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State Deputy Message


State Deputy Paul Upman’s

Annual Report for 2009-2010



It is both a requirement and a pleasure to report to you on the status of the Knights of Columbus in the jurisdiction of the great State of Ohio. My first year in office as a State Deputy has had many challenges, many rewards and some disappointments. It is human nature to dwell more on the tough times than the rewarding. So, I need to say at the outset that many of the problems we encountered this last fraternal year were due to external factors and not to lack of effort by our State Officers, Directors or Diocesan Personnel. Your elected officers and appointed leaders are the most dedicated, experienced and energetic representatives we could ever hope to have. On your behalf, I would like to thank them for their service. I also wish to thank our State Chaplain Rev. James Brown who took on this assignment though he has a full time ministry as Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Toledo Diocese. Fr. Jim has been with us to provide spiritual guidance at every opportunity possible. Fr. Jim has spent considerable effort at learning as much as possible about State Council operations and has had frequent contact with Fr. John Grace and Bishop Lori at the Supreme Council. Fr. Jim is active as a council Chaplain in Toledo as well as at the State level.

 Theme and Programs

The theme for 2009-2011 was and is “Strong in Faith and Service.” This theme was well thought out and was and is intended to remind our membership that we are a Catholic, fraternal organization started by a priest, and we are supportive of our parishes, families and neighbors. We should first be strong in our faith as it gives focus and purpose to everything we do. Secondly, it is our mission as Knights to serve others who are less fortunate or who need support. We also created a sub-theme: “Together let us remember the dream” to help with our membership efforts. The “dream” of course is that of Father Michael J. McGivney who started the Knights of Columbus in 1882. We want to “stay the course” and continue to recruit new members who believe in the same principals of those first Knights of Columbus.

 Program Progress

We are very fortunate in the Ohio jurisdiction that we have the leadership, energy and finances to further develop Supreme Council programs into a program “contest” that encourages council participation in quality programs in: Church, Community, Council, Family, Membership and Youth activities. Many councils and individuals are to receive recognition at this 111th annual convention. Specific guidance was given to each Grand Knight in the form of State developed booklets entitled the General Program Handbook and the Grand Knight’s Handbook to help our councils and membership to become “Strong in Faith and Service.” Some highlights are noted in my report, but I encourage each of you to read the individual Director’s reports in this booklet. The Directors are to be commended for their creative programming, their dedication and energy, and willingness to help council members learn the online reporting systems and how to use the State programs to their advantage. I am confident that the experience and competence level expressed in our crew of directors is unmatched by most jurisdictions in the Order. During the year, 257 of our councils elected to send in activity reports which indicated at least 72% of our active councils participated. Now that we are used to on-line reporting, we expect next year to be even better.

Near the outset of our fraternal year, Supreme Council began a significant change to the Columbian Award program by adding Pro-Life activities to the mandatory requirement along with Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth for the coveted Columbian award part of the Star Council Award. Since our programming year had already begun, we were not in a position to make changes to published literature. However, we immediately made the membership aware and began an information campaign to advise all about the new requirement. In due time the Supreme Council made available a new Columbian Award reporting form (SP-710/09) and our councils began using the new form to report their application for the Columbian award with all required activities. Supreme Council is to be commended for making this important change in emphasizing the significance of Pro-Life reporting.


In terms of the accomplishments in our membership numbers, expressed after all our efforts to induct new members, against a backdrop of suspensions, withdraws and deaths, we were not pleased. We are on path to end the year with about 300 fewer members than last fraternal year. Our quota for membership intake as defined by Supreme council at 2,650 new members is higher than ever before, but that has little to do with the number of suspensions of more than a thousand and the deaths we sustained at a rate of more than three per day. The mortality rate is in the hands of God, but we mortals must endeavor to reduce the suspensions. As we randomly checked on why there were so many suspensions, the reason most often cited seemed to be that councils could no longer afford to carry members who were behind in their dues. And those behind in dues could no longer afford to pay what was owed. In many cases, councils attempted to arrange deals or payment plans to keep the member, but it was still not enough. The downturn in the economy during the last couple of years may have taken a financial toll on many of our members and councils. Some cited the added assessment for the Culture of Life and the recent increase in the State per capita fee. Councils could no longer afford to pay these fees for members who were in arrears. Going forward, we will better explain the Culture of Life program as it is not well understood. The State Officers are also considering some relief with the Per Capita payments. A Resolution will be discussed at this convention.

