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State Deputy’s Annual Report



By Larry Moegling

State Deputy

It is a pleasure to report to you on my stewardship as your State Deputy.  The past year has been without a doubt a challenging one.  Like I did in last year’s report, and truly because I value their help and guidance, I am therefore going to begin AND end my report by sincerely thanking my state officers for helping me in the administration of the Ohio State Council.

The theme of this administration’s state general program is “Following in Their Footsteps.”  With this theme, we were trying to acknowledge all who have preceded us in Columbianism.  The “Following in Their Footsteps” program was designed to provide inspiration and incentive to all local councils, their officers, directors and members.

Bob Byers, the State General Program Director, worked tirelessly with his fellow directors to implement a state program in which councils were able to report either by paper submission or through the Internet.  This year we experimented with electronic monthly mailing as well as a newsletter format that proved to be economical.  Many improvements and changes were also made to the state council Web site in the area of local council reporting.  Thanks to Bob and the reporting directors for their hard work that enabled the “Following in Their Footsteps” state general program to run smoothly with little intervention from the State Deputy. 

Congratulations go to the 39 councils that MAXED the program as well as to the 343 councils who participated.  There were 5,350 activities reported!  I would like to add that there were 71 councils that earned over 1,000 points.  My thanks to the dedication and service of the state directors who were instrumental in the success of the “Following in Their Footsteps” state general program. 

The state reporting directors truly did a marvelous job and I recognize them for their efforts.  These guys did all the clerical and grading work, often thankless, that comes with these positions: State Church Director Kevin Miller, State Community Director Joe Mackos, State Council Director Mark Pickard, State Family Director Ken Gardner, State Youth Director Paul Barko. Thanks again for your hard work.    

This report would not be complete without a statement of recognition and appreciation for those 74 distinguished Knights who served conscientiously as District Deputies.  The job of District Deputy is truly one of the toughest jobs in the Order.  The District Deputies in the Ohio State Council, however, are proven leaders.  Some of you started new councils, some of you reactivated councils, and some of you have revitalized established councils.  To my district deputies, thank you again for serving! 

Again, like last year, State District Deputy Coordinator Marty Schumacher became my go-to-guy where the district deputies were concerned.  Marty was responsible for the general operation and program of the two District Deputy weekends in January and June and, as expected with Marty, both ran smoothly AND we stayed on schedule.  He no longer needs to look for a joke book as his hard work has been accomplished.  Thanks, Marty, for everything that you’ve done for me and this administration. 

To assist our district deputies we assigned a Diocesan District Deputy Director for each diocese and encouraged them to work closely with each District Deputy.  I truly appreciate the help of these brothers in their respective dioceses and I also thank you for serving. Steve Mangan, Cincinnati Diocese; Rick Royle, Cleveland Diocese; Ted Johnson, Columbus Diocese; Steve Williams, Steubenville Diocese; Phil Skinn, Toledo Diocese; Don Prall, Youngstown Diocese.

At the District Deputy meeting weekends, we were fortunate to have present our Supreme Regional Consultant, Bill Sukel, a Past State Deputy from Tennessee.  With Bill and others on Saturday morning these two weekends, we presented the updated Ohio Strategic Plan as well as strategies for council growth in membership and retention.  At the same time we also presented ideas for old council development.  Thank you, Bill, for your expertise and consulting work during the fraternal year. 

Again this year, New Council Development efforts have been very exciting!  The go-to-guy in this process is State New Council Development Director Gabriel Minton.  Through Gabriel’s leadership this year, the Ohio State Council increased in size with the development of five new councils and one reactivation as of May 1, 2009.  There are more brewing at press time! 

Six District Deputies helped establish new councils with one reactivation and I want to recognize them for their efforts:  FDD Frank Trenjan, St. Therese Little Flower Council No. 14603, Brewster; DD-10 Steve Gehring, Fr. Gustav Brotzge Council No. 14665, Reading; DD-26 Tom Foss, St. Cyprian Council No. 14714, Perry; DD-38 PSD Gary Eckstein, St. Agatha Council No. 11311, Columbus (Reactivation); DD-43 Terry Fitzpatrick, Sacred Hearts Council No. 14671, Cardington; DD-50 Raph Maloney, Msgr. John Joseph Jessing Council No.1664, Pomeroy (Reinstitution).

Gabriel’s personal goal for this fraternal year is 10 new councils.  If all goes as planned, his personal goal should be reached by June 30, 2009!   The institution of these new councils is the result of following Gabriel’s plan that MINIMIZES the effort required of parish pastors.  (More pastors have welcomed new council development in their parishes if no more is added to their plates.)  When followed to the letter, the plan works!  To deviate from the plan is to jeopardize progress.  Thanks, Gabriel, for your tremendous contribution and stewardship to the Ohio State Council these past two years! 

During the last two years, membership has continued to increase in the Ohio State Council.  As we know, MEMBERSHIP is the most important activity of the Order.  Working with State Membership Director Larry “The Dynamo” Droesch was State Retention Director Tom Mathes.  Tom has worked very hard in keeping suspensions to a minimum.  Under the Dynamo’s leadership, and with the work of Tom in retention -- and MANY Brother Knights in local councils and with district deputies spearheading blitzes -- the Ohio State Council is hoping to achieve its Supreme quota by the deadline.  We know that it would very difficult to duplicate the 134.2% of Supreme membership quota that was achieved last year.  God willing and with your help, we are going to go after new members with outstanding effort as this administration ends.   

Helping Larry, Gabriel, and Tom were the Diocesan Membership/Retention Directors.  These brothers became the link between the state council and the membership goings-on in each diocese: Jim Klatte and Terry Cooney in the Cincinnati Diocese; Bob Walsh in the Cleveland Diocese; Lee Brock in the Columbus Diocese; Larry Campbell in the Steubenville Diocese’ Ray Darr in the Toledo Diocese, and Dave Dvorak in the Youngstown Diocese.

As you know, the Ohio State Council membership reached its 60,000-member benchmark last year.  This was all due to the efforts of previous administrations that worked hard to attain membership growth, and with those efforts  we hope to continue the climb, BUT we need to work together to stay there.

We are now seeing the 100% quota and our 60,000 membership numbers changing daily with the addition of new members and the subtraction of member suspensions and withdrawals.  We obviously want to finish out maintaining this high percentage.  With another forty days to go before Supreme closes its membership books for the fraternal year, there is still time for all councils to make a final push to keep us at a high percentage.   So many thanks to the Dynamo and his ENTIRE team for their hard work and sincere caretaking of the Ohio State Council membership with this administration. 

Other programs that I would like to mention in my report include the Squires, veterans, vocations, pro-life, parish round tables, and ceremonials.  These state directors also served us well with their time and talents.  These brother knights worked to assist local council leaders with support information or materials to better administer their programs across the Ohio State Council.  A new addition to the state team this year was Frank Cisneros who helped work with Hispanic development across the state.  My thanks go to these directors for professionally serving as non-reporting, but nonetheless important,  support personnel during my administration.  They are: State Squires Father Prior Fr. Richard Snoke; State Squires Director Marvin Vetter; State Veterans Director John Whytal; State Vocations Director Joe Solomon, State Pro-Life Director Gary Anderson; State Round Table Director Jack Campbell; State Ceremonials Director LaVern Fortkamp; State Hispanic Development Director Frank Cisneros.

There are five Ohio State Council programs that I want to highlight with this report: 

·   Matching Funds for Religious Education. Under the leadership of State Advocate Ken Girt, the record was again broken to the tune of $42,000.  The six diocesan religious education departments are provided monetary assistance through this program. 

·   Measure Up for the Citizens with Mental Retardation. State Warden Bob Collins chaired the 2008 Measure-Up campaign that raised well over $435,000 for our brothers and sisters with mental retardation.  This is one of the finest “boasts” we have in the Knights.  Thank you council leaders for your continued support!  Bob Collins is currently chairing the 2009 campaign and he hopes to have another very successful Measure Up program.  

·   Pennies (Dollars?) for Heaven. Under the direction of State Secretary Paul Upman, this program (that was fine tuned under Past State Deputy Bob Sears) is closing in on $77,000 for vocations.  Councils are reminded to pass the jug at meetings to maximize donations.  This money goes directly back to the diocesan vocations programs. 

·   As this report goes to press, the 2009 Super Cash Bonanza is well under way and concludes at the Friday Night party of this state convention.  State Treasurer Dave Helmstetter promoted this year’s program as a “moving” experience.  Oops, I meant a “moo-ving” program that would “POP” our membership into buying and selling many tickets for our local and state council charities.   The Super Cash Bonanza provides monies for local and state council charities. 

·   The Football Fund-Raising program was well supported again this year.  This program enables the state council and local councils to raise money for general operating funds.  We thank Immediate Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein for chairing the program for us.  The football program continues to be a win-win proposition for all.

Again like last year, I have to commend the work of Jerry Lowery, our State Website Director.  With Former District Deputy Brett Baxter and District Deputy-72 Bob Gilliland assisting, Jerry has been continuously improving the state council website.  Jerry has worked many, MANY, VOLUNTEER hours upgrading the service.  There has been a huge difference with what we are able to do with the website, especially reporting by council leaders, than what was available just a short time ago.  A recent e-mail from Jerry indicated that since January, 2009, there have been over 10,000 hits on the second page of the website.  In the past eleven months there were over 20,000 hits.   

