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State Deputy Message


Don’t hibernate; Reactivate!

 By Paul Upman

Our beautiful holidays are now behind us, but we still have a couple months of winter to get through.  Most of us, I am sure, have broken or failed to live up to the New Year’s resolutions we made!

Once again, the Knights of Columbus is here to offer us a way to have a meaningful winter; a way to stay active in our parishes and communities and with our families – even though the wintery conditions are telling us to slow down and to hibernate until spring is here.

Don’t let it happen!  Resist the “pull of the couch!”

Let’s vow to reenergize ourselves despite the cold weather!  Let’s get active; get involved with council happenings and with the many programs we have in the works between now and the end of our fraternal year.

In this issue of our Buckeye Bulletin, our activities directors are vying for your attention and reaching out to help you make your council a better place to be.  Get in touch with them.  Invite a director to your social affairs to work with you first-hand.

All our Grand Knights recently received an information packet by email or ground mail that brings everyone up to speed with what is happening and what is expected over the next few months.  Please make sure that you understand all this important information.

Our District Deputies are primed to go, as a result of their recent mid-year meeting in Columbus.  And they are ready to help you achieve your council goals.

During our recent meetings, the District Deputies received instructions on searching the state and supreme websites, on filing reports online, on basic responsibilities and duties of their position. And they participated in serious discussions about membership growth in their diocese. Hopefully, they will pass on this information to you at your district meetings.

Please continue and, yes, increase your membership efforts. Be positive and schedule those First Degrees, then recruit against those dates. Take note of the Power of 10 Program and make it a point to get in touch with members who are not active.  Some of our brothers need a little attention and help during these rough economic times.

Don’t be guilty of neglect. Charity begins at home, with a phone call or visit!  Don’t allow those inactive members to hibernate, either!

Continued best wishes in 2010 and stay Strong in Faith and Service.

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State Chaplain


How do we keep the name of Jesus

holy by our own tongues and our lives

By Fr. James Brown

I greet you in this new Year of the Lord, 2010, by asking the Lord’s blessings on you and your families that you may have peace, health most especially love unfold for you in this year.

As a part of the Liturgy for the Feast of Epiphany the Proclamation of the Date of Easter is given. As we have just celebrated the “glory shone around us at the birth of our Savior” the Church would have us look into the new year that lies ahead of us  to set in our hearts the dates and times of celebration and the continued unfolding of the mystery of our salvation. The proclamation tells us: “Let us recall the year’s culmination, the Easter Triduum of the Lord; his last supper, his passion and crucifixion, his burial and the great day of His rising from the dead…Easter!

Holy Thursday is celebrated on the evening of the 1st of April, Good Friday the 2nd,

Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil on April 3rd and Easter Sunday on April 4th.

Each Sunday of the year the Church makes present the great and saving deeds by which Christ forever conquered sin and death as on Easter. It is from Easter that all the other days are reckoned. Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent is on the 17th of February; The Ascension of the Lord will be celebrated on the 16th of May. The great Feast of Pentecost will be celebrated on the 23rd of May, and the first Sunday of Advent will be on the 28th day of November.

Like wise the feasts of the holy Mother of God, the Apostles and Saints and the Commemoration of the faithful departed will proclaim the Passover of Christ.

To Jesus Christ, who was,  who is and who is to come, Lord of time and history, be endless praise, for ever and ever. Amen

One of the feasts or commemorations that is celebrated around the Christmas time, but is often suppressed or falls on a weekday (when no one is watching) is the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus.

I thought it might be good to reflect a little of the holy Name of Jesus and how we use it and/or abuse it.

The Jewish people do not use the holy Name of God – the tetragramaphon – or the Four Great Hebrew Syllables. Rather they substitute ‘Adonai’ Lord. Jesus calls

God “Father (Abba)” but the Holy Name of God is never used in the Gospels.

Likewise, the Muslims always refer to God – “Allah in Arabic” by saying “In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to God, The Cherisher and sustainer of the Worlds; Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment.”  It sounds different to us because it is always said in Arabic.

And the Muslims also include the name of Muhammad – The Prophet of the Most High God –and the phrase “peace be upon him.”

Recently, Pope Benedict XVI ruled that the Jewish name of God -Yahweh – was to once more receive the same respect from Catholics that the Jewish people use and that that particular name was to be removed from our hymn and substituted by other names as the Jewish people do i.e “Adonai.”