Many of these members suspended were behind more than two years in dues and had not been in contact with their council for years. We attempted to rectify this situation by instituting a program called the “Power of 10” that asked active members to get in contact with those out of touch. This program was instituted by the State of Georgia and it worked well to reduce suspensions. We have seen it work where adopted in Ohio and will continue to push its use next year as well.  We also uncovered the fact that many Financial Secretaries did not take the proper steps to suspend delinquents, and many councils did not have a Retention person or committee.  We intend to improve both of these situations in the next fraternal year, primarily through training.  We also intend to better utilize our diocesan staff to improve intake and retention.  In all, we have 14 diocesan chairman in place and very capable of helping with this challenge.  I am confident that the terrible suspension rate of last year, will not plague our State in the coming year!

On the bright side, we are on track to take in more than 2,000 new members this year that concludes in June, and we are on track to start more than 10 new councils!  For this we owe our gratitude to every Knight who asked a Catholic man to join our ranks, and to the perseverance of our membership team headed by Paul Barko and new council development efforts of Gabriel Minton. Please see Gabriel’s report for the location and details of our newest councils recorded to date. And we would like to welcome all these new Brothers! Both Paul and Gabriel had much support from Directors and District Deputies that are too numerous to mention, with the exception of District Deputy Ed Ponder who was involved with starting three new councils! Congratulations Ed!

Our multi-parish councils established more than 80 Round Table arrangements with the pastors of parishes served. This was about half of our quota. Many more were actually in existence, but not reported properly. The actual process consists of two steps and both forms must be submitted every year. State Council has petitioned Supreme Council by way of a Resolution to examine the process with the goal of making it more “user friendly” and thus capture what is actually happening.

 District Deputies

Because of healthy new council development over the last several years, we have steadily added District Deputies to our DD corps which now stands at 78!  Our DDs each service an average five councils and in my opinion are unsung heroes.  They are the eyes, ears, feet and hands of the State Council in that it is  the DD who must visit the council, keep tabs on what is getting done, and motivate council leaders to do their job.  They do this month in and month out with almost no compensation for their time, trouble and expenses.  State and Supreme Councils cannot achieve goals without the active participation of the District Deputy.  My thanks to each and every one of you!


In Ohio we have 24 Squires Circles and 370 members. Not to be outdone, and with the leadership of Fr. F. Richard Snoke and Director Marty Schumacher, we started two new Squires Circles this fraternal year: one sponsored by St. Hilary Council #14551 in Akron and the second by Council #7970 in North Ridgeville. Other circles are under development and may become a reality soon.


Over many years in Ohio we have adopted a few critical and highly successful fundraising efforts. Your State Officers have energetically assumed leadership roles for all. I would like to quickly summarize:

The Measure Up campaign is chaired by our State Warden Kevin Miller and is designed to raise money for council selected organizations that work with the developmentally disabled. This year’s campaign is just concluding but last year our councils raised $438,579 under then State Warden Bob Collins.

The Matching Funds campaign was chaired by our current State Advocate Bob Collins and is intended to raise funds for religious educational needs. Our Ohio Charities Foundation contributed a $25,000 match. This year’s total was more than $57,000.

The Charity Raffle campaign, also known as the Cash Bonanza, is chaired by our State Treasurer and ends this weekend with the drawing. The results will be published very soon. Councils reap significant rebates from this campaign for their local charitable uses. Last year’s campaign chaired by David Helmstetter grossed $740,420 from more than 148,000 tickets sold.

The Pennies for Heaven campaign that raises money for our diocesan vocations departments is chaired by our State Secretary David Helmstetter, who is ably assisted by our Vocation Director Joe Mackos. This campaign is unique to Ohio and has steadily grown to a record $81,366 collected this year. Seventeen councils made it to the $1000 club. To them and all contributors, we say “thank you”. The long-term goal is to get this program to a sustainable $100,000 per year, in addition to the usual RSVP donations to seminarians.

While mentioning fund raisers, I need to address the Football Sweepstake that was started several years ago as a way of providing operational funds for our local councils and the State Council. This activity was chaired by Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein and it raised nearly $40,000 each for both local and State councils! Thank you PSD Eckstein for your continued support.

 Financial Stability

An important responsibility of the State Deputy and officers is to operate programs and activities within our means and to insure financial stability of the State Council. In this last fiscal year, your State Council maintained three accounts with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank: a Fund Raising account that is funded primarily by the Football Sweepstake program, a General checking account that is funded by Per Capita income and all miscellaneous sources of income, and a recently created Savings account that is used to hold funds for a higher rate of interest during times of plenty. Near the end of the fraternal year, a fourth account was opened and it will be funded by 20% of the Measure Up collections. At this convention, delegates assigned to the Audit Committee will review in detail the report of our auditors Flemming, Brockschmidt and Durkin of Cincinnati, Ohio. The committee task is to verify the process and extent of record keeping, and to review the auditors report in detail. We can take comfort in the fact that this audit is extremely thorough. In spite of the high cost of starting new programs last year, we were able to honor all invoices and will finish the fraternal year “in the black!”