Brother Harding Christ has been our veteran Buckeye Bulletin editor.  Harding continues to publish a top-notch informative and entertaining state council newspaper.  The Buckeye Bulletin ranks as one of the best jurisdiction newspapers.  One of my personal goals that Harding and State Website Director Jerry Lowery accomplished recently was the availability of the Buckeye Bulletin to all members on the Ohio State Council Website.  Brother Knights across the world are able to read our publication with the click of a mouse. 

Masters of the Fourth Degree. Francesco Iannaggi, Master of District 3, served as the Fourth Degree Liaison on the state team.  With the other Masters and under their leadership, there has been growth in the Fourth Degree of our Order in Ohio.  I might add that Buckeye membership in the Fourth Degree has increased under the leadership of these Ohio Masters and our Worthy Vice Supreme Master George Mallison (of Michigan) in the Hennepin Province.  Besides Francesco, the Ohio Masters are Sir Knight David Hoffman, Master of District 1, and Sir Knight George Bodajlo Jr., Master of District 2.

Likewise, I also need to mention our General Insurance Agents.  The foundation of any building supports all the activity that transpires above it.  And so it is with the Knights of Columbus Insurance program.  Our “insurance in force” continues to set new records as our Insurance Department continues to receive the highest federal ratings. Your insurance program is the best available!  More importantly, your “insurance man” is a Brother Knight of Columbus who understands the Order, has a vested interest in council membership, and provides a lower cost product because we are a Fraternal Order.  Please get to know your General Agent and the Field Agent who services your council.   To our insurance team, thank you for serving us this year. The General Agents are State Insurance Liaison Carl Ferguson, Jeff Hearty, Jason Gaskell, Mike Sisco and James Valent.

Our state workforce” of Executive Secretary Bob Eason, General Counsel Dick Meyer, Special Events Chairmen, VA Hospital Chairmen, and Staff all earn their stripes!  Thanks again to all of them for their time and talents; you are appreciated!  Bob Eason continues to serve in a more limited basis this year and was recognized at last year’s convention for having served as our Executive Secretary for nine years.  He has dedicated countless hours to the Ohio State Council and has served the Order well.  Dick Meyer has been there to lend a legal ear to me when needed, and his pro bono expertise is always appreciated on behalf of you, the brother knights of the Ohio State Council. 

And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, my Administrative Staff has been extremely helpful with the operating and clerical duties of this administration.  Thank you, brothers! They include Raph Maloney and Bernie Dyar, Executive Assistants; Mike Abfall, Jim Colegrove, Mike Nau and Special Warden Tony Lang.

The last Brother Knight that I want to personally single out in this part of my report is my State Chaplain, Fr. Paul Hrezo.  As I mentioned last year, I had to personally call Rome, Italy, to find a state chaplain.  The long-distance communication paid off very nicely.  Father Paul will be remembered as one of the best state chaplains who ever served the Ohio State Council, and he will also be remembered as one of the youngest.  As Spiritual Director of the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Father was indeed in a perfect location and position to carry out his duties and attend almost every function during the last two years.  We brother knights are certainly grateful for your excellent stewardship as the state chaplain.  Thank you, Father Paul, for being my state chaplain!

Fiscal Responsibility & Considerations

At the 109th state convention in Columbus, I reported that the state council expenditures were surpassing per capita income in the Ohio State Council. The delegates to that convention overwhelmingly approved a $1.00 special assessment to be charged in June with the routine per capita levy and a continuing $1.00 increase in per capita from $5.50 to $6.50 per member.  This change has certainly helped with the daily operating expenses, yet we also made some adjustments (changes), in specific areas to be economical and fiscally responsible.

Here is a list of changes that have been made:

·   Reduction in the number of state officers’ meetings from previous administrations.  Two teleconferences were held this year in lieu of face-to-face meetings.

·   Reduction in number of state personnel in the July, 2008, state tour weekends that cut costs of food and lodging. 

·   This year’s state directory was printed in hard copy form for the state officers and the state directors. Then the state directory was made available as a PDF file online and by e-mail across the state.  This change saved many dollars in copying and printing costs. 

·   Instead of a 10-page mailing that was sent bi-monthly to all councils and state team members, a condensed version comprising of the point sheet and a newsletter was sent to Grand Knights only.  Then the newsletter was sent electronically to all state and diocesan personnel in the state officers’ diocesan databases.  (The five mailings sent during the first year of this administration averaged $2,000 each in printing and postage costs.)  If this practice continues, the bi-monthly mailing costs would average the cost of 350 stamps, copying and pizza.  This would be a substantial savings. 

·   Last year I mentioned that the six issues of the Buckeye Bulletin would continue but in a different format.  The printing was downsized to a tabloid edition but the QUALITY was maintained; however, the QUANTITY differed.  My wife, Mary Lou, took the 9,600 names in the Buckeye Bulletin database and began revising and editing this list -- a list that had not been revised since, from what we were told, in 1993.  An address correction request was sent with the November issue and, to date, an additional 1,600 entries were deleted, changed, or revised to make them deliverable.  The current database is not perfect by any means, but the state council is not paying for the printing of undeliverable issues as well as for their postage. 

·   The Executive Secretary position within the Ohio State Council is being phased out.  Instituted in 1999, the cost of this position averaged $17,000 yearly.  The duties of the Executive Secretary are being assumed by the state officers and designated personnel in future administrations.

In our daily operation of expense approval and payment, the State Deputy has continued issuing a summary listing of approved expenses with their appropriate Accounting Codes to the State Secretary, State Treasurer, and the Executive Secretary for their review and approval.  The fiscal procedures are sound and our system follows a solid procedure of checks and balances among the fiscal officers and the Executive Secretary. 

Several cuts in the state council’s operations have been made and we continue to discuss other possible changes.  It is important that you, the delegates to this state convention,  are made aware of these changes and the reasons for them.   


In conclusion, these have been two very interesting years as State Deputy.  At the last convention, the delegates again elected me as the leader of this jurisdiction.  Of course, every position has its good and bad moments.  Many of you know that I had prostrate cancer and surgery just prior to becoming state deputy.  I again am happy to report that I am cancer-free according to my numbers.  I am also happy and honored to be standing here today as your State Deputy, and regardless of the ongoing challenges inherit with the position, I continue to say that this j-o-b has been the experience of a lifetime!

Assistant Mrs. State Deputy (Mary) Lou Moegling

Again, special thanks goes to my wife, Lou, for ALL her help during the last two years.  Lou was very helpful with sorting the mail, answering phone calls, and editing material.  Lou has always been at my side during this adventure as a state officer.  Together, we have met many wonderful people in Ohio and other jurisdictions.  These friendships and this fellowship also make up the experiences of a lifetime. 

I am very pleased with the great effort of my state team and my fellow state officers.  My fellow state officers include State Chaplain Fr. Paul Hrezo, State Secretary Paul Upman, State Treasurer Dave Helmstetter, State Advocate Ken Girt, State Warden Bob Collins, and last but not least, Immediate Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein.  Together, believe it or not, they are a pretty good team.  I sincerely thank them for all their help, advice, and support with my administration. 

My last comment is to Past State Deputy Bob Sears ….. Thanks for always being there.



State Deputy Elect

Paul Upman

State Warden Elect

Kevin Miller

 Upman is new State Deputy                                               Miller is elected State Warden

Paul J. Upman, of Maumee (Toledo Diocese) was elevated to the office of State Deputy at the 110th Annual Convention of the Ohio State Council, held on the Memorial Day weekend of May 22-24 in downtown Cincinnati. He succeeds Larry Moegling, of Marietta (Steubenville Diocese), who completed two years as State Deputy and automatically assumes the office of Immediate Past State Deputy.

All other officers were elected to the next highest office: Dave Helmstetter, (St. Marys, Cincinnati Diocese), from State Treasurer to State Secretary; Ken Girt, (Massillon, Youngstown Diocese), from State Advocate to State Treasurer; Bob Collins, (Parma, Cleveland Diocese), from State Warden to State Advocate. Kevin Miller, of Galloway (Columbus Diocese), was elected State Warden. He was unopposed in his quest for the office, and received a unanimous vote.

The new positions take effect on July 1 for the 2009-2010 fraternal year.

Other highlights of the 2009 convention included:

·  St. Hiliary Council 14551, one of Ohio’s newest councils located in Akron (Cleveland Diocese), was named Ohio’s No. 1 council for the 2008-2009 fraternal year.

·  The husband and wife team of Nick Gresko, Grand Knight of St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese) and his wife, Alicia, both were recognized as honorees of the year – Nick as Ohio Knight of the Year and Allcia as Lady of the Year. It was perhaps the first time a husband and wife were honorees in the same year – a coincidence, as honorees each year are selected by Ohio’s various state directors.

·  Past State Deputy Robert E. Sears was honored at the Men’s Sunday Luncheon for his work with the Ohio State Council and Ohio Charity Foundation. He is retiring after serving 25 years as treasurer of the charity foundation. Sears served as State Deputy in 1981-1983.

*     *     *

Upman previously had held the offices of State Secretary, State Treasurer, State Advocate and State Warden. A Knight for more than 30 years, he is a member of St. Jude Council 3904, South Toledo. Upman and his wife, Lee, have raised four children: Kim, Jodi, Jeff and Erin.

“He is a man of unquestioned integrity, perceptive and analytical mind ….. total reliability and total dedication of purpose,” said Past State Deputy Leonard Krawczyk in nominating Upman. “He is a dedicated and determined Knight of Columbus who sets high objectives and puts forth the leadership and effort to achieve his goals.”

Moegling, a member of Marietta Council 478, completed 12 years as a state officer. He and his wife, Mary Lou, have raised two daughters, Lori and LeeAnn.

