       Fr. Muehle               Tole       1425

12912   Fr. Aufderheide        Cinn      1550              14502      Blessed John XXIII    Tole       1425


                 DIVISION I                                                                      DIVISION II

Council                                                   Dio.        Pts.                 Council                                      Dio.     Pts.

14502      Blessed John XXIII         Tole        1425                13755      St. Bede                Clev    1550

1944        Oak Harbor                   Tole        1425                 12912      Fr. Aufderheide      Cinn    1550

14344      Oregon                         Tole        1400                 1569        Leetonia               Youn   1425

3813        Campbell Marian           Youn        1400                 5534        Marysville             Colb    1375

14491      St. James                     Youn       1100                 12772      St. Joseph              Colb   1350

11193      St. Elizabeth                 Colb       1075                   5583       Pieta                     Steu   1300

13640      LaSagrada Familia         Clev        1000                 14450      St. Jerome’s            Tole    1300

14408      St. Francis                    Cinn         950                 11915      Boardman               Youn   1300

4212        Jefferson                     Youn        900                  10765      St. Joan of Arc         Colb   1250

5628        Immac. Concept.          Tole         850                    3350      Newton Falls           Youn   1225

14406      Our Lady Charity          Clev          850


     DIVISION III                                                 DIVISION IV

Council                                              Dio.       Pts.                    Council                                       Dio.    Pts.

4378        Fr. Wolf                      Cinn    1750                    1016        Lancaster             Colb   1600

5253        Fr. Hohman                 Colb    1600                    2633        Harrison               Cinn    1550

4169        St. Lawrence                Tole    1400                    3410        South Akron         Clev    1550

4847        Brunswick                    Clev    1325                    5669        Fr. Muehle           Tole    1425

7979        North Ridgeville           Clev     1300                    1039        Msgr. Lang           Tole   1425

14551      St. Hilary                     Clev    1250                     3376        Mother Seton       Cinn    1350

1973        Dover                         Colb    1225                       626        Norwalk               Tole   1325

5776        Westerville                 Colb    1200                      4130        Garfield Heights   Clev   1275

9788        St. Anthony                 Tole    1200                     2158        Fr. Kunkler           Cinn   1275

3727        Assumption                 Colb    1200                    10792      St. Francis             Clev   1250




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Recruiting efforts are looking brighter

 Ohio’s Knights of Columbus membership recruitment efforts have endured some hardships with an abnormal amount of suspensions so far this fraternal year. But recruiting new members is looking brighter.

Recruiting efforts were stepped up in February, with 208 new members exemplified as opposed to 95 suspensions, for a net gain of 113 members.

Expectations were high in March with the March Blitz campaign. And starting April 1, a new “Spring into Prosperity” incentive program that will reward both individuals and councils financially will begin and continue until June 30.

In addition, New Council Development Director Gabriel Minton continues his work to establish new councils. Thus far this fraternal year five new councils have been established. The newest ones are Holy Spirit Council 14959 in Youngstown and Immaculate Conception Council 14962 in Columbus.

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Church Activities

Support our parishes and our pastors

 By Jack Campbell

Councils participating in the Church Activities Program have been doing some excellent things.  They’ve been busy supporting their parishes and pastors.

Councils can help their parishes celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday following Easter, by contacting their pastor to assist with a Divine Mercy Day Program (Activity #2).

They also need to recognize their Lay Ministers (Activity #6) by acknow- ledging those who serve their parishes and who have chosen God’s call to serve.

There still is time for councils that serve two or more parishes to establish a Parish Round Table (Activity #7) in each of those parishes.  This activity provides assistance to the parish, the pastor, and helps attract new members from the parishes. 

I encourage all councils to support our seminarians through prayer, and also financially by participating in RSVP and Pennies for Heaven (Activity #10).