Of importance to our financial control is the fact that we converted from a cash system to the accrual system of accounting and commenced full time use of the QuickBooks accounting system for depositing funds, check writing and account segregation control. My thanks and appreciation goes to Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling for his tireless efforts on our behalf in making these successful changes. Larry has been hands-on help in making improvements in our financial systems. Thanks also to State Secretary David Helmstetter for his role in taking over key elements of the check recording and writing procedures. As was reported last year, the Executive Secretary position was phased out with the retirement of Robert Eason who willingly assisted for a few months during the changeover.

The State Officers, Directors and District Deputies are to be commended for their fiscal control during this last fraternal year. Numerous cases abound of not requesting or taking per diem and mileage payments, using conference calling and internet exchanges in lieu of meetings, combining officer meetings with other activities to minimize travel, returning specific donation costs back to regional responsibility, eliminating State paid phone services for directors, staff and officers and reducing postage cost by providing web site information and routine mail-outs via email transfers and the internet. In this regard all but about 33 of our councils have agreed to receive frequent State mailings via the internet, thus saving a significant amount of printing and postage. We expect to have 100% of our councils with an e-mail contact address by the end of the next fraternal year. Likewise we continued the effort of our predecessors in converting important activity reports from printed and mailed copies to online reporting. General Program Director Mark Pickard and Web site Director Jerry Lowery are to be commended for their efforts in this regard. In a very practical sense, your State Council has made good strides at “going green.”

 Significant Events

We experienced two International Free Throw champions in our State: Kelly Lamb, sponsored by Council #10792 of the Cleveland Diocese and Heathe Heiby sponsored by Council #1800 of the Cincinnati Diocese. We also had an International Soccer Champion Sara Stoll from Norwalk Council #626 in the Toledo Diocese. Congratulations to these youngsters! Trophies were provided by Supreme Council. Lastly we had an international third place Anti Drug Abuse Poster winner by Samuel Burtch sponsored by Council #2158. Sam received a Certificate and a $100 check!

In midwinter we were made aware of 750 coats donated to Supreme Council as part of the Coats for Kids program, and they were offered to Ohio, but we had to act quickly to get them. I am very pleased to report that every coat was distributed to children in Cincinnati, Dayton and Cleveland. It was no easy chore to line up distribution points, to arrange for shipments and to man the centers. Our thanks to Don Morris, David Bowling Jr. and District Deputy Brandon Robinson in the Cleveland Diocese, to Grand Knights William Wirtz and Tim Mangen, and District Deputy Mike Thomas who arranged for distribution through St Vincent DePaul in Dayton, and to Grand Knight Bob Gomez and council #3369 in Cincinnati. What an awesome display of team work!

Another opportunity of which we took advantage was Supreme Councils offer to share the cost of ultrasound machines purchased by qualified anti-abortion centers.  The money came from the Culture of Life Fund.  Two machines were ordered or purchased: one sponsored by councils of the Columbus Chapter and the second by councils of the Cincinnati Chapter. At least one other machine purchase is in the works in the Cleveland Diocese and another is being pursued in the Toledo Diocese. Co-sponsoring an ultrasound machine with a local pro-life center is a very practical and effective pro-life activity that becomes a reality when multiple councils unite for a common cause.

*    *     *

My Brother Knights, the sobering news I gave you at the outset of this report about our high suspension numbers seems to pale in comparison to the amazing accomplishments all of you have achieved during this last year. In spite of the slumping economy, you and your council Brothers rose to the occasion in terms of charity, unity and fraternity. May God continue to bless our Order and may the dream of Fr. Michael J. McGivney continue to inspire us to even better accomplishments next year.


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2010 State Convention

It’s Time to Speak Up

At State Convention, Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant

tells Ohio Knights that the time has come to speak up

for the Church and the Pope

“The time has come for Knights to speak up.

“You are part of a great organization – a very large global operation. It’s huge. But its success all depends on what we do at the grass roots level. You are a leader of the Church. People are counting on you.”

Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant gave those thoughts to Ohio’s Knights and guests at the State Deputy’s Banquet of the 111th Annual Convention of the Ohio State Council, held during the weekend of May 28-30 in Cleveland. Dechant was principal speaker at the banquet, which was the highlight of the convention.

Specifically, he was imploring Knights to speak up against attacks on the pope, who has been accused of neglecting a situation. “Nothing is further from the truth,” Dechant emphasized. “The time has come for Knights to speak up and defend Pope Benedict XVI.”

In his remarks, Dechant emphasized that new councils are vital to the Order. “What good is one council with 15 parishes when you could have 15 councils with 15 Grand Knights, etc.?” he asked.