“As State Deputy, I asked that you be at my side as we followed the footsteps of those of the past,” he told the convention. “We accomplished my goals. My wife and I have had an experience of a lifetime.”

Miller joined the K of C in 1978 and is a member of Santa Maria Council 2898, Columbus. During the 2008-2009 fraternal year he has served as State Church Director. He previously has served as State Membership Director, Columbus Diocese District Deputy Director (5 years), and State District Deputy Director. He currently is president of the Columbus Chapter. Miller and his wife, Tish, have raised two sons, Joel and Nick.

In his nomination speech for Miller, Immediate Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein called him a “man of action’ a man of ideas. He has great vision.” 

Paul Upman speaks after being elected State Deputy for 2009-2010

Warder-Elect Kevin Miller addresses the convention


State Deputy Larry Moegling and his wife, Mary Lou State Deputy-elect Paul Upman, State Warden Elect Kevin Miller, Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling Erin Upman, daughter of State Deputy-elect Paul Upman and his wife Lee, sings the National Anthem at the State Deputy's Banquet

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Convention Notes

Cincinnati golfers win Msgr. Krispinsky Trophy in highly successful golf outing

The 10th Annual Msgr. Krispinsky Golf Outing, held annually to kick off the State Convention, was the biggest success of all. A total of 119 golfers participated – 92 from the Cincinnati Diocese, 11 from Cleveland, and four each from Columbus, Steubenville, Toledo and Youngstown dioceses.

The finances have not yet been finalized, but any proceeds will go to the state’s Pennies for Heaven program, promises DD-13 Walter Amrein, chairman of the outing.

Winner of a new traveling Msgr. Krispinsky Trophy was the Cincinnati Diocese. Winning team represented St. Lawrence Council 14545 – Jay Ledonne, Dave Ledonne, Charles Ferris and Gary Rogers. Special prizes went to Pat Troli, of Youngstown Diocese, for longest drive; Bill Morris, of the Cincinnati Diocese, for closest to the pin, and Cliff Mulvaney, of the Cincinnati Diocese, for longest putt.

The outing is named in memory of Msgr. Krispinsky, a priest and devoted Knight from the Youngstown Diocese who passed away at the age of 99.

Prior to play, a symbolic “first drive” by all the state officers was held. Wowing the crowd with the longest drive among that group was State Chaplain Fr. Paul Hrezo.

*     *     *

The Annual Memorial Mass, in memory of Brother Knights who passed away during the fraternal year, was celebrated by Fr. Hrezo on Saturday morning. “Have faith, know faith and live faith,” was his message ….. Fr. F. Richard Snoke, Father Prior of the Ohio Squires, reported that there are 349 Squires in the state, and that 59 new Squires joined during the fraternal year. “They are the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow,” he said. “That’s what the Squires is all about – challenging them to be leaders.” State Chief Squire Nick Malott publicly thanked State Squires Director Marvin Vetter for his service. Vetter, director for the past 12 years, is retiring from that duty.

*     *     *

Six current/former State Chaplains were on hand for the convention: Msgr. James Kolp, Msgr. Robert Siffrin, Fr. Hrezo, Fr. Snoke, Fr. Dale Peterka and Fr. Ed Littelmann ….. Eight Past State Deputies were present: Robert Sears, Robert Wilhelm, Dennis Shonebarger, Baci Carpico, Leonard Krawczyk, John Welch, Roland Bator and Gary Eckstein ….. There were 344 registered delegates who attended.

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Ohio Knights want more emphasis by Supreme on Pro-Life activities

Ohio Knights want more emphasis put on pro-life activities.

That was the message in a resolution passed by State Convention delegates urging Supreme Council to “elevate pro-life activities to a Supreme program on the same level of importance and with the same number of activities as Church, Community, Family and Youth activities”.

The resolution had been submitted by Dayton Council 500, citing the fact that the “Ohio State Council has, in recent years, relegated pro-life activities to a small part of Community Activities requiring only one pro-life activity per year”, and that “activities of Knights at the local council levels can do far more to influence public opinion than any money spent by the Supreme Council”.

The resolution will be forwarded to Supreme Council for consideration at its convention in August.

*     *     *

Other resolutions approved:

·  Urging Supreme Council to recognize First, Second and Third Degree team members who have “support parts” by issuing certification cards to them. Currently, only team members with “speaking parts” are issued such cards. (Submitted by three councils: St. Michael 3382, Sharonville; Madonna 3891, Cincinnati, and Fr. John Wenzel 10003, Milford).

·  Encouraging Knights to pray for America by adding to prayers the phrase “Save America”, and having “a special devotion to Mary Immaculate and pray each day to save our country and also encourage those attending our Catholic schools in our area in their prayers to add to their prayers `Save America’”. (Submitted by Mother Seton Council 3376, Cincinnati).

·  Encouraging councils to “donate to schools within their council area posters containing images of the flags of the United States of America and the State of Ohio as well as the mottos of the United States of America and the State of Ohio”. (Submitted by Archbishop Elder Council 1195, Cincinnati).

Delegates approved a resolution for continued support of the cause for sainthood of Fr. Michael J. McGivney, and 12 resolutions of appreciation: To Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson; Supreme Chaplain Bishop William E. Lori; Supreme Director Charles E. Maurer, Jr.; State Chaplain Fr. Paul Hrezo; Former State Chaplain Fr. F. Richard Snoke; State Deputy Larry Moegling; Immediate Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein; Bishops of Ohio; Vice Supreme Master George Mallison; John F. Olding, who was official recorder of the annual convention for 25 years (1981-2006); Fr. Charles V. Farrell, (who was honored as Chaplain of the Year), and Fr. J. Clement Burns, a member of the Dominican community for 55 years. Mauer and Mallison were guests at the convention.

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Honorees of the Year

Chaplain of the Year

State Chaplain Fr. Paul Hrezo, Chaplin of the Year Fr. Richard Friebeo, State Deputy Larry Moegling

Fr. Richard Friebel, C.PP.S.


Fr. Richard Friebel, C.PP.S. is pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Dayton and chaplain of Dayton Council 500 in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Fr. Friebel was born in Selby, OH.  He became a professed member of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood on October 30, 1976, and ordained to the priesthood at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Cleveland on July 22, 1978.  He has served as Dean of Students at Brunnerdale High School Seminary, Assistant Professor and Chaplain at Calumet College, and in pastoral ministry at parishes in Ft. Wayne, IN; Orlando, FL; and Cleveland, OH.

Fr. Friebel joined the Knights of Columbus in 1986.  In addition to serving as a council chaplain, he has also served as Faithful Friar of Fr. Kuhlman Assembly 815 and as District Faithful Friar of Ohio District 2, Hennepin Province under then Master Richard Wysong. 

Servant of God Fr. Michael J. McGivney must be proud of the priestly ministry provided by Fr. Friebel.  Just as Fr. McGivney was bold in standing up for disadvantaged families and individuals, Fr. Friebel has an inspirational track record of leadership in social justice work as well. One letter of recommendation stated, “Fr. Friebel has a special commitment to work in the area of social justice and motivates others to become active in reaching out to the poor and marginalized through his ministry of preaching, pastoral leadership and personal witness.”  As a member of LEAD (Leadership for Equality and Action in Dayton), Fr. Friebel’s initiative was instrumental in having legislation passed which regulated the APR of “payday lenders” from 391% to 36%.  Also echoing the ministry of Fr. McGivney, Fr. Friebel is a member of Reclaiming Futures, a program of the Montgomery County Juvenile Court.  He is also a member of Priests for Life.   

Several members of Dayton Council 500 expressed appreciation for Fr. Friebel’s leadership within the council, by providing “many timely talks on current events” and helpful clarity about the Church’s teaching on the issues related to those events. 

Fr. McGivney might also be proud of Fr. Friebel’s interest in baseball. He has worked with others to create the Ray Brown Memorial Fund that provides uniforms and equipment for the First Dayton Little League and a youth baseball league at Princeton Park in Dayton. 

It gives me great pleasure to recognize Brother Knight Fr. Richard Friebel, C.PP.S. as the 2009 recipient of the Ohio State Council Chaplain of the Year Award.  Congratulations, Fr. Friebel! 

Submitted by Fr. Paul E. Hrezo, State Chaplain.

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 District Deputy Of The Year

District Deputy of the Year Tom Foss and State Deputy Larry Moegling
Thomas M. Foss  

Tom joined the Knights on October 1, 1991. He is a member of Council 5405 in Wickliffe in the Cleveland Diocese. Currently Tom serves in the Fourth Degree as Commander of Cardinal Newman Assembly 837.

As District Deputy # 26, he was instrumental in starting St. Cyprian Council 14714 in Perry. For the past year, Tom’s membership reflected a 145.8% gain for his district.

Tom was awarded the State Deputy’s DD Award for the first and second six-month periods in Fraternal Year 2008-2009 and the Diocesan District Deputy Award for the year.  He has also received both the Fr. McGivney Award and the Christopher Columbus Award for Fraternal Year 2008-2009.

He is a member of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Wickliffe where he drives a church van to assist the elderly in attending Mass. He is a member of Wickliffe American Legion Post # 7 Midget Football League and has served as a member of the Special Olympic Committee in Wickliffe for the past 20 years.

Submitted by District Deputy Director Marty Schumacher.

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 Religious Of The Year

Rev. Mr. William Yoho

The Rev. Mr. William Yoho is a member and Deacon at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Cleveland Diocese. He and his wife Liz have seven children: Caleb (17), Sergey (17), Josh (16), Anna (15), Julia (13), Eli (10), and Issac (10). He is very involved in many of the church groups and activities.