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 Community Activities

Send a wheelchair to earthquake victims

By Mike Abfall

What a great fourth reporting period. Thank you to all Grand Knights, Program Directors and Council Community Chairmen for your fantastic reports. With the fraternal year coming to a conclusion, this a good time to check the status of your community program points and to see what is still needed to be done to max the program.

With the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and the many injuries to men, women and children, this is an opportunity to do the Community Activity #16 – Wheelchairs Make the World Go Around.  With a donation of $70.00, your council can purchase a wheelchair and have it sent to one of these countries. When you submit your wheelchair application, indicate on your check that the wheelchair is to go to one of these causes.

Let’s put a smile on the faces of these victims.

To learn more, go to, or email Chris Lewis at clewis@wheel-

Any questions on your reports, please email me at golfjunkie1981-, or call me at (440) 714-9333.

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Council Activities

It’s time to pick honorees of the year


Honorees of the Year

 Eight persons will be Ohio State Council Honorees of the Year at the State Convention in May, chosen by the respective State Activities Directors:

Knight of the Year................................................. Council Activities Director

Lady of the Year..................................................... Council Activities Director

Volunteer of the Year..................................... Community Activities Director

Blue Coat of the Year..................................... Community Activities Director

Religious of the Year............................................ Church Activities Director

Chaplain of the Year.................................... State Chaplain Fr. James Brown

Family of the Year................................................... Family Activities Director

Youth of the Year....................................................... Youth Activities Director

One Honoree of the Year in each category will be selected for each diocese, and the State Honoree of the Year will be named at the State Deputy’s Banquet of the Convention.

Councils are asked to submit a nomination in each category to the respective State Director. Nominations are due no later than April 1.


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  Family Activities

Some tips to wrap up our program year

 By Larry Droesch


Great Job Brothers! That is for all you do for your councils and for your families! Many good reports have come in on-line this year, and I expect nothing but the same from now until April 15. What is most pleasing is that I have only received 25 paper reports in the snail mail for the entire year. That is wonderful and I applaud and thank you.


We’re closing in on the end of the program year, so how do you wrap up the Family Activities Program? Here are some easy tips:


Pick your Family of Year, Activity  #31, generally from the pool of Family of the Months that your council probably already has chosen. Put together pictures, letters of support, list of their activities and efforts and then put that into a packet or folder and send it to me. I already have received some nominations. You might want to send the report on-line, and then follow up by sending me via snail mail the complete packet of pictures, letters and information. Just give me your BEST!


Check with your Financial Secretary  and Insurance Field Agent to see if your council has met its insurance quota. If you meet it by April 1,  you can report on-line Activity #39.


Estate Planning Night, Activity #40, is a good activity to report this time of year, because it will help you meet your Insurance quota! 

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Families of the months

The following Ohio families have been selected through random drawing from the jurisdiction’s nominations as Supreme Family of the Month.

December, 2009

Family of Douglas and Kathy Diller, of Council 14502, Perrysburg.

January, 2010

Family of Dave and Mia Keirns, of Council 6034, Van Wert.


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  Vocations Activities

There’s still time to give to RSVP

By Joe Mackos

State Vocations Activities Director

Sixty-six Ohio units – councils and assemblies -- participated in Supreme’s RSVP (Refund Support Vocations Program) last fraternal year (2008-2009). They raised a total of $74,000. Supreme, in turn, refunded $14,680 to the Ohio units.

Financial support in Ohio was given to 122 men and one woman studying for a religious vocation.

Councils still have time this fraternal year to take part in the RSVP program.  It runs until June 30.

Remember: for every $500.00 donated through the program, $100.00 is refunded back.

Financial aid must only be given to seminarians, postulants or novices. It must be given to individuals, not to an institution or special fund.

The maximum refund a council or assembly can receive is $400.00 per individual support.

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Youth Activities

Councils hold Soccer, Free Throw events

 By Ken Gardner

Reports continue to come in from councils claiming activity #42, Basketball Free Throw Contest, held during the month of January.  Well over 100 councils reported holding either the Soccer Challenge last Fall or the Free Throw Contest in January.  Several councils reported holding both contests and claimed the Free Throw Contest as a Council Choice.