“The Order is strong,” he continued. “Insurance growth is vital to the Order. Our insurance arm makes the Order tick.”

*     *     *

State Deputy Paul Upman presided over the convention. “I appreciate how you’ve embraced the Strong in Faith and Service program,” he said.

State General Program Director Mark Pickard, who presided over distribution of plaques at an Awards Session and council and individual honorees at the State Deputy’s Banquet, congratulated councils for going paperless this fraternal year.

“You are a part of history,” he said. “For the first time, we asked you to do away with reporting on paper. And you did. More than 70% of our councils reported their activities, and only 3% reported them on paper and through the U.S. mail. The vast majority reported online.”

Pickard reported that 256 Ohio councils participated in the 2009-2010 general program.

*     *     *

During business sessions, delegates took action on 25 resolutions submitted by state officers and various councils, including approval of one that will reduce the per capita tax for inactive insurance members. It must be submitted to Supreme Council and it also involves an Ohio State Council bylaw change.

*     *     *

Ohio’s No. 1 council for the 2009-2010 fraternal year – St. John Newmann Council 11823, Steubenville – was honored at the State Deputy’s Banquet, along with others in the Top Ten.

Individuals also were honored. Chaplain of the Year was bestowed on Msgr. James Kolp, a two-time Former State Chaplain – 1969-1971 and again in 1089-1991 -- who this year is celebrating his 60th Anniversary as a priest. Msgr. Kolp, who spent 27 years as pastor of the Church of St. Mary in Massillon, has been Chaplain of Massillon Council 554 since 1974.

James Bruder, of Avon and Father Ragan Council 3269 in the Cleveland Diocese, was honored as Knight of the Year for his 48 years of continued leadership in his council.

*     *     *

The final award of the State Deputy’s Banquet was the St. Paul Award, presented to the state officer whose diocese reached the highest amount of council participation within the state general program as well as the highest net membership increase (as of May 1). Winner of the award was State Secretary Dave Helmstetter.

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Convention Notes

Dechant remembers the work

of Ohioans of the past


During his remarks at the State Deputy’s Banquet of the State Convention, Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant spoke fondly about the work of Ohioans in the Order, and he reminisced about his 23-year tenure as Supreme Knight.

He especially paid tribute to the late Charles Riesbeck Jr., a Past State Deputy of Ohio from St. Clairsville and Supreme Director/Supreme Secretary for 21 years during the administration of Dechant.

“He was a real Ohioan,” Dechant said. “He always thought, ‘Is this good for Ohio’ when a decision was to be made.”

He spoke about Knights such as the late Ohio Past State Deputies Judge Leo Stark and Henry Kondrat, who were Supreme Directors, as well as Ohio Past State Deputy Ray Miller, who served the Order in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

“The work of our Past State Deputies paved the way for the successes we have today,” he remarked.

Dechant also spoke about our priests.

“We’re ending the Year of the Priest,” he said. “The priesthood is the love and the heart of Jesus. When opening the Year of the Priest, the Holy Father said, ‘how can I not pay tribute to their apostolic endeavors’?

“These priests we have today trust you, and we want them to know that we trust them.”

Dechant was the Order’s 12th Supreme Knight.

*     *     *

Dechant has some Ohio roots. He is a graduate of the Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, Class of 1956. He was elated to hear at the convention that a new council – No. 15009 – has been formed at the college, and that during one of the business sessions Former State Chaplain Fr. Paul Hrezo – who is assigned to the college – was seated as a delegate. Dechant is a member of the Josephinum’s Board of Trustees.

*     *     *

Besides Dechant, a special guest at the convention was Vice Supreme Master George Dann, from Michigan. He arrived on Saturday, after attending Michigan’s State Convention on Mackinac Island ….. Guest speaker at the Sunday Men’s Luncheon was a tremendously successful Cleveland St. Ignatius High School football coach and motivational speaker, Chuck Kyle.

*     *     *

Cleveland Diocese Auxiliary Bishop (retired) A. Edward Pevec, a former state chaplain, was main celebrant at the convention’s Sunday Mass. Concelebrants were current State Chaplain, Fr. James Brown, and Former State Chaplains Msgr. James Kolp, Fr. F. Richard Snoke and Fr. Paul Hrezo. Bishop Pevec and Msgr. Kolp were classmates at St. Mary’s Seminary.

*     *     *

Fr. Snoke is celebrating his 45th Anniversary as a priest; Msgr. Kolp is celebrating his 60th Anniversary ….. State Treasurer Ken Girt noted at the Sunday business session that six officers “were in their 50’s yesterday. Today only five officers are in their 50’s. Girt turned 60 on Sunday ….. Eight Past State Deputies were in attendance: Robert Sears, Dennis Shonebarger, Baci Carpico, Al Hickey, Leonard Krawczyk, John Welch, Roland Bator, Gary Eckstein.