The Most Holy Name of Jesus – in Hebrew the name is “Jeshua” or “Joshua” and it means “Yahweh saves” or “God saves.” In Greek the name is translated to “Iesous” and in Greek is connected to the word for healing. In the Latin form it is translated “Jesus.”

The Holy Name of Jesus is sacred. It was pronounced at his annunciation to Mary by the Archangel Gabriel and again to St. Joseph. Again at his Circumcision (January 1st  -8 days after his birth).

St. Paul tells us in the letter to the Philippians: “… at the name of Jesus every knee should bend in both heaven and earth..”

And so my brothers we are challenged. How do we keep the Name of Jesus holy by our own tongues and by our own lives? Today, we the Knights of Columbus should work to reclaim a sense of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done for us.

We need to connect that sense of reverence and awe of who Jesus is with what we do in our daily lives. We need to reconnect the sacredness of God with our every day world.

I ask you to reflect on this idea and share it among your Council and perhaps subtle reminders  to  “watch  what we say.”

Through God our heavenly Father, Most High God and Creator, May His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord bless you with peace and joy, health and contentment through out the 2010  in the Presence and the power of their Holy Spirit.



Adelbert Bihn, ex-District Deputy Coordinator

Adelbert (Al) Bihn, who served two terms as Cleveland Diocese District Deputy Coordinator and as State District Deputy Director during the administration of State Deputy Roland Bator, passed away last Dec. 5. He was 59.

Brother Bihn was a Past Grand Knight of Lafayette Council 3970, Independence (Cleveland Diocese), and a current member of St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984, Brook Park. He was a Former District Deputy, and was a member of the Fourth Degree Archbishop Edward F. Hoban Assembly.

Among survivors is his wife, Joyce.


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General Program Director






Ohio’s Top 10 Councils in Programming


Following are Ohio’s Top 10 Councils statewide as of Nov. 1, 2009. Top 10 includes program points ONLY. Standings do not reflect membership or administrative requirements

                       Council                            Location                Dio.       Pts.

1                    Fr. Aufderheide 12912         Vandalia                    Cinn         1150

2-3 (tie)       Msgr. Lang 1039                    Defiance                  Tole         1100

2-3 (tie)       South Akron 3410                  Akron                       Clev         1100

4                    Fr. Hohman 5253                   Reynoldsburg         Colb         1075

5                    North Olmsted 4731               North Olmsted       Clev         1000

6                    St. Francis 10792                   Strongsville              Clev          975

7                    Mother Theresa 14344         Toledo                     Tole           900

8                    Fr. Wolf 4378                         Russells Point          Cinn           875

9-10 (tie)    Msgr. Dury 505                        Zanesville               Colb           850

9-10 (tie)    Garfield 4130                          Garfield Heights      Clev           850

9-10 (tie)    Msgr. Dooley 4361                   Mingo Junction      Steu           850




It’s time to take a second look

 By Mark Pickard

State General Program Director

WOW!!!  What a great first five months of the fraternal year. Councils are embracing the activities and programs in our “Strong in Faith and Service” program.  Thanks to all the Grand Knights, General Program Directors and Council Program Directors for taking an active role in the success of your councils.

As in years gone by, January marks the halfway point in the General Program contest -- three reporting periods under our belt with two to go.  Now is the time to take a second look at your council’s achievements and plans as we head toward the convention.

  Thanks to all the councils that have taken the bull by its horns and reported their great programs on line through our web site.  I would like to make one suggestion: please, on nominations of  “honoree of the year” in each of the program areas, report it online, then submit to the respective State Director a hard copy packed full of information of the most worthy nomination.  Take the time and do it right!!!  Every nomination has an equal opportunity to be the top in the State of Ohio.

  Do you believe that the best activity in your council should be selected as the best in the State of Ohio?  Well then, be sure to tell the State Director. Let him know.

How do you do this, you ask?

It’s simple. Submit to the State Director a report in detail. Include pictures with captions, and tell him how many Knights participated from start to finish.  Go ahead, TOOT your own horn.  Now is the time to do it!!!

Keep up the good work and let’s all work together and go out and find a good Catholic gentleman to join our ranks.  Remember, someone asked you to join. Why not go out today and ask someone you know to JOIN THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS? You will be glad you did.