Participation by the youth varied from two to well over 100 contestants.  This event always has seen youth involvement numbers that don't always match the efforts put in by the councils.  I received many reports where councils heavily advertised the event, but only had a handful of kids show up.  I have always been puzzled by this phenomenon, having experienced it first-hand with my own council.

This seems to be one program that needs to be built upon year-to-year.  We need the youth to spread the information about this event by word of mouth. Therefore, it is very important to make the event fun for them.  It also is a program where "thinking outside the box" seems to produce results.

Fr. Daniel M. Venglarik, of Council 11915, held the event during regularly scheduled gym classes during Catholic Schools Week and had more than 140 participants.

Weather can also play havoc with this program. A poorly timed winter storm can stop the activity in its tracks.

The State Free Throw Contest was held on March 20 at Bishop Ready High School in Columbus. We’ll publish names of the winners in the next issue of the Buckeye Bulletin.

And remember: It’s not too early to start planning your council’s 2010 Soccer Challenge, to be held in the fall.  Let's work together to build this program into what it can be!

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Squires Activities

It’s a busy season with plenty to do

 By Marty Schumacher

Our Squires had a very successful Dodge Ball Tournament in January, sponsored by Mother Seton Hall Circle 4891 in Columbus. We had 24 Squires and 10 Counselors attending.

This is now a busy season for the Squires. On the weekend of March 13-14, Danville Circle 3676 sponsored a Lenten Retreat and Volleyball Tournament. A seminarian from the Pontifical College Josephinum was retreat director, and Former State Chaplain Fr. Paul Hrezo also participated. Also in March, the Squires sent notices for their State Convention, which will be held in Columbus on the weekend of June 18-20.

 On April 17-18, the Squires will hold their Spring Leadership Seminar at Danville Circle 3676. This is an  opportunity for Squires to learn more about how to be a leader, to experience fellowship, and to acquire public speaking skills.

We still are looking for new circles from all over the great state of Ohio. We have a great bunch of young men putting their talents together to make this youth organization of the Knights of Columbus an energizing and committed group to benefit to our church, community, and world. Don’t let your council miss out on a good thing!

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 Miscellaneous Stories

Super Cash Bonanza is a Great Investment



 By Ken Girt

The following was submitted by State Treasurer Ken Girt, 2010 Super Cash Bonanza Chairman.

Just what is a Cash Bonanza?

The Webster Dictionary lists “bonanza” as:   “Bo-nan'za  n.  A very productive mine; any good investment.”

How true this is?

Well, all the councils in Ohio are making an “investment” on their charity fund accounts.  They are selling our 2010 Super Cash Bonanza tickets for $5.00, and based on their success, they will earn $2.40 or  more to use for their charitable donations.

This is a “good investment”!! This is what the “Cash Bonanza” is all about.   Those who need our donations and support will benefit from our “investments”.

Our 2010 Super Cash Bonanza Campaign is in full swing.  All councils have been provided a number of tickets for their members, as well as posters, campaign books and quota sheets.   It’s now up to our members to sell those tickets.    

Here are the important dates of the campaign to remember:

All sold tickets are to be mailed by the council to State Treasurer Ken Girt, with a completed shipping form and a check for the total of $2.60 for every sold ticket.

Winners lists will be available after the Sunday Mass of the convention.  We also will have the winners list posted on our state council website. 

All the information about our Super Cash Bonanza Campaign is listed in the special campaign book, which has been issued to each council.  We also have posted the campaign book information on our website (, as well as a copy of the shipping form.

If your council needs additional tickets, please contact your District Deputy or your diocesan State Officer.  Please contact me if you have any questions concerning the 2010 Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign.

Let’s continue the vision of Fr. Michael McGivney, by not only bringing new members into the Order but by putting the principle of Charity into action for our parishes, our families and for the needy of our communities.