Deacon Will’s involvement with the parish and the Knights is long and distinguished. He participates in the Little Rock Scripture Bible Study and Living Rosary, serves as a liturgy minister, communion service presider and helps with marriage preparation. Deacon Yoho also preaches the gospel and homily regularly—not only at Immaculate Heart of Mary, but in several parishes throughout the Northeast Ohio area. Will also administers the sacrament of baptism, is a past PSR teacher and currently visits classes throughout the PSR year. He is a youth group leader and CYO Spiritual Director.

Deacon Yoho is a dedicated K of C member and 4th Degree Knight. He has served as director and co-director of the K of C retreat.  Will’s directed multiple K of C councils and assemblies in performing maintenance updates at CYO Camp Christopher. Activities included putting a new roof on the day camp pavilion, grounds keeping near the amphitheater, and replacing the horse corral fencing. Approximately 65 brother Knights and Squires from eight different Assemblies of the 4th Degree participated.

Deacon Yoho is also very active in his community. He serves Boy Scout Troop 179 as a committeeman and chaplain. He leads the IHM Boy Scouts and K of C Council 13517 in the Flag Burning Ceremony. William has helped coached soccer, wrestling, baseball and basketball.

William enlisted 26 years ago and is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ohio National Guard. He is currently Commander of the Ravenna Training Logistics Site and leads 55 part and full time soldiers in operating this 23,000-acre training facility that allows over 80,000 soldiers to conduct training year round.

William has such an intense love for our Lord Jesus Christ that he will go anywhere and speak to anyone about Jesus. It is my honor and privilege to introduce Rev. Mr. William Yoho as the recipient of the 2009 Ohio State Council Religious of the Year Award.

Submitted by Kevin P. Miller, State Church Director

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 Family Of The Year

David and Jeanne Zuber Family

The David and Jeanne Zuber Family, nominated by Our Lady of Charity Council 14406 in the Cleveland Diocese, are the 2008-2009 Ohio State Council Family of the Year.  There are four children in the Zuber family: Mia (17), Arie (15), Christian (13), and Nikita (8).  They are members of Church of the Assumption Parish in Broadview Heights.  David is a CPA and Jeanne is a medical doctor at the Cleveland Clinic.

The family is very active in Church of the Assumption Parish, attending weekly Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament, working the Parish Festival, serving as Eucharistic Ministers (David, Jeanne, and Mia) and Altar Servers (Mia, Arie, and Christian), and as members of the parish Youth Group.  Mia also serves on the Youth Renewal Team.  The entire family attended the annual March for Life this past year.

David is currently serving as the council’s Charter Grand Knight.  Membership in the council has almost tripled in the year and a half that David has been Grand Knight and over twenty members of the council have become Fourth Degree Sir Knights.  The entire family is involved in many of the council's functions--including the family picnic, awards dinner, servers mass and breakfast, council Christmas party, and membership drives.  Jeanne is also a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary.

In the community, Jeanne is a member of Human Care, an organization that collects and distributes food at the inter-city Catholic Church of St. Cecilia.  The entire family is involved with this program during the holidays.  Mia and Jeanne also volunteer at the local women's shelter.  The activity that makes this family stand out from all others is their medical mission to the Philippines during the summer of 2008.  Jeanne, Mia, Arie, and Christian traveled to Jeanne's hometown of Kiamba, a remote region that suffers from oppressive poverty and had not seen medical care in decades.  This mission was held in memory of Jeanne's father, who served on other medical missions and passed away in 2007.  Jeanne led a group of physicians, dentists, and nurses from all over the country to provide medical care to almost three thousand patients.  The children helped by moving supplies and bringing prescriptions and orders from the doctors to the mission's pharmacy.  Mia assisted her uncle with dental extractions and procedures and kept meticulous notes for the clinic.  David stayed in the states to provide extra supplies as needed and even little Nikita contributed by collecting hundreds of books and school supplies to distribute to the children of the area. 

Submitted by Ken Gardner, State Family Director.

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 Youth Of The Year

State Deputy Larry Moegling, Youth of the Year Lacy Elizabeth Engle, State Youth Director Paul Barko  

Lacey Elizabeth Engle


Lacey Elizabeth Engle is the daughter of Tom and Linda Engle from Beavercreek, Ohio. Her nomination was strongly recommended and supported by her pastor, Fr. David Brinkmoeller, from St. Helen’s Parish in Riverside, Ohio, and was submitted by Council 3724, Fairborn in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

This sophomore at Carroll High School is a great example of the level of commitment youth can make to their church, community and the world; a level of service often overlooked in today’s society.

Lacey can best be described as a “doer.”  She has jumped in and chosen to be an active participant in whatever activity appears to be of help to her family, her church, her school, or her community. She is an honor student, an accomplished athlete, a gifted musician and, most of all, a Catholic young woman who lives her faith.

Lacey is very active in her church and in service to her faith. She has served her parish through her dedication as an Altar Server, being a Eucharistic Minister, professing her faith as a choir member and cantor, and through her active participation in the planning and volunteer activities of her parish youth ministry program. Fr. Dave thought so highly of Lacey’s contributions that she was nominated and recognized for her service at the 2008 Annual Youth Ministry Award Recognition Program supported by the Dayton Area Sierra Club and the Knights of Columbus.

In the classroom Lacey has excelled in the Carroll High School Honors Program and has actively contributed to her school’s athletic programs through her involvement on the varsity swim team and the varsity soccer team.

Lacey has spent countless hours in volunteer time through her years as a member of Girl Scout Troop #1520 and through active participation in community fund-raisers such as the Muscular Dystrophy and Youth United Walkathons. Her nomination is best summed up by her pastor, Fr. Dave, when he states, “ Lacey is an excellent young woman, full of dedication and generosity. She was a top student in our school, giving much evidence of a wholesome attitude toward life and a commitment to Christ. She continues to be very involved in our parish since her graduation, helping with the youth ministry and serving as a Eucharistic Minister and Cantor. She incorporates many of the highest values of the Knights of Columbus, and lives her faith as a Catholic.”

Submitted by Paul A. Barko, State Youth Director.

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 Blue Coat Of The Year

John P. Wolfe

John is a Past Chief Squire and former member of Fairborn Circle         2271. He took his first degree and became an insurance member of Fairborn Council 3724 in April 1989, so he is a 20-year member.

Officer John Wolfe is a Senior Lead Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, Rampart Division.  Senior Lead Officers are tasked with a lot more responsibilities than any other officers.  Officer Wolf has demonstrated outstanding judgment and common sense while addressing many of the community’s concerns particularly when they are of a sensitive nature. Officer Wolfe is dedicated to community policing as a liaison officer to the community and various city and county entities.  He is experienced in working in ethnically and culturally diverse communities. 

Office Wolfe’s friendly and caring demeanor has also earned him respect and admiration from his fellow officers at all levels including his supervisor.  He’s sought out by other officers for guidance and leadership not only in work related matters, but also in personal sensitive situations.  In addition to his regular duties, he serves as a primary drill instructor for an 18-week juvenile intervention and prevention program for youths at risk.  

He also manages the Westlake Protectors and the Park View Neighborhood Watch Group.  These two groups comprise an interesting dynamic. Many are undocumented immigrants; therefore getting their participation is difficult at best.  In addition to his regular duties, Officer Wolfe voluntarily works approximately four days per month at the Los Angeles International Airport assisting Transportation Security Administration Officers and airport police officers with security procedures at the airport.

Officer Wolfe has made arrests in the following crimes: murder, robbery, burglary, sexual battery, narcotic sales, possession of narcotics, DUI, and parole violations.. On the 19th of March, Officer Wolfe was selected to be on the LAPD Rampart Division Special Security Detail for President Obama’s visit to the Miguel Contreras Learning Center High School in Downtown LA.  Officer Wolfe was featured in the TV show “LAPD – Life on the Beat.”

It is an honor and privilege to introduce Officer Wolfe as the recipient of the 2009 Ohio State Council Blue Coat of the Year Award. 

Submitted by Joseph J. Mackos, State Community Director.

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 Knight Of The Year

State Deputy Larry Moegling, Knight of the Year Nick Gresko, State Council Director Mark Pickard
Nick Gresko  

Nick Gresko is a member of St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984 and St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Brook Park, within the Diocese of Cleveland, where he and his wife Alicia are very active in their parish.

At St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Nick is a Lector, Eucharistic Minister, a member of Parish Council, a member of the Holy Name Society, Youth Minister Advisor, participates in the Adult Scripture Study, Generations of Faith Design Team, and Advisor to the High School Youth Band.

“His deep faith in God and relationship with Jesus Christ gives him the strength, the courage and the energy to do all that he does as an outstanding Catholic man in the Knights of Columbus,” states Fr. James Stenger, Pastor of St. Peter the Apostle Parish.

Brother Gresko’s K of C involvement includes being the Charter Grand Knight, Treasurer of the Greater Cleveland Chapter, District Warden #19, Suburban Knights 3rd Degree Team.  GK Gresko is the driving force behind Council 13984’s outstanding recognition at the 2008 OSC State Convention, earning and receiving 32 Supreme and State Awards, including the Double Star Council for the second time.

Brother Gresko is active within his community as well, being an active member of American Legion Post # 610, an active participant as a volunteer at Buckeye Boys State and helps out at the Family Life Centers of Brook Park.  As an outstanding school teacher, Brother Gresko is a 2009 Finalist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer Private School Teacher of the Year.  In his spare time, Brother Gresko volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, Cleveland Food Bank, the Cleveland Pregnancy Centers and is the advisor/co-founder of PACE, Positive Attitude Changes Everything Club at St. Adalbert School in Cleveland.