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State Membership Director




Ohio State Council Membership as of November 1, 2009

                                              Year to       Year to      

                                               Date           Date                                                     Percent

Diocese              Quota          Gain           Loss          Net              of Quota         Needed


Cincinnati              463           127              94          +33               +7.1%                430

Cleveland              335           133            133              0                 0.0%                 335

Columbus              266           113              93          +20               +7.5%                246

Steubenville            81             16                9            +7               +8.6%                 74

Toledo                   431             60            130           -70              -16.2%                501

Youngstown          224             75              21          +54             +24.1%                170


   TOTALS         1,800           524            480          +44              +2.64%             1,756



Fraternity in Membership

Councils should consider options before Suspending members

 because of economics

 By Paul Barko

State Membership Director

Charity, the Center of the Knights of Columbus, May Need a Fraternal Twist.

For most members, that statement comes as no surprise; and it shouldn’t since Fr. Michael McGivney clearly identified “Charity” as the first and most defining principle upon which our Order was founded.

However, our focus at times is outside the Order more than within. When thinking of charity, also remember that: “Charity begins at home.”

With that statement I am encouraging you to think about another guiding principle: Fraternity. As the Membership Director for the Ohio State Council I have received numerous notifications of intent to suspend, and have sadly seen nearly 700 members be suspended since the start of this fraternal year (July 1, 2009). I am also saddened because the primary reason given for these suspensions was economic.

I am acutely aware of the current economic state and trends with the American economy. I am aware that times are tough and money for “extras” is not easy to come by, even for councils. But I am also aware that councils are continuing to do great acts of charity for their communities, their churches, their youth, etc., through the State General Activities Programs.

However, we are allowing members to be lost primarily due to their inability to pay dues.

I am therefore, encouraging you as Brother Knights -- believers in the message of Fr. McGivney -- to consider options before suspending members of your council based on economics!

What are those options?

1.        A Semi-annual “Council Fund-Raiser”. This activity would allow your council to develop a special fund to help members who have lost their jobs or have experienced an increase in medical bills which may have impacted their income and ability to pay their dues. Members using this fund could be asked to serve on the committee running the fund-raiser.

2.        Establishment of a “Support members who are sick & in distress fund”. This could be done through the diversion of general funds raised through other council activities throughout the year, (10% of monies raised through the Football Sweepstakes, for example), or donations made by existing members through an appeal sent out with dues requests, that are set aside to help members who are sick, have lost their job, or have been forced to take a cutback in income to keep their job.

3.        Establishing the “The Power of Ten” Program within your council. This is a simple and effective program whereby the council is divided into “teams” with a captain who routinely calls and keeps in personal contact with all the members of his team throughout the year. This allows the council to be aware of members having issues/problems and facilitates a “Fraternal Outreach” to aid those members when possible. It also makes members feel as though they are a part of the council and encourages them to value their membership in Our Order.

4.        “Dues Forgiveness” or “Stretched out Payment Plans”. These options allow members to stay in the council and work with the FS to address their dues in a confidential manner. There is no mandate that members “have to” pay their dues in one lump sum at the beginning of the year! Payment options should be considered and given to members in arrears.

5.        Recruit New Members. Having a larger and perhaps more enthusiastic base of members can bring in new ideas, new energy and revitalize your council emotionally, mentally, spiritually and economically. It has even been known to encourage active members into becoming more enthused and less “burned-out”, as well as encouraging inactive members to become reactive members themselves.

6.        Ask your District Deputy and Diocesan Membership / Retention Chairman for assistance!!!! They are ready, willing and very able to help your council address issues that may lead to the suspension of current members and the recruitment of new members.

7.        Pray!!! The power of prayer, especially to Fr. McGivney, should not be underestimated. Start and end each council meeting and council function with a specially designated prayer for the welfare of current members and their families and for the recruitment of new members into the Order.

Remember: We are a Catholic, Fraternal Organization, which allows us to accomplish much as a unified team of members in the Knights of Columbus!

 An Important Focus

Membership recruitment is important for us to grow

 By Paul Barko

State Membership Director

 Membership Recruitment; An Extremely Important Council Focus.

These words ring clearly and undeniably true in today’s world! It is an important focus because of several factors: 1.) We are aging as an organization and need to recruit new, younger members in order to continue the mission of Fr. Michael McGivney, and 2.) we need to continue growing as an organization and that growth requires additional members in order to witness our faith and conduct the program activities that define our fraternity.

Recruitment has traditionally been a function of membership that many have avoided. We often hear: “I can’t go up to someone and ask them to join the Knights of Columbus”, or “We’ve tried open houses or church drives and they didn’t work.”

If we don’t recruit new members we will eventual burn out or lose our active, reliable members -- and our council runs the risk of becoming stagnant and eventually declining into inactivity.