The Knights in Ohio have certainly done that in the past and will continue in the future.  We are “Strong in our Catholic Faith and Strong in our Service to Others.”

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Cleveland hosts 111th

Ohio State Council Convention


The 111th Annual Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus Convention will be held on the weekend of May 28-30 at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland.

“We encourage every council in the Ohio jurisdiction to be represented with the attendance of two delegates,” said State Deputy Paul Upman. “And now is the time for councils to elect those delegates and make their plans for attending the convention.”

Each council in good standing (per capita tax must be paid) is entitled to have two delegates. They must be Third Degree members.

“The Cleveland Convention Committee is working extremely hard to make this a most enjoyable and memorable convention,” said State Advocate Bob Collins, who is General Convention Chairman.

The First Call information was mailed to all Ohio councils on March 15. A Final Call packet will be mailed on April 15.

All convention activities will take place in the Renaissance Hotel, which has more than 450 rooms. All delegates and guests must make their own hotel reservations. They can do so by sending the reservation form in the First Call packet to the hotel; faxing the reservation form to the hotel; making reservations by phone (216-696-5600 or 1-800-266-9432); or registering online, following the link to the hotel website on the Ohio State Council’s website. Room rates are $119, plus taxes. Reservations must be received by May 13.

The hotel offers on-premise and valet parking, subject to availability. Parking for registered guests is a daily rate of $5.00. Additional off-street parking is available in several garages and street lots in the immediate vicinity.

Convention registration will be in the Ambassador Room on the Main Lobby floor of the hotel. Registration fee for all delegates and guests is $75 per person. The fee includes the Friday Night Party, the State Deputy’s Banquet, the Sunday luncheon and a convention souvenir. A registration form included in the First Call packet should be mailed to the Registration Chairman, Richard Royle, no later than May 15.

Hospitality Committee members will be in the hotel lobby to answer questions and provide information.

Attendees at the Convention business sessions must be Third Degree members and have a signed, current membership card.

The Annual Msgr. Krispinsky Golf Outing will be at Springvale Golf Course beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Friday. Registration fee is $60.00.

The Friday Night Party will be in the Grand Ballroom beginning at 6:30 p.m. and will include a “Nite at the Races”, followed by the Final Drawing of the Super Cash Bonanza Campaign at 9 p.m.

Several activities are planned for youths aged 5-12 throughout the weekend – including Friday at the Movies, a Saturday night Pizza Party and Sunday Kids’ Luncheon. Cost is $30.

The Annual Memorial Mass will be held on Saturday at 8 a.m., celebrated by State Chaplain Fr. James Brown. It will be followed by the Awards Session.

A Eucharistic Adoration Chapel will be open on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Doors will open  to the Grand Ballroom at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday for the State Deputy’s Banquet. Persons can attend the banquet only, rather than full convention registration, by submitting a registration form and indicating “Banquet Only” on it, and paying a $45 fee. Top council and individual awards will be presented at the banquet.

Sunday Mass will be at 8:30 a.m. in the Grand Ballroom. Celebrant will be Former State Chaplain Bishop A. Edward Pevec.

Ladies’ and Men’s luncheons will be at 12 Noon on Sunday.


 Convention resolutions due by April 28

 Resolutions which councils may wish to have considered at the State Convention must be postmarked to State Secretary Dave Helmstetter 30 days prior to the convention – April 28.

Resolutions must be submitted on council letterhead stationery and be typewritten. They must show the date the council approved the resolution and be signed by the Grand Knight. Only resolutions submitted in the prescribed form will be considered by the Resolutions Committee, which will review them and make recommendations at a convention business session. A majority vote is necessary for approval.


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Pennies for Heaven

New DVD makes a vocations impact

 During the annual program tours in July, each diocese vocations director receives a check from the Pennies for Heaven campaign supporting vocations in their diocese.

Cincinnati Vocations Director Fr. Kyle Schnippel put those dollars to use by developing a DVD called “The Man behind the Collar” to allow possible seminarians to receive a look at the daily life of a seminarian.