Brother Gresko has earned and received numerous awards within his career as a teacher and Knight, receiving the Cleveland Diocese Teacher of the Year award in 2006, the Greater Cleveland Chapter K of C Knight of the Year in 2008, and Council 13984 Knight of the Year for 2008 and 2009.

It is with the most honored pleasure that the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus name Brother Sir Knight Nick Gresko as the Knight of the Year 2009 in the “Following in Their Footsteps” state program.

Submitted by Mark S. Pickard, State Council Director.

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 Lady Of The Year

State Deputy Larry Moegling, Lady of the Year Alicia Gresko, State Family Director Ken Gardner

Alicia Gresko


Alicia Gresko, nominated by St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984 in the Cleveland Diocese, is the 2008-2009 Ohio State Council Lady of the Year.  Alicia is the wife of Grand Knight Nick Gresko and is a member of St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Brook Park.

Alicia is a very active member of St. Peter the Apostle Church, serving as a Eucharistic Minister, Youth Ministry Advisor, and Youth Ministry Band  Advisor.  She is also involved in Generations of Faith, and a catechesis program for families called KEYS - Keep Enriching Your Soul Design Team. As a PSR instructor two nights a week, she is in charge of the 2nd graders’ first reconciliation and first communion preparation.  She also teaches 7th grade PSR.  On top of all this, she can be found working the Parish Fish Fry and Parish Picnic.  Pastor Rev. James Stenger says in his nomination letter, "Alicia is a friendly and outgoing person who is able to relate to people of all ages.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is very kind.  She is a woman who practices her Catholic faith and tries to live a committed relationship to Jesus Christ."

Alicia is also an important part of St. Peter the Apostle Council.  As the wife of Grand Knight Nick Gresko, she has participated in, assisted with, or helped out at every major K of C event this year, including Council Fundraiser Pancake Breakfasts, Measure Up Campaign, and the "Camp Out With Christ."  She is also the "unofficial" council historian, taking pictures at various events and working with another woman of the council to put together a scrapbook.  She helped start the Ladies Auxiliary at the council and currently serves as Auxiliary President.

In the community, Alicia started a Trike-A-Thon fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  This event is a weeklong event for daycare centers and preschools that teaches children riding toy safety while raising funds for the Hospital.  With Alicia's motivation and enthusiasm, this event raises thousand of dollars a year for St. Jude Hospital.  She is also a certified CPR and First Aid Basic trainer and volunteers at the Cleveland Pregnancy Center through the council pro life program and parish baby bottle collection.  Alicia also participates in the Susan Kolman Race for a Cure for Breast Cancer Research each year in the memory of a friend who passed away five years ago.

 Council 13984 is very lucky to have this lady as part of its council family. 

Submitted by Ken Gardner, State Family Director.

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 Volunteer Of The Year

State Deputy Larry Moegling, Volunteer of the Year Dr. Joseph Mersol, State Community Director Joseph Mackos
Dr. Joseph Mersol  

Dr. Joseph Mersol is a member of St. Jude Church and St. Jude Council 10183 in the Youngstown Diocese. Over the years he has taken a very active part. A past Grand Knight, he helped organize the Fr. Cavanaugh 4th Degree Assembly this year and holds the office of Faithful Comptroller.

Dr. Mersol was born in March of 1931 in Nazi occupied Europe.  After the war he went on to become a medical doctor.   Upon coming to the United States, he went into private practice.  He has since retired as a doctor and as a Major from the United States Army Reserves.

Since Joe has retired, his wife Joanna rarely sees him except maybe for supper, for Joe is always on the go.  This Brother Knight attends Mass daily, writes the council’s newsletter, and assists at the steak fries, the Measure-up collection, the 4th of July celebration, and the dinner honoring the priests of the county.

Joe is an Usher, Lector and Eucharistic Minister at St. Jude Parish. He serves for funeral masses and then helps with the luncheon. He serves Mass when no altar servers can be found,  He does the Communion Service and distributes communion at several nursing homes in the area. Then later he takes communion to the bed-ridden.  He does the Communion Service at St. Patrick’s Parish in Leetonia every six weeks as they have no priest.

He has arranged and planned the Parish Christmas Dinner Party for the last 9 years. He is on the Diocesan Boards of Catechesis and Catholic Charities. He does the Sunday reading at Holy Mass on TV for shut-ins.

 Again, even though Dr. Mersol is retired, his schedule is still very demanding.  The good doctor, along with others, has made several trips to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina where they helped through Catholic Charities to rebuild houses.

Paul Rance, PGK & FDD wrote, “Dr. Mersol has been a good friend for 20 years.  He has used his home for visiting priests in the area and also takes priests to functions when they are unable to drive. He served as president of the Parish Council where he was very instrumental in programs with the church. He can be found at any time at a nursing home giving communion, saying the rosary or just talking to patients.”

Dr. Mersol is a special person.  He’s there to help where he’s needed, and he’s a very special Brother Knight who is willing to get involved. 

 Submitted by Joseph J. Mackos, State Community Director.

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By Diocese

Chaplain of the Year

Statewide:   Richard Friebel, Council 500    
Cinn Dio: Fr. Richard Friebel, Council 500 Clev Dio: Fr. Paschal Petcavage, Coun. 14406 Colb Dio: Fr. William Arnold, Council 1973
Steu Dio: Fr. Thomas Magary, Council 1421 Tole Dio: Fr. Ron Warnimont, Council 9788

Youn Dio: Fr. Edward Bencleit, Council 5582

Knight of the Year

Statewide:  Nick Gresko, Council 13984    
Cinn Dio: Thomas Montgomery, Council 8115 Clev Dio: Nick Gresko, Council 13984

Colb Dio: Duane Lord, Council 5534

Steu Dio: William Della Penna, Council 4361 Tole Dio: Wayne Vreeland, Council 14502

Youn Dio: Clarence Sedlock, Council 4533

Family of the Year

Statewide:  David & Jeanne Zuber Family, Council 14406    
Cinn Dio: John & Kate Cooper, Council 2374 Clev Dio: David & Jeanne Zuber, 14406

Colb Dio: Tom & Kathy Gualt, Council 910

Steu Dio: John & Babs Douglass, Council 478

Tole Dio: Joseph & Kathy Frederick, 14502

Youn Dio: Michael & Paula Ziccardi, 4533

Lady of the Year

Statewide:  Allcia Gresko, Council 13984    
Cinn Dio: Joyce Wirtz, Council 7981 Clev Dio: Allcia Gresko, Council 13984

Colb Dio:Carol Batina, Council 2299

Steu Dio: Bernadette Carpico, Council 4361

Tole Dio: Jan Jagodzinski, Council 14502

Youn Dio: Julie Barkey, Council 11037

Volunteer of the Year

Statewide:  Dr. Joseph Mersol, Council 10183    
Cinn Dio: Bryan Daulton, Council 2374 Clev Dio: Eric Charmley, Council 3304

Colb Dio: Charles Mansfiels Jr., Council 2299

Steu Dio: Al Lang, Council 478

Tole Dio: Thomas Jagodzinski, Council 14502

Youn Dio: Dr. Josehp Mersol, Council 10183

Blue Coat of the Year

Statewide:  John Wolfe, Council 3724    
Cinn Dio: John Wolfe, Council 3724 Clev Dio: Lt. Timothy Hall, Council 13984

Colb Dio: Marcia Durbin, Council 910

Steu Dio: Sheriff Fred Abdalla, Council 4361

Tole Dio: Henry Koefer, Council 3904

Youn Dio: Matthew Marous, Council 5589

Religious of the Year

Statewide:  Rev. Mr. Wm. Yoho, Council 13517    
Cinn Dio: Fr. Tom Schmidt, Council 14504 Clev Dio: Rev. Mr. Wm. Yoho, Council 13517

Colb Dio: Mother Margaret Mary, 10876

Steu Dio: Mother Della Marie Doyle, 11828

Tole Dio: Deacon Vic DeFillipis, Coun. 7978

Youn Dio: Sister Dorothy Fuchs, Council 341

Youth of the Year

Statewide:   Lacey Engle, Council 3754    
Cinn Dio: Lacey Engle, Council 3754 Clev Dio: Alysa Arcangelini, Council 13984

Colb Dio: Jessica Mickley, Council 910

Steu Dio: Makenzie Betts, Council 478

Tole Dio: Brad Thielen, Council 14502

Youn Dio: Travis Coughlin, Council 11037

District Deputy of the Year

Statewide:   DD-26 Thomas Foss    
Cinn Dio: DD-13 Walter Amrein Clev Dio: DD-26 Thomas Foss

Colb Dio: DD-39 James Cogan

Steu Dio: DD-50 John (Raph) Maloney.

Tole Dio: DD-61 Raymond Alt

Youn Dio: DD-64 William Gotter

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Top Ten Councils

Top Five Councils (from left) GK Nick Gresko, St Peter the Apostle 13984 (5); GK Jeff Rohde, Fr, Charles Mentrup14400 (4); GK Bob Brookens, Fr. John Wenzel 10003 (3); GK Michael Freil, St Francis of Assisi 14504 (2); DGK Don Santin, St. Hiliary 14551 (1) Top Councils 6-10 (from left) DGK Scott Scholten, St. Edwards 10876 (10); GK Paul Breen, St Andrew 11275 (9); GK Andy Rak, N. Ridgeville 7970 (8); GK Paul Pirrone, Grarfield 4130 (7); GK Myron Flaugher, Ripley 2374 (6)

Platinum Footstep Award

  1. St. Hiliary 14551 2. St. Francis of Assissi 14504
  3. Fr. John J. Wenzel 10003 4. Fr. Charles Mentrup 14400
  5. St. Peter the Apostle 13984 6. Ripley 2374
  7. Garfield Heights 4130 8. North Ridgeville 7970
  9.  St. Andrew 11275 10.St. Edwards 10876

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Divisional Footstep Award

Division I

Division II

Division III Division IV Division V
1. St. Hiliary 14551. 1. Fr. John J. Wenzel 1003. 1. Ripley 2374. 1. St. Andrew 11275.