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Convention delegates take action

on  25 submitted resolutions


State Convention delegates studied 25 resolutions during the Saturday afternoon business session. Among them, they approved one that would reduce the state per capita fee charged to local councils for inactive insurance members.

Pointing out that Supreme Council at present, on the anniversary date of insurance policies paid to inactive insurance members, reimburses local councils less than the total paid by the local council in state and supreme per capita fees.

The resolution calls for the state per capita fee to be reduced to an amount commensurate with the reimbursement policy of Supreme Council. Currently, the reduction would be $2.00.

The approved resolution must be submitted to Supreme Council. It also involves a change in the Ohio State Council bylaws.

Other resolutions approved include:

·         Asking that Supreme Council petition the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. to set aside a place within the Shrine “to honor Our Lady under her title  of Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin”, and that the K of C provide such a statue to the Shrine.

·         Asking that a rosary be offered before the celebration of Mass at the Supreme Council Convention.

·         Encouraging councils and assemblies to repeat the phrase “born and unborn” after the Pledge of Allegiance is ended at Knights of Columbus events and meetings.

·         Asking that parish round tables be considered established when Supreme Form 2629 is submitted and that a new form need not be submitted each year so long as the relationship is active and that a Form 2630 is filed at the end of each fraternal year as required.

·         Asking that Supreme petition the U.S. Postal Service to provide a reduced, or free, postage of  parcels mailed to soldiers serving overseas in the Armed Forces.

·         Giving Past State Deputies the right to cast votes at state conventions (this involves a bylaw change).

Honorary resolutions  were  approved:

 Fr. Michael McGivney; Supreme Knight Carl Anderson; Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori; Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant; State Chaplain Fr. James Brown; State Deputy Paul Upman; Former State Chaplain Fr. F. Richard Snoke; Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling; Bishops of Ohio; Vice Supreme Master George Dann; Msgr. James Kolp; the late Fr. Mark Schminder (who served 23 years as chaplain at the Lebanon Correctional Institution), and Sister Mary Evelyn Hillebrand (for her 50 years of service to the Church).

Finally, delegates resolved to publicly honor military veterans with a moment of silence at the state convention.

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Ohio’s Top 10 Councils for 2009-2010


No. 1    St. John Newmann 11828                 Steubenville               Steu

No. 2    North Ridgeville 7970                       North Ridgeville        Clev

No. 3    St. Anthony 14093                            Columbus                  Colb

No. 4    Marysville 5534                                 Marysville                  Colb

No. 5    Geauga 3304                                      Chardon                     Clev

No. 6    St. Brigid of Kildare 10863               Dublin                       Colb

No. 7    St. Jude 10183                                   Columbiana              Youn

No. 8    Joseph Cardinal Bernadin 12359       Cincinnati                  Cinn

No. 9    Blessed John XXIII 14502               Perrysburg                  Tole

No. 10  Fr. John Roettele 8115                      Fairfield                     Cinn

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Best Council Activities 2009-2010

 Best Church Activity

St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese), provided financial support to seminarians by collecting more than a “Million Pennies for Heaven in the Year of the Priests”. A local company designed collection cups and collections were made at a religious store, the parish, a pizza party and fish fries. In addition, a wine-tasting party was held at the local parish hall. The council raised $10,401 for seminarians of the Cleveland Diocese.

 Best Pro-Life Activity

Geauga Council 3304 (Cleveland Diocese) hosted a pro-life dinner with Jason Jones, producer of the award-winning movie BELLA as guest speaker. He motivated the 250 persons in attendance to get involved with the pro-life movement. It was a huge success, raising more than $2,500 which was donated to two local seminarians and the St. Helen’s Pro-Life group. In addition, the St. Helen’s Life Teen Group sold more than 150 copies of the BELLA movie which Jones provided. Copies also were donated to a pregnancy center for women to view.

 Best Community Activity

St. Sebastian Council 14255, Akron (Cleveland Diocese) held a “Knock Your Socks Off” campaign for the Christ Child Society of Akron. Members and St. Sebastian parishioners collected clothing (including 409 pairs of socks) along with cash to supplement the Christ Child Society’s “Bags of Love” project which assists needy people with clothing items.

 Best Council Activity

Massillon Council 554 (     Youngstown Diocese) hosted the Kelly-Miller Circus, an event that hadn’t happened in Massillon in 30 years. It took months of planning and was a fun event for the community, as well as council members. During the circus the council served dinners in the council hall, realizing more than $1,000. 