“We want to thank the Knights of Columbus for their donations. Without Pennies for Heaven, this DVD would not have been possible,” said Fr. Schnippel, who debuted the video during the Greater Cincinnati Chapter Clergy Night, held at the St. Peter of Chains Undercroft. New Archbishop Dennis Schnurr was present for the dinner program.

The good news – this video which follows three priests in their daily priestly duties and offers a glimpse into the diverse ways that priests serve others and relax through their own hobbies – has already made a difference in attracting at least one seminarian, says Father Schnippel.

“This is another example of how Pennies for Heaven donations may work in your diocese. Great things are happening because councils are working diligently at promoting vocations and the Pennies for Heaven program,” said Program Chairman and State Secretary Dave Helmstetter. 

The final deadline for contributions is Thursday, April 15. Checks should be sent to Dave Helmstetter, State Secretary, 5421 County Road 33A, St. Marys, Ohio, 45885-9658. Checks are payable to the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus. Councils with contributions reaching $1,000 or more will receive special recognition at the annual State Convention in Cleveland.



State Secretary and Pennies for Heaven Chairman Dave Helmstetter presented two new councils with their Pennies for Heaven Jugs during the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's annual ticket distribution. Shown are (left to right) Thomas Denning, Fr. Martin T. Gilligan, of Council 14882, Charity Campaign Chairman; Bill Wirtz, Grand Knight, Council 14882; Helmstetter; Neil McManus, Grand Knight, Our Lady of Light Council 14891, and Paul Heuing, Deputy Grand Knight, Council 14891.

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Appeals court rules ‘under God’

does not violate First Amendment


The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in mid-March ruled that the words "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance "do not violate the Establishment Clause" of the First Amendment to the Constitution. 


The Knights of Columbus led the campaign to add the words "under God" to the Pledge in the early 1950s, and the trial court agreed to allow the Knights of Columbus to join the present case as defendants when it was originally filed in 2005.


"This decision is a victory for common sense," Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said.  "It is also a welcome reversal of the Ninth Circuit's 2002 decision in a similar case that was ultimately thrown out by the Supreme Court on technical grounds.  Today, the Court got it absolutely right: recitation of the Pledge is a patriotic exercise, not a religious prayer.  Best of all, the Court said that the words 'under God' add a 'note of importance which a Pledge to our Nation ought to have and which in our culture ceremonial references to God arouse.'  Every reasonable person knows that, and the decision is a breath of fresh air from a court system that has too often seemed to be almost allergic to public references to God.  This is a very good day for America."


The appeals court also upheld the use of “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency. Its rulings rejected the arguments that the phrases violate the separation of church and state.

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Annual State Family Campout

 set for July 29-Aug. 1 in Toledo Diocese


The following was submitted by Gary Siesel, 2009 Ohio Knights of Columbus State Family  Campout Chairman. He is a member of Fr. Anthony Teolis Council 3062. Attica.

The 42nd Annual Ohio Knights of Columbus State Family Campout will be held on the weekend of July 29-Aug. 1 at Meadowbrook Park in Bascom (Toledo Diocese). Attica Council 3062, New Washington Council 1718 and Republic Council 11287 will join forces to host this year’s event.

This is Ohio’s best kept secret.  Grand Knights, please inform your Brother Knights about this event which has activities for all ages.

As for golfers, the State Campout Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, July 30. Other activities that day will include trivial pursuit, euchre, soup dinner, and family movie.

There will be a big chuck wagon breakfast on Saturday morning.  The activities start immediately afterward, including children’s games, volleyball tournament, corn hole tournament, bingo, euchre tournament, etc.  Mass will be held on Saturday evening.

For those who would like to come for a day (nominal fee for Friday night dinner and Saturday morning breakfast), pack a picnic lunch and spend the day.  There are plenty of picnic areas. 

Come experience an atmosphere of brotherhood, family, and camaraderie that you will look forward to year after year.