1. Garfield Heights 4130.

2. St. Francis of Assisi 14504.

2. Fr. Charles Mentrup 14400. 2. North Ridgeville 7970. 2. St. Brendan 11208. 2. North Olmsted 4731.

3. Our Lady of Charity 14406.

3. St. Peter the Apostle 13984.

3. St. Edwards 10876.

3. New Albany 10941.

3. Immaculate Heart of Mary 13517.

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Buckeye Award

State Deputy Larry Moegling, presents Buckeye Award to State Warden Bob Collins, of the Cleveland Diocese. The award is given to the Officer whose diocese has the highest amount of council participation in the General Program and the highest net membership increase.

State Warden Bob Collins The Buckeye Award is presented annually to the state officer whose diocese has the highest amount of council participation in the state general program and the highest net membership increase. It was presented this fraternal year to State Warden Robert Collins, of the Cleveland Diocese.

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Good Footstep Award

Msgr. O’Connell 386, Leetonia 1569, Dover 1973, Ripley 2374, Msgr. Gerdes 3123, Marian 3754, Garfield 4130, Medina 4168, N. Olmsted 4731, Brunswick 4847, Holy Cross 5139, N. Ridgeville 7970, Fr. Wenzel 10002, St. Joan of Arc 10765, St. Francis of Assisi 10792, St. Edwards 10876, New Albany 10941, St. Brendan 11208, St. Leonard 10215, St. Andrew 11275, St. Joseph of the Three Rivers 11550, Fr. Venglarik 11915, Cardinal Bernadin 12359, Victory 12900, Fr. Aufderheide 12912, St. John 13608, St. Bede 13755, St. Peter 13954, Fr. Mentrup 14400, Our Lady of Charity 14405, St. Francis of Assisi 14504, St. Hiliary 14551.

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Silver Footstep Award

Harrison 2633, Fr. Hohman 5253, St. Anthony 9755, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton 11187, Immaculate Heart of Mary 13517.

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Bronze Footstep Award

Canton 341, Immaculate Heart of Mary 472, Msgr. Dury 505, Akron 547, Massillon 554, Norwalk 526, Mt. VVernon 647, St. Lukes 910, Coshocton 994, Lancaster 1016, Napoleon 1344, Ray McKowen 1362, Niles 1661, Ottawa 1757, Fr. Schmacher 1801, Oak Harbor 1944, Fr. McFadden 1955, Ottoville 2235, St. James 2299, West Park 2790, Fr. Anthony 3213, Geauga 3304, Fr. O’Donoghue 3369, Fr. O’Connor 3730, Pius X 3822, St. Jude 3904, Jefferson 4212, Ascension 4324, Vermilion 3539, Perpetual Help 4603, St. Edward 5023, St. Malachy 5125, St. John 5129, Marysville 5534, Pieta 5583, Immaculate Conception 5628, Fr. Muehe 5669, John K. Mahaney 7491, Beavercreek 7981, Fr. Roettele 8115, Fr. Kempf 10820, SS Phillip & James 11037, St. Elizabeth 11193, St. Patrick 11207, St. Joseph 11370, St. Jerome 11450, St. Newman 11828, St. Leonard 13917, St. Joseph 13977, St. Vincent 14054, St. Patrick 14155, St. Sebastian 14255, Mother Theresa 14344, St. Marys 14416, St. Neumann 14457, Blessed John XXIII 14502.

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Administrative All-Star Award

Cincinnati Diocese: Councils 624, 659, 968, 1162, 1195, 1592, 1610, 1683, 1727, 1756, 1782, 1795, 1800, 1801, 1991, 2158, 2374, 2423, 2633, 2640, 2798, 2927, 3123, 3324, 3344, 3369, 3376, 3382, 3698, 3724, 3730, 3754, 3861, 3873, 3890, 4022, 4378, 4424, 4558, 4587, 5128, 5129, 5239, 5621, 5624, 5674, 6144, 7981, 8115, 10003, 10149, 10216, 10272, 11355, 11550, 12359, 12912, 13429, 13608, 13813, 13874, 14092, 14094, 14400, 14408, 14594, 14545, 14563, 14665.

Cleveland Diocese: Councils 310, 547, 637, 733, 947, 1617, 2362, 2643, 2668, 2726, 2786, 2790, 2803, 2816, 2886, 3087, 3164, 3213, 3222, 3269, 3297, 3304, 3410, 3529, 3541, 3767, 3822, 3970, 4028, 4130, 4168, 4217, 4664, 4731, 4801, 4847, 4891, 5106, 5405, 5506, 5559, 5613, 7970, 8369, 10792, 10936, 11831, 13517, 13601, 13640, 13755, 13984, 14054, 14111, 14255, 14406, 14416, 14551.

Columbus Diocese: Councils 400, 505, 721, 741, 847, 910, 994, 1016, 1056, 1065, 1071, m1341, 1597, 1786, 1973, 2299, m2372, 4324, 4603, 5253, 5297, 5429, 5534, 5776, 5801, 5899, 10765, 10820, 10863, 10876, 10941, 11187, 11188, 11193, 11207, 11208, 11216, 11275, 11364, 14445, 11665, 12641, 12900, 12939, 13081, 13379, 13581, 13705, 14093, 14282, 14346, 14457.

Steubenville Diocese: Councils 472, 478, 1246, 1405, 1421, 2187, 2262, 2565, 3335, 4243, 4361, 4590, 4617, 5174, 5250, 5583, 11195, 11380, 11828.

Toledo Diocese: Councils 386, 591, 608, 626, 687, 711, 752, 885, 957, 1038, 1117, 1176, 1197, 1234, 1344, 1362, 1494, 1718, 1757, 1915, 1925, 1944, 1968, 2050, 2238, 2280, 2584, 2642, 2661, 2850, 3062, 3122, 3617, 3883, 3904, 4169, 4237, 4448, 4539, 5023, 5139, 5628, 5669, 6034, 6373, 7552, 7978, 8357, 9788, 10043, 10063, 10749, 11287, 11370, 14450, 13636, 14155, 14344, 14502.

Youngstown Diocese: Councils 2784, 341, 507, 509, 554, 558, 1411, 1417, 1569, 1681, 1818, 1890, 2039, 2072, 2530, 2935, 3144, 3766, 3777, 3813, 3939, 3984, 4049, 4212, 4471, 4484, 4533, 4571, 5173, 5286, 5582, 5589, 7491, 10183, 11037, 11551, 11801, 11915, ,13260, 13371, 13586, 13977, 14491, 14603.

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  Best Church Activity

St. Sebastian Council 14255, Akron (Cleveland Diocese)

Pastor’s Request: Helped purchase and distribute Catechism of the Catholic Church to parishioners.

Congratulations go to Council 14255 (Akron) of the Cleveland Diocese for meeting their pastors’ request to distribute a Catechism of the Catholic Church to each registered parishioner in the parish who had not picked up their copy after Mass.  Approximately 750 registered parishioners were visited by 23 Knights.  Inactive parishioners were invited to return to attend Mass.  The council also donated $1,000 toward the purchase of the books.

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 Best Community Activity

Fr. Venglarik Council 11915, Boardman (Youngstown Diocese)

Organized 2-day benefit, serving 4,300 dinners to raise more than $60,000 to support family of Tom Driscoll, who was severely hurt in an automobile accident in January, 2009.

Tom Driscoll, father of 14 children ranging in age from 4 to 24, was injured in an automobile accident caused by icy road conditions on Jan. 25, 2009.  In Boardman, Fr. Venglarik Council 11915 helped organize a two-day benefit event that served 4,700 dinners and included a silent auction and a Chinese auction. An army of volunteers showed up to work, raising more than $60,000 to support Driscoll’s family.  The event pulled every organization within the church and surrounding churches together. Businesses from the community and surrounding area also got involved.

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 Best Council Activity

Marysville Council 5534 (Columbus Diocese)

Organized 19-month project to bring the Vietnam Traveling Wall to Marysville.

Marysville Council 5534 of spent 19 months and more than 6,000 person hours to bring the Vietnam Traveling Wall to their community.  The truck carrying the wall was escorted by police and 1,000 motorcycles.  A ceremony honoring veterans was held on Sept. 11, 2009.  In all, 10,000 people participated in the entire presentation of the Vietnam Veterans Wall.

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 Best Family Activity

Archbishop Purcell Council 2798, Cincinnati (Cincinnati Diocese)

More than 500 members, families and guests attended its Family Picnic.

Archbishop Purcell Council 2798 held its annual family picnic in August, 2008.  More than 500 members, their families and guests participated in the picnic, cornhole tournament, children’s games, and the amusement park rides at Stricker’s Grove in Ross, Ohio. 

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 Best Membership Activity

St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese)

Year-long activity utilizing more than one event or activity to recruit members.

In Brook Park, St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984 has a year-long membership activity that utilizes more than one event or activity to recruit members.  Among highlights are incentives  that include dues reductions if members bring in two or more new members.  Council members also made a membership CD that can be used in parish membership drives or prospect home visits.  Welcome letters are sent to new members, framed pictures of new members and their sponsor are presented at council meetings, and pictures and bios are included in the newsletters.