Best Public Relations Activity

Fr. John Roettele Council 8115, Fairfield (Cincinnati Diocese) donated $425 to Shared Harvest Food Bank to help keep the pantry stocked. The funds came from proceeds of the council’s Lenten Fish Fries. 

Best Family Activity

St. Francis of Assisi Council 10792, Strongsville (Cleveland Diocese) has conducted an on-going “Rosary CD Program” whereby members produce and distribute special CD’s at no cost (but suggesting a donation) to assist families in praying the rosary. More than 1800 CD’s have been distributed. Proceeds from the donations provide support for seminarians and Catholic high school scholarships. 

Best Membership Activity

Knights from Joseph Cardinal Bernadin Council 12359, Cincinnati, have established an ongoing program to reach out and serve not only their community, but also their Brother Knights and their families in need. The “Brothers in Need” program has raised more than $3,000 to help families get back on their feet. It has resulted in a good membership recruitment tool.

 Best Youth Activity

Perrysburg Council 7978 (Toledo Diocese) was an important part of a YES Project gathering at St. Rose Parish. It is an annual service project put on by the Catholic Youth Ministries of Toledo. Council members volunteered to provide food at the dinner gathering.

 Best Squires Activity

Members of Massillon Council 554’s Squires Circle (Youngstown Diocese) held a steak fry at the council’s pavilion, raising $515 to support the Squires’ activities and charities.

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Individual of the year Awards


Knight of the Year: James Bruder

James Bruder was honored for his 48 years of continuing service to Father Ragan Council 3269, Avon (Cleveland Diocese) and the Lt. McManus Assembly of Lorain County. James and his wife, Bobbie, raised four children: Ann Marie, Michael, Tim and Beth. Following the death of Tim, James established the Tim Bruder Memorial Foundation and has raised more than $60,000 for Crohn’s Disease research at The Cleveland Clinic. James and Bobbie are with State Council Activities Director Bob Byers (left) and State Deputy Paul Upman (right

 Lady of the Year: Ruth Vreeland

Volunteer of the Year: Wayne Vreeland

A husband and wife team were honored for their service. Ruth is active with the Blessed John XXIII Parish, Perrysburg (Toledo Diocese) St. Vincent de Paul Society and helped organize the parish center’s “Perennial Prayer Garden. She serves with the Perrysburg Christian United Food Bank and belongs to many civic groups. Wayne is a member of the parish RICA candidate program, CCD teacher and Eucharistic Minister. He served in the U.S. Army for 21 years and is a PGK of Blessed John XXIII Council 14502 and Faithful Navigator of the Msgr. Yates Assembly. They have been married for 28 years. Ruth is with State Deputy Paul Upman; Wayne is with State Community Activities Director Mike Abfall.

 Religious of the Year: Fr. Dismas Boeff, O.S.B.

Fr. Boeff is associate pastor at St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese); member of St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, and Chaplain of Southwest Hospital and Regency Hospital. He is founder of the parish Divine Mercy prayer group and is a leader of the local Alcohol Anonymous programs. He also is active in prison ministry. Fr. Boeff (center) is with State Church Director Jack Campbell (left) and State Deputy Paul Upman.

 Blue Coat of Year: James Astorino

James has been a member of the Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese) Fire Department for 29 years, and is current president of the Northern Ohio Fire Fighters Association. He is active in raising funds for the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital burn unit and volunteers with the USO to raise awareness of the nation’s servicemen, and is active in community youth activities. He is a member of St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park. James is with State Deputy Paul Upman.

 District Deputy of Year: DD-8 Edward Ponder

Among his accomplishments, Ed was a driving force in starting three new councils in the Cincinnati Archdiocese – with two more in the works. He also started a new Squires Circle. He is a member of the Dayton Third Degree Team and has started another in the area. He is a member of St. Leonard Council 10215, Centerville. Ed is with State District Deputy Director Jerry Karpinski (left).

Family of the Year: Gary & Peggy Christie Family

Gary, Peggy and their four children – John, Sam Lial and Maggie – all are active in the Blessed John XXIII Parish and in a number of organizations within the Perrysburg (Toledo Diocese) community. Gary has served as Deputy Grand Knight of Blessed John XXIII Council 14502. The Christie family is with State Family Activities Director Larry Droesch (left) and State Deputy Paul Upman (right).

 Youth of the Year: Derek Adam

Derek is a member of the St. Lukes’ Parish Squires Circle in Danville (Columbus Diocese), where he has served as State Burser and Deputy Chief Squire. Derek (center) is with State Youth Director Ken Gardner.

 Kirwin Award: Mark Hedge

For the sixth consecutive year, Field Agent Mark Hedge has received the Kirwin Award, symbolic of the top-producing agent in Ohio. His volume of new life insurance policies issued is $21,241,926. He is associated with the Carl C. Ferguson Insurance Agency. Mark receives the award from State Deputy Paul Upman.