For further information and to obtain a registration form, contact Campout Chairman Gary Siesel at (419) 483-7253 or email him at

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The Good We Do for Others

The Knights of Columbus has long been known for its works of charity. Supreme Council is among the first to react with financial aid, or other assistance, when disaster strikes. A case in point is the earthquake in Haiti, when the Knights of Columbus immediately pledged aid, and encouraged its 1.7 million members to join the charitable act. And Supreme Council continues to add charitable programs and projects when the need in our society arises. Among those are three initiatives which have been established:

Ultrasound Initiative, a Culture of Life activity whereby Supreme matches state and local council contributions for ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers, a project that saves lives of the unborn.

Coats for Kids, a Culture of Life activity whereby Supreme has obtained children’s winter coats and partnered with state councils in cold-weather areas to distribute them to needy youngsters.

Wheelchair initiative, whereby Supreme has partnered with the Global Wheelchair Mission to sponsor the distribution of wheelchairs to people in need throughout the world, encouraging state and local councils to take an active role.

We discuss these Culture of Life initiatives below.

  Knights partner with Wheelchair Mission to provide help for the needy worldwide

 A fairly recent partner in the Knights of Columbus’ charitable work is now known as the Global Wheelchair Mission. Since 2002, the Knights have sponsored the distribution of 15,000 wheelchairs to people in need throughout the world, and many jurisdictions have taken an active role.

In his annual report presented to the Supreme Convention last August, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said 38 states have participated in the wheelchair program, led by California, which has raised $538,000 for distribution throughout Central and South America. Knights in every province of Canada also have donated wheelchairs.

The K of C began its partnership with the Wheelchair Foundation in 2002. What began with 2,000 wheelchairs committed to recipients in Afghanistan has grown to regular distributions in Mexico, the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Knights have become some of the most ardent supporters of the Wheelchair Foundation, which was founded in 2000 and is based in California. Since its inception, the Wheelchair Foundation has distributed nearly 780,000 worldwide. While the chairs have been distributed worldwide, they also help those in need in the United States. For instance, in 2007 the Order distributed 1,000 wheelchairs to veterans with help from local Veterans Administration hospitals.

Collaboration with the Wheelchair Foundation is simple. For every donation of $75 it receives, the Wheelchair Foundation will match the donation to purchase a wheelchair. The chairs are shipped in large containers directly to where they will be distributed. They have been sent to more than 140 countries at no expense to the recipients.

Councils, assemblies and circles are encouraged to promote this program to their membership, inviting personal consideration as well as implementing this as a charitable project.

For more information about the Order’s partnership, visit

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Ohio Knights in Cleveland, Dayton,

help Supreme’s Coats for Kids project

 Ohio Knights have joined with Supreme Council this past winter to distribute coats to needy children. It’s part of Supreme’s Coats for Kids program, which was begun in 2009.

Supreme partnered with several major clothing manufacturers and obtained an initial supply of 8,000 childrens’ coats.

“We knew that there would be many children from lower-income families who either didn’t have a winter coat or had outgrown last year’s coat and wouldn’t be getting a new one this year,” Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said during his Annual Report presentation at the 2009 Supreme Convention. Our 2009 Coats for Kids program was a modest beginning for a program that we intend to grow into a significant charitable effort to benefit children in need .”

Supreme this past winter enlisted the help of Knights in two areas – Dayton and Cleveland – to distribute coats, shipping approximately 250 to each location.

In Dayton, the Coats for Kids program was headed by Will Wirtz, Grand Knight of Council 14882. The coats were stored and distributed at the St. Vincent Hotel in cooperation with the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

“This is so timely and will be such a positive impact,” said Lesley DeStephen, St. Vincent Hotel coordinator. “Thank you so much.”

In Cleveland, the program was coordinated by Windermere Council 2726 and headed by Brother Don Morris. He was assisted by DD-24 Brandon Robinson, also of Council 2726. Special flyers were sent to area schools announcing the K of C project. The coats were distributed on Saturdays at St. Philomena Church in East Cleveland.