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 Best Pro-Life Activity

St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese)

Sponsored evening of contemplation, fraternity and prayer to increase awareness of the need to defend life.

Also in Brook Park, St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984 decided to sponsor an evening of contemplation, fraternity and prayer to increase awareness of the need to defend life.  Forty knights planned and promoted the Spectacle of Light Rosary Walk.  A crowd of 160 parishioners, including 35 children, participated.  A free will offering and a council donation resulted in $1,000 being raised for Pro-Life.

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 Best Public Relations Activity

Oak Harbor Council 1944 (Toledo Diocese)

Organized “Getting Our Message Across” program.

Oak Harbor Council 1944 of the Toledo Diocese is honored for its “Getting Our Message Across” program.  The council searched for ways to enhance the Order’s mission and contributions to the church, community and Brother Knights.  The following are a few of the 32 ways that Oak Harbor Council members were able to get their message across: news releases in local community paper, parish bulletin announcements, a Fourth Degree Exemplification Book  advertisements, council newsletters, membership telephone trees,  placement of K of C Flags at members’ gravesites from Memorial Day to Columbus Day at seven different cemeteries, Adopt-a-Road Cleanup litter program, distribution of K of C Eucharistic Devotion Prayer Cards, Council Breakfasts promotions, distribution of K of C “A Guide to Confession” cards, birthday, get well and sympathy cards program, K of C roadside signage, the Measure Up Campaign, Heartbeat Walk for Life assistance, Vacation Bible School picnic, Multiple Sclerosis Bike to the Bay assistance, and Oak Harbor Apple Festival participation.

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 Best Squires Activity

John Paul II Council 1610, Middletown (Cincinnati Diocese)

Developed new Squires Circle at Bishop Fenwick High School.

In Middletown, John Paul II Council 1610 of the Cincinnati Diocese is recognized for its efforts in developing the new Squires Circle at Bishop Fenwick High School.  The Knights have invited members of neighboring councils in Lebanon and Franklin to help work with these young men and recruit additional Squires members.

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 Best Vocations Activity

St. Hiliary Council 14551, Akron (Cleveland Diocese)

Enclosed special letter detailing activities of the council when donating $500 to a seminarian.

In Akron, members of St. Hilary Council 14551 not only donated $500 to a seminarian, but enclosed a special letter detailing what their council was committed to doing specifically for him and for all those on the journey to the priesthood.  The council website also includes information on how members can support seminarians with prayers, correspondence and financial support.

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 Best Youth Activity

Canton Council 341 (Youngstown Diocese)

Joined forces with Buckeye Council of the Boy Scouts to feed and clothe the poor in Canton and Stark County area.

Members of Canton Council 341 joined forces with the Buckeye Council of the Boy Scouts of America to feed and clothe the poor in Canton and the surrounding Stark County area. The combined team spent hours planning and coordinating the activity.  Boy Scouts collected the food and clothes, then Knights organized and stored the food.  Council members, their families, and the scouts then distributed the food and clothing to area homeless shelters and food kitchens.  The positive evaluations led planners to make this an annual event.

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 By Division

Church Activity

Statewide Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
St. Sebastian Council 14255 St. Sebastian 14255 St. Joseph of the 3 Rivers 15550 Fr. John Hannan 5297 Louisville 2530  Immaculate Heart of Mary 13517

Community Activity

Statewide Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
Boardman Council 11915 Msgr. Dury 505

St. Patrick 14155

Boardman 11915 Harrison 2633 Father Ragan 3269

Council Activity

Statewide Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
Marysville Council 5534

Our Lady of Sorrows 14563

Mother of God 1421

Marysville 5534 New Albany Council 10941 Kunkler 2158

Family Activity

Statewide Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
Archbishop Purcell Council 2798

Leetonia 1569

St. Edwards 10876

North Ridgeville 7970 St. Peter the Apostle 13984 Archbishop Purcell 2798

Membership Activity


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

St. Peter the Apostle 13984

St. Peter the Apostle 13984


Salem 1818 St. Brendan 11208 Norwalk 626

Youth Activity


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Canton Council 341

St. Marys-Orwell 5589

St Jude 10183

Immaculate Heart 5899 Brunswick 4847 Canton 341

Vocations Activity


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

St. Hiliary Council 14551

St. Hiliary 14551

St. Patrick 14155

Immaculate Heart 5899 Beavercreek 7981 St. John of Beverly 4617

Pro-Life Activity


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

St. Peter the Apostle 13984

St. Marys-Orwell 5589

St. Peter the Apostle 13984

North Ridgeville 7970 St. Anthony 9788 Msgr. Joseph Dooley 4361

Public Relations Activity


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Oak Harbor Council 1944

LaSagrada Familia 13640

Oak Harbor 1944

Ripley 2374 Our Lady of Lourdes 4533 Norwalk 626

Council Newsletter


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Fr. Hohman Council 5253

Our Lady of Peace 14282

St. Jerome 11450

 Magnificat 4498

Fr. Andrew Hohman 5253 Massillon 554

Squires Activity


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Middletown Council 1610


Oak Harbor 1944

MacGahan 1065


Middletown 1610

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 100% Council Participation in October Blitz (District Deputy)

DD-8 Ed Ponder

DD-10 Steve Gehring

DD-13 Walter Amrein.

 100% Council Participation In March Blitz (District Deputy)

DD-34 James Colegrove II

DD-59 Richard Seifker

 District Deputies Achieving Supreme Membership Quota

DD-5, DD-13, DD-14, DD-15, DD-16, DD-18, DD-19, DD-22, DD-26, DD-29, DD-34, DD-36, DD-42,  DD-44,  DD-50,

DD-54, DD-66.

 Council Dynamo Award

  (Achieving Supreme Membership Quota)

Msgr. O’Connell 386, Newark 721, Portsmouth 741, Mt. Vernon 847, Leetonia 1569, Pomroy 1664, Dover 1973, St. Joseph-Randolph 2039, Ripley 2374, Msgr. Gerdes 3123, Fr. Carl Anthony 3213, Mother Seton 3376, Marian 3754, Msgr. Mears 3930, Garfield 4130, Medina 4168, Ascension 4324, Vermilion 4539, Our Lady of Perpetual Help 4603, North Olmsted 4731, Brunswick 4847, St. Edward 5023, St. Malachy 5128, Holy Cross 5139, Immaculate Conception 5628, Holy Trinity 6373, North Ridgeville 7970, Beavercreek 7981, John Carroll University 8320, Fr. John Wenzel 10003, St. Leonard 10215, St. Susanna 10272, St. Joan of Arc 10765, St. Francis of Assisi 10792, St. Edwards 10876, Fr. Maruskin 10936, New Albany 10941, St. Patrick 11207, St. Brendan 11208, St. Andres 11275, Upper Arlington 11311, St. Catherine 11354, St. Maxmillian Kolbe 11355, St. Michael’s 11445, St. Jeromes 11450, St. Joseph of the Three Rivers 11550, Boardman 11915, Cardinal Bernadin 12359, Victory 12900, Fr. Aufderheide 12912, St. Dominic Fenwick 13586, St. John the Evangelist 13608, St. Bede 13755, St. Peter the Apostle 13984, St. Vincent 14054, St. Patrick of Heatherdowns 14155, St. Sebastian 14255, Our Lady of Peace 14282, East Toledo 14344, St. Peter in Chains 14346, Fr. Charles Mentrup 14400, Our Lady of Charity 14406, St. Francis DeSales 14408, St. Mary of the Falls 14416, St. James 14491, Fr. Francis Hoffer 14504, St. Lawrence 14545, St. Hilary 14551, St. Therese the Little Flower 14603, Fr. Gustav Brotzge, Sacred Heaerts Cardington 14671, St. Cyprian 14714.

 Council Dynamo Award

(10% increase in Supreme Quota)

Councils 286, 741, 847, 1569, 1664, 1973, 2039, 2374, 3123, 3213, 3376, 3754, 3930, 4130, 4324, 4603, 4731, 4847, 5128, 5139, 6373, 7970, 7981, 8320, 10003, 10765, 10792, 10876, 10936, 10941, 11207, 11208, 11275, 11311, 11354, 11355, 11450, 11550, 11915, 12359, 12900, 12912, 13608, 13755, 13984, 14054, 14155, 14255, 14282, 14344, 14400, 14406, 14408, 14416, 14504, 14551, 14603, 14665, 14671, 14714.

 Fr. McGivney Incentive Winners

Perpetual Help 4603, GK Robert Neider.

North Olmsted 4731, GK James Sanzi.

Fr. Muehe 5669, GK Kevin Meyer.

St. Margaret of York 13429, GK Tom Wey.

 Hot Cabin Fever Contest Winners

Councils: Lancaster 1018, Fr. Sourd 2423, Sacred Heart 2850. Grand Knights Randolph Smith, Massillon 554; Mark Rowe, Upper Sandusky 2050; Wayne Vreeland, Blessed John XXIII. Sponsors: Robert Trunk, 4847; George Walrath, 11665; Ted Spurgeon, 2850; Mark Steele, 10941; David Yehl, 5506; Don Morris, 2726.

 Big Foot Award

(Trip to Supreme Convention in August)

Fr. Francis X. Hoffer Council 14504

 Top Ohio Recruiter

Steven A. Musser, Council 1664 (21)


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Special convention guests: Supreme Director Charles E. Mauer Jr. (left), and Vice Supreme Master George Mallison.