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Conventioneers see Supreme Council video

 Delegates and guests attending the business sessions of the State Convention watched a video featuring Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson’ views on the state of the Order.

In it Anderson reported that the Order has surpassed $75 billion in insurance in force – but stressed that “we must remember that only one-third of our Order is insurance members”.

He cited $150 million that Knights have given to charity this fraternal year, and that total membership has reached 1.8 million.

“We do so much more than just give money,” he said. “We roll up our sleeves and volunteer to provide help. Charity is at the center of our lives as Knights of Columbus.

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Supreme Council Convention Delegates elected


Ohio delegates to the 2010 Supreme Convention, which will be held in Washington D.C. on Aug. 3-5, were elected in area caucuses at the State Convention. Elected were:

Area 1-       Delegate:          Robert Boyer                 Alternate:      Gerald Meiring

Area 2 -      Delegate:          Mark Cmar                    Alternate:      Herman Dehring

Area 3 -      Delegate:          Brandon Robinson       Alternate:      Thomas Foss

Area 4 -      Delegate:          Charles Wirtz                 Alternate:      Richard George

Area 5 -      Delegate:          Edward Ponder              Alternate:      Doug Sabo

Area 6 -      Delegate:          Thomas Gault                Alternate:      Duane Loro

Area 7 -      Delegate:          John Snyder                   Alternate:      PSD Baci Carpico

Area 8 -      Delegate:          Randel Clark                  Alternate:      William Malarick


In addition, State Deputy Paul Upman and Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling are automatic delegates. Alternates to them are State Secretary Dave Helmstetter and State Treasurer Ken Girt, respectively.      

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2010 Super Cash Bonanza Prize List


Prize 1               Cara Naples, Centerville............ $414 a month for 10 years ($49,680)

Prize 2               Michael Albnese, Avon Lake........ $313 a month for 5 years ($18,780)

Prize 3               Michael Uebel, Bryan.................... $212 a month for 5 years ($12,720)

 Prize 4               Don Leonard, Columbus.................................................................. $4,000

         Prize 5               Joe Dipietro, Wadsworth................................................................... $3,000       

Prize 6               Ralph Shaw, East Liverpool............................................................. $2,000

 Prize 7               Dorthy Tiemeler, Cincinnati............................................................. $2,000

 Prize 8               John Kienke, Coldwater.................................................................... $1,500

 Prize 9               Mike Yano, Wellsburg, W. Va........................................................... $1,500

 Prize 10            Rob Giesige, Defiance...................................................................... $1,500

 Prize 11            Carl Calcara, Galena......................................................................... $1,500

Prizes 12-15    Kenneth Kasse, Perrysville.............................................................. $1,250

                           Charlotte Baumbick, Mantua........................................................... $1,250

                           Steven Wahl, Zanesville................................................................... $1,250

                           W.S. Dorio, Poland............................................................................. $1,250

Prizes 16-20    Monica Winemiller, Lake Orion....................................................... $1,000

                           Barb Robers, Cincinnati.................................................................... $1,000

                           Jim Bonar, Steubenville.................................................................... $1,000

                           Marx Thomas, Greenville................................................................. $1,000

                           Angela Roth, Norwalk........................................................................ $1,000

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Working together, we can succeed

After five consecutive years of being in Supreme Councils “Circle of Honor” for membership, Ohio has experienced an atypical year in 2009-2010, finishing well below the quota established by the Knights of Columbus headquarters.

“While we have had a successful year recruiting, we also have experienced an unusually high number of suspensions,” reported State Membership Director Paul Barko at the State Convention. “While there have been numerous explanations given for this trend, the reality is that we need to focus not on the ‘why’ but on the ‘what are we going to do about it’? We need to make a concerted statewide effort, on a council-by-council level, to halt that trend during this coming fraternal year. Working together, we can and will succeed in this effort.”

“Further complicating our membership growth has been the unusually high number of Brother Knights who have passed away this past year,” Barko continued. “As of May 1, we have lost 1,156 members to death, an average of nearly three members per day. This pattern gives further validation to admonitions from state and diocesan personnel over the years that ‘we are aging’ as an Order and that we need to recruit new and younger members to replace them if our Order is to remain strong and vibrant.”

Barko also had reported that 11 new councils had been formed in Ohio as of June 1.

As of June 1,Ohio Knights had recruited 2,111 new members. But the jurisdiction’s councils also suffered 1,163 losses, for a net gain of only 948, well below the Supreme quota of 1,800 net new members.

The June 1 statistics show that the Columbus Diocese is well ahead of every other Ohio diocese in membership recruitment, attaining 121% of its quota with 500 new members and 176 losses for a net gain of 324 new members. The Cincinnati Archdiocese was at 80% of its quota, with 578 new members and 203 losses, for a net gain of 375.