Coats for Kids at St. Philomena Church, East Cleveland.


Coats for Kids in Dayton – Pictures are (from left) Council 14882 Grand Knight Bill Wirtz, St. Vincent Hotel Coordinator Lesley DeStephen, Greater Dayton Chapter President Tim Mangan, and DD-78 Mike Thomas.

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Supreme encourages ultrasound machine purchases

for crisis pregnancy centers


The Order’s Culture of Life Fund has enabled Supreme Council to establish new projects. One of these is the Ultrasound Initiative, in which Supreme matches state and local council contributions for ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers.

“The Ultrasound project saves lives,” exclaimed Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson during his Annual Report presentation at the 2009 Supreme Convention. “Up to 90 per cent of women considering abortion chose to have their baby after seeing an ultrasound image. They hear their baby’s heartbeat, they see their baby’s head and fingers. They know that it is a child, not a ‘choice’.

“And here’s the best part,” he continued. “You can’t change that decision for life by an executive order. It can’t be reversed by a court decision. Once the baby is born, mother and her baby have won. The Culture of Life has won. All of us have won.”

Anderson posed the question: “Why not allow women to make an informed choice with the help of the latest ultrasound technology?”

The Supreme Knight vowed to “work to put at least one ultrasound machine in every jurisdiction in the Order this year.”

State Deputy Paul Upman has encouraged Ohio councils, assemblies and circles to raise funds that would be matched by Supreme Council to purchase ultrasound machines for specific crisis centers. The crisis center, in turn, must meet certain criteria.

Knights in the Cincinnati area already have taken steps to purchase a machine for the Healthy Beginnings, located in Cincinnati. It involves a “Pro-Life Challenge” that was issued to Cincinnati area councils to raise money for purchase of an ultrasound machine.

Knights of Archbishop Purcell Council 2798 originally announced the project at a chapter meeting last July. Knights of Archbishop Elder Council 1195 joined in. By mid-October, $9,530 was raised, which would be matched by Supreme Council.

“We are viewing this as a small gift back to Jesus and Mary, for all that they have done in our lives,” said Bill Malarick, Grand Knight of Archbishop Elder Council. “The gift of an ultrasound machine that will most certainly save hundreds of precious little bablies. It makes one very humble and thankful that we have been able to do this in such a short time.”

Other councils, assemblies or Squires circles in Ohio are encouraged to join such a challenge.

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10 Fenwick High School Circle Squires join K of C

Whenever our long-time Ohio Squires Father Prior, Former State Chaplain Fr. F. Richard Snoke, speaks, he exclaims that “The Squires are our future”.

That prophecy was shown last Feb. 24 when 10 Squires from Bishop Fenwick High School in Middleton (Cincinnati Diocese) joined four adults to become First Degree Knights. The 10 are all from the Bishop Fenwick Circle 5266, which is the only school-based circle in Ohio.

The new Knights are members of John Paul II Council 1610 in Middleton, which also is the sponsoring council of the Fenwick circle.

The degree, coordinated by DD-8 Ed Ponder, was conducted in the Bishop Fenwick High School chapel. Assistant Principal (and Fourth Degree Knight) John Griffith and Knight Paul Ault, Chief Counselor of the Fenwick Squires, presented the members for the induction ceremony. The 10 include seniors Nicholas Hull, Brendan Caine, Andy Schaffer, Joey Hecht, Anthony Rossi-Berg, Dylan McCulley, Ryan Meyer, Beau Fedders, and Derek Arwine. Given the honor of the first Fenwick Squire to become a Knight of Columbus at a ceremony two weeks prior was Paul Cerrezin at his local parish, St. John’s in West Chester.