Mauer, Mallison laud Ohio for 2008-2009 achievements

 Special State Convention guests were Charles E. Maurer Jr., a Past State Deputy of Indiana and current Supreme Director, and George Mallison, of Michigan, current Vice Supreme Master for the Hennepin Province, which includes Ohio and Michigan. Both have been guests at previous Ohio conventions. It was Mauer’s third appearance.

“Great job, Ohioans, and State Deputy Larry Moegling,” Mauer exclaimed at the State Deputy’s Banquet while speaking of 2008-2009 fraternal year accomplishments.

Charitable groups such as the Knights of Columbus has the ability to help on a national level, he said. “If the Knights of Columbus wasn’t there, who would continue to support such causes as the Special Olympics and our people in need through Measure-Up?”

Mauer also spoke about today’s national issues, including stem cell research, same-sex marriage, and abortion.

“Dealing with tough times and challenges is nothing new to the Knights of Columbus,” he said.

Speaking of Fr. Michael J. McGivney, he said, “His vision is our mission.”

Mallison was attending his final Ohio convention as Vice Supreme Master, as his term ends Sept. 1. He noted that the Hennepin Province has grown by 1,500 Sir Knights during his term of office. He thanked Sir Knights of Ohio for their service work, especially to “our veterans”.

“True patriotism,” he said, “is your love for your Church and country. Stand up and be true patriotic Catholic Knights.”

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$$$ Super Cash Bonanza $$$

State Treasurer Dave Helmstetter As State Advocate Ken Kirt (left) and State Warden Bob Collins (right) watch, Drawer Phil Skinn preparers to pick the winning Ticket Number.

Toledo Diocese woman wins top prize in Final Drawing of Super Cash Bonanza

 More than 148,000 tickets were sold in the 2009 annual Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign, which was culminated with a festive drawing at the Ohio State Council Convention in Cincinnati.

“It’s a great expression of charity by more than 330 councils in Ohio,” said State Treasurer and Chairman Dave Helmstetter. “This strong effort by Ohio councils will benefit many worthy charitable causes.”

The drawing was held in conjunction with the Friday Night Party, the traditional kickoff to the annual convention. The tickets of 20 winners were drawn, with at least one winner in each of Ohio’s six dioceses. Top prize -- $49,680, payable $414 per month for 10 years – was Bertha Hermiller, of Ottawa (Toledo Diocese). The 20 prizes – all money – amounted to more than $105,000.

Garfield Heights Council 4130 (Cleveland Diocese) led all Ohio councilsin ticket sales, with 2,827, followed by Ottawa Council 1757 with 2,546 tickets.

Two Cleveland Diocese councils were tops in ticket sales per member. St. Peter’s Council 13601 in Loudonville sold more tickets per member than any other council in Ohio, averaging 18.71. Our Lady of Charity in Broadview Heights was second with 16.79 tickets per member.

“Many councils experienced successful campaigns by partnering with other groups such as school booster clubs or youth groups,” said Helmstetter. “This is one reason why another success campaign was accomplished in 2009.”

More than 700 convention-goers filled the Millennium Hotel Grand Ballroom to witness the drawing. Drawers of the 20 winning tickets were selected from the audience.


Cash Bonanza Winners List

1............. $49,680.................. Bertha Hermiller....................... Ottawa...................... Tole

2............. $18,780.................. Richard Bellman....................... Leipsic...................... Tole

3............. $12,720.................. Rich Spence.............................. Harrison................... Cinn

4............. $4,000.................... Thomas Boyle.......................... Cleveland................. Clev

5............. $3,000.................... Joseph Herrick......................... Massillon............... Youn

6............. $2,000.................... Stephen Tomassetti................ Orville....................... Clev

7............. $2,000.................... David Ketchesin...................... South Amherst....... Clev

8............. $1,500.................... Randi McNamee...................... Perrysburg............... Tole

9............. $1,500.................... Frank Fregiato.......................... St. Clairsville........... Steu

10........... $1,500.................... Walter Litwinowicz.................. Euclid....................... Clev

11........... $1,500.................... Dorothy Walczak..................... Toledo...................... Tole

12........... $1,250.................... Susan Walsh............................ Euclid....................... Clev

13........... $1,250.................... Louis Berus.............................. St. Clairsville........... Steu

14........... $1,250.................... Ronald Schmitt......................... Brookville................ Cinn

15........... $1,250.................... Jeannette Mintz....................... Granville.................. Colb

16.............$1,000..................Michael Scabill............... Simpsonville, ........................S. C.

17........... $1,000.................... John Mayer.............................. Chardon................... Clev

18........... $1,000.................... Mike Anders............................ Xenia........................ Cinn

19........... $1,000.................... Barb Ulrich................................ Miamisburg............. Cinn

20........... $1,000.................... Mike Hacker............................. Ironton..................... Steu

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  Miscellaneous Stories

PSD Bob Sears is honored for service to Ohio’s state council, foundation

State Deputy Larry Moegling, (right) presents scrapbook to Past State Deputy Bob Sears.


They honored Past State Deputy Robert E. Sears at the Men’s Luncheon of the State Convention.

His peers had some good things to say about the man who has spent so much of his life devoted to the Knights of Columbus since joining Brooklyn-Parma Council 2803 in 1964.

Sears, who was State Deputy in 1981-1983, has the most tenure of all living Ohio Past State Deputies. He is retiring after serving 25 years as treasurer of the Ohio Charity Foundation, an arm of the Ohio State Council.

Since his days as State Deputy, Sears has remained a leader in the Ohio jurisdiction. For instance, just a few years ago he was full-time Pennies for Heaven state chairman, responsible for elevating annual contributions to the $75,000 level. And he recently was responsible for the founding of St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984 in his home parish in Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese).

PSD Robert Wilhelm, a long-time associate, was the first to toast Sears.

“He probably raised $10 million for vocations and charities through the years,” he observed.

PSD Dennis Shonebarger was next.

“If you’re going to commit to something, do it the best that you can. Communicate. Promote. Take care of others. That’s how Bob worked,” Shonebarger said.

Then came PSD Gary Eckstein.

“Bob is a people person,” he said. “His philosophy always has been to look for ways to include people in your plans, not exclude them. We all have true admiration for this man who cares so much for human mankind.”

State Deputy Larry Moegling, who remembered the 10 nominating speeches Sears gave through the years on his behalf, presented gifts – Ipods for Sears and his wife, Dodie, which they can use on their daily walks; gift certificates to a local restaurant where the two often dine, and a scrapbook of memorabilia.

*     *     *

“As long as I can get up in the morning; get to a meeting, I always will be there to help,” responded Sears when given an opportunity to speak.

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Kirwin Award

Kirwin Award winner Mark Hedges (right) and Carl Fergusion, State Insurance Liaison. The award is given to the top field agent in Ohio for the fraternal year

 State Insurance Liaison Carl Ferguson, a general agent (left) congratulates Field Agent Mark Hedge, who was named the Kirwin Award winner for the fifth year in a row. The award annual is given to the state’s top field agent. Hedge is in his sixth year as a K of C insurance agent.

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 Former convention recorder is honored

     John Olding and Lady Christa


 Most delegates and guests attending business sessions of State Conventions through the years probably never noticed John Olding. But he was an important of 25 conventions.

Each year, Olding was seated apart from others, quietly doing his work, recording every word spoken. He was the official recorder of the annual convention from 1981-2006.

Olding was honored at the State Deputy’s Banquet of the State Convention. Earlier in the day, delegates at the business session approved a resolution offering “our sincere congratulations and appreciation for the services provided” by Olding.

Olding, a member of Madonna Council 3891, Cincinnati, remains active in his council and the Fourth Degree color corps. He and his wife of 55 years, Christa, raised 12 children and have 22 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

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 Supreme Convention delegates elected

 Ohio delegates to the Annual Supreme Knights of Columbus Convention were elected at Area Caucuses during the State Convention. The convention will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, on Aug. 4-6.


Area 1    Leonard Kruse, of Council 9788, Columbus Grove

                (Alternate: Hiram McFGarlin, Council 386)

Area 2    David Yehl, of Council 5506, Orrville

                (Alternate: Ted Lapponi, Council 7970)

Area 3    Nick Gresko, of Council 13984, Brook Park

                (Alternate: Ray Metsch, Council 4731)

Area 4    Bob Simon, of Council 11646, Cortland

                (Alternate: George Bodajlo Jr., Council 620)

Area 5    Benjamin Tobe, of Council 3324, Fort Recovery

                (Alternate: Doug Sabo, Council 7981)

Area 6    Francesco Iannaggi, of Council 11188, Columbus

                (Alternate: Fred Sheltz, Council 12900)

Area 7    Nat Moscato, of Council 5583, Tiltonsville

                (Alternate: Don Hall, Council 472)

Area 8    Bill Gratsch, of Council 3891, Cincinnati

                (Alternate: John Hillebrand, Council 1195)

 Two other Ohio delegates, selected by virtue of their office, are 2009-2010 fraternal year State Deputy Paul Upman and Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling.


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The Buckeye Bulletin

The Buckeye Bulletin is published by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and distributed via Third Class Non-Profit Bulk Postage, Permit No. 229, U.S. Postal Service, at Cleveland, Ohio.

Editorial Content

Forward all editorial content to: Harding Christ, Editor, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012-1642. Tel: (440) 933-8986. Email:

Subscription Requests, Address changes, deletions

Members of the Knights of Columbus in good standing in the Ohio jurisdiction may subscribe free of charge. Forward requests for new subscriptions, address changes, cancellations to: Harding Christ, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012. Email: The full 9-digit Zip Code must be included with all new subscription and change of address requests. 


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