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Pennies for Heaven provides

record $81,366 for vocations


Ohio’s Knights have shown tremendous enthusiasm for support of vocations.

That fact is evidenced by the state’s Pennies for Heaven program, which set a record in 2009-2010 with $81,366 collected by councils, chapters, assemblies and circles. The total exceeds the $77,447 collected in the 2008-2009 fraternal year, and the previous record of $79,020 in 2007-2008.

Sixteen councils exceeded collections of more than $1,000, according to State Secretary Dave Helmstetter, Pennies for Heaven chairman. Tops was St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park (Cleveland Diocese), which collected $10,401.

“St. Peter the Apostle Council exceeded all expectations for this program,” Helmstetter said. “Along with the traditional passing the jug, the council used specific activities such as a wine-tasting event and incorporated the full parish in its effort to support vocations. This should show other Ohio councils the potential and impact Pennies for Heaven can have in their dioceses and parishes.”

Although a record, the 2009-2019 performance didn’t quite reach Helmstetter’s goal of $100,000 (or 1 million pennies).

“But we’ll shoot for that goal this next fraternal year,” he vowed.

In the Pennies for Heaven program, all funds collected in a particular diocese are given to the vocations office of that diocese.

The theme of the 2009-2010 campaign was “Got Vocations ….. Pass the Jug!”, and a second theme, “Got Vocations ….. Go Beyond the Jug”, were utilized to promote vocations. The second theme encouraged councils to do more than just passing the jug – conducting specific activities to raise funds for the program.

“In today’s moral climate, Pennies for Heaven does much to promote vocations in our dioceses, councils and parish communities,” Helmstetter said. “On behalf of seminarians and vocations directors throughout Ohio, my thanks to our Ohio councils for supporting Pennies for Heaven.”

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Pennies for Heaven -- $1,000 Club


Council                                                                                Diocese                 Amount

St. Peter the Apostle 13984, Brook Park                             Clev      $     10,401.30

Cleveland 733, Cleveland                                                      Clev      $       6,120.40

Lancaster 1016, Lancaster                                                    Colb      $       2,916.50

Miraculous Medal, Columbus                                               Colb      $       2,550.72

North Ridgeville 7970, North Ridgeville                              Clev      $       2,440.00

Columbus Chapter                                                                  Colb      $       2,328.16

Immaculate Heart of Mary 13517, Cuyahoga Falls                    Clev      $       1,323.14

St. Brigid of Kildare, Dublin                                                   Colb      $       1,197.27

Perrysburg 7978, Perrysburg                                                  Tole       $       1,177.60

St. Francis of Assisi 14504, Centerville                                Cinn      $       1,089.44

Leo 957, Findlay                                                                      Tole       $       1,075.00

St. Michael 3382, Sharonville                                                Cinn      $       1,075.00

St. Brendan 11208, Hilliard                                                   Colb      $       1,000.20

Fr. Wm. Spikerman 671, Marion                                          Colb      $       1,000.00

Bellefontaine 1782, Bellefontaine                                        Cinn      $       1,000.00

Fr. Andrew Hohman 5253, Reynoldsburg                          Colb      $       1,000.00

Santa Maria 2898, Columbus                                               Colb      $       1,000.00




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Buckeye Bulletin mailing policy

To our Grand Knights and readers -

It is the policy of the Ohio State Council to mail three copies of the Buckeye Bulletin to every council in Ohio, the purpose being to display and make them available at council meetings and other gatherings. We have noticed a large number of non-deliverable copies being returned because of invalid addresses. Please make sure, if your council address changes, to notify me, State Treasurer Ken Girt, at   If your council does not have a valid mailing address, we will mail the three copies to the Financial Secretary.  Please forward that address to me.

--State Treasurer Ken Girt, Buckeye Bulletin Address Coordinator


Buckeye Bulletin Subscription Request

 The Buckeye Bulletin is mailed free of charge to Ohio Knights of Columbus in good standing. Subscriptions can be requested by completing the following information.

 Name ___________________________­________________________________

 Address _________________________________________________________


                               Note: You must include the full 9-digit Zip Code

 Council Name & Number ________________________________

               Send to: Harding Christ, Buckeye Bulletin Editor

                                 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012-1642


Members Can Subscribe to the Buckeye Bulletin

Ohio members in good standing can subscribe free of charge to the Buckeye Bulletin, official publication of the Ohio State Council, which is mailed free of charge seven times during the fraternal year. Members interested in reading this publication should complete the request form. The request MUST include the member’s full, 9-digit Zip Code. If it is not included, the request cannot be processed.

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