Pictured are (front row, left to right) Nicholas Hull; Brendan Caine; Evan Dobrozsi; Andy Schaffer;Joey Hecht;Anthony Rossi-berg; (back row, left to right) Knight John Griffith, circle counselor, Robert Weaver, Grand Knight of Council 1610; Dillon Grass; Paul Cerrezin; Dylan McCulley; Daniel Gilmore; Ryan Meyer; Larry Mulligan Jr.; Beau Fedders; Scott Ricke; Derek Arwine; Knight Paul Ault, circle chief counselor; George Spears; Grand Knight of Council 14400, and Michael Freil, Knight Degree Team Captain and member of Council 10215

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Knights volunteer for church expansion project


When St. Mary’s Parish in Avon (Cleveland Diocese) began an expansion project, several Knights of Father Ragan Council 3269 provided volunteer labor. Brother Knight Tom Hricovec’s Kodiak Construction Company provided excavation work and also poured the floor for a new gym. Tom (pictured above taking a break during the gym concrete pouring) is Father Ragan’s Round Table Coordinator for St. Mary’s Parish. His brother, Deputy Grand Knight John Hricovec, also provided volunteer help.



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Ohio girl named Soccer International Winner

An Ohio girl has been honored as a 2009 Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge International Winner.

She is Sara Stoll, who received the honor for her performance in the Girls’ 13-Year-Old Division. She was sponsored by Norwalk Council 626 (Toledo Diocese).


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Ridgeville Knights make a difference in the lives of a needy family


“Operation Fridge Drop is complete. Brother Rob Bronish and I delivered a new refrigerator to the family this afternoon. They were both truly appreciative and humbled by our council’s generosity. They have had many battles and there are sure to be more in the future, but our council was able to make an unfortunate situation a little easier for the family.”

Chris Nagel, Deputy Grand Knight of North Ridgeville Council 7970 (Cleveland Diocese) gave that summary of his council’s efforts in helping a needy family whose refrigerator broke down. The Knights had responded to a plea by Freely, Freely, an organization that helps local families who are struggling financially.

The family has experienced more than its share of setbacks. The mother has had several strokes because of a brain tumor. Her two young daughters are both battling cancer. And the father had just lost his job.

Nagel challenged members of his council to donate $50 each to buy a new refrigerator for the family.  The response was overwhelming. They raised $800 in the first 48 hours of the challenge.

Nagel and Bronish picked up the new refrigerator from a local appliance store, where they received a “great deal”, delivered it to the needy family, set it up and took the old one away. With all the money raised, they also were able to present the family with $400 in gift certificates to fill the refrigerator and take care of other needs.

Barb Klingshirn, president of Freely, Freely, was amazed about the project.

“You will never know just how much you made a difference in this family’s life,” she told the Knights.


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Buckeye Bulletin mailing policy

To our Grand Knights and readers -

It is the policy of the Ohio State Council to mail three copies of the Buckeye Bulletin to every council in Ohio, the purpose being to display and make them available at council meetings and other gatherings. We have noticed a large number of non-deliverable copies being returned because of invalid addresses. Please make sure, if your council address changes, to notify me, State Treasurer Ken Girt, at   If your council does not have a valid mailing address, we will mail the three copies to the Financial Secretary.  Please forward that address to me.

--State Treasurer Ken Girt, Buckeye Bulletin Address Coordinator


Buckeye Bulletin Subscription Request

 The Buckeye Bulletin is mailed free of charge to Ohio Knights of Columbus in good standing. Subscriptions can be requested by completing the following information.

 Name ___________________________­________________________________

 Address _________________________________________________________


                               Note: You must include the full 9-digit Zip Code

 Council Name & Number ________________________________

               Send to: Harding Christ, Buckeye Bulletin Editor

                                 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012-1642


Members Can Subscribe to the Buckeye Bulletin

Ohio members in good standing can subscribe free of charge to the Buckeye Bulletin, official publication of the Ohio State Council, which is mailed free of charge seven times during the fraternal year. Members interested in reading this publication should complete the request form. The request MUST include the member’s full, 9-digit Zip Code. If it is not included, the request cannot be processed.

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