The solution is to become “PRO-ACTIVE”.  (It’s as easy as 1-2-3.)

1.   Take on a positive attitude toward membership, choosing a “Can Do/Will Do” approach rather than a negative “Can’t Do / Tried it before with no success” approach.

2.   Work with your District Deputy and Diocesan Membership / Retention Chairman to design a realistic recruitment effort that is most likely to work for you and your council. They have been trained and are very willing to work with you in growing your council in membership and in activities which will help present your council as worth joining. “If I continue to do what I’ve always done, I will continue to get what I’ve always gotten.” Therefore, to get a better result, you need to try something different and your DD and M/R Chairman can definitely help you!!!

3.   Engage new members in your recruiting programs and take advantage of their enthusiasm and energy, which will excite and motivate others to join.

Membership recruitment has never been more important than it is today! Please work with your Diocesan and State personnel to help you with this vital council focus and “together” we can meet Fr. McGivney’s Mission of engaging all Catholic Men in witnessing their faith through charitable service in the Knights of Columbus, today and for years to come! 

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 Three new councils are formed

Three new councils have been formed this fraternal year, as of Jan. 1, 2010 – all in the Cincinnati Diocese, according to State New Council Development Director Gabriel Minton. They are:

Salve Regina Council 14834, at St. Rose of Lima Parish.

Msgr. Gilligan Council 14882, at St. Henry Parish.

Our Lady of the Light Council 14891, at Ascension Parish.



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Church Activities

Religious of the Year is a mandatory activity


 By Jack Campbell

State Church Director

Councils need to begin thinking about their nomination for Religious of the Year (Activity #1), which is mandatory to MAX the Church Activities program, and Chaplain of the Year.

Deadline for sending nomination forms is April 1. Nomination forms for Religious of the Year should be sent to me; forms for Chaplain of the Year should be sent to our State Chaplain, Fr. James Brown.

Also, councils that serve more than two parishes are asked to establish a Parish Round Table (Activity #7) in each parish. The Round Table enables councils to provide a working relationship with the pastor and better serve him and the parish.

A reminder: in order to MAX the Church Activities program, councils need to complete four of nine activities for 200 points. For further information, refer to the Ohio State Council website, or the General Program Manual.

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 Community Activities

Supreme has incentive to help food banks

 By Mike Abfall

State Community Activities Director

Our nation’s economic crisis continues to cause hardships among so many individuals and families, and those planning to give to charity are giving less. That’s why Supreme Council has introduced  a program called Food for Families.


Supreme has set committed $1 million to financially support the restocking of food banks. The program encourages councils to work with their local parish churches and other public places to collect food for food banks in their area. Those states in which a significant number of councils participate will then be allocated a portion of the $1 million fund for food banks in their areas.


“Food for Families” is one of the many projects in the Knights of Columbus “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” initiative.

This program will run through Feb. 25, 2010. A special form is available from District Deputies or myself. Councils providing such service should fill out the form and return it to me by Feb. 25.


It is suggested that councils with food banks/pantries or soup kitchens in their area should donate food or cash to those entities. Councils without access to area food banks/pantries or soup kitchens should consider establishing one in conjunction with area churches, county human needs offices or emergency center for food assistance.


Remember: you must act promptly. Reports must be sent to me by Feb. 25.

For further information, contact State Community Director Mike Abfall  at 34175 Detroit Rd., Avon, OH 44011; telephone (440) 937-5338; email: golfjunkie1981@yahoo.com.

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Council Activities

It’s time to pick honorees of the year

 By Bob Byers

State Council Activities Director

Can you believe that the fraternal year is winding down? But there is still time to MAX the State Council Activities Program. Please check your records to be sure that all activities have been sent in and credit has been given.

 Lets talk first about activity #21, Knight of the Year Nomination.  This is a mandatory activity with a value of 100 points and is required to maximize the program.  If you are filing reports online, which I certainly encourage, consider sending a hard copy also to me for judging. This needs to be input or posted marked to me by April 1, 2010, to receive credit. 

The next activity you should be working is #25, Lady of the Year.  This is not a mandatory activity, but we all know how important the ladies are to your council.  If you are filing reports online -- which I certainly encourage -- consider sending a hard copy also to me for judging. This must be postmarked (or inputed) to me by April 01, 2010, to receive credit. 

Both the Knight of the Year and Lady of the Year for the Ohio State Council will be honored guests at the State Convention Banquet in May. 

Even if your council has completed the State Council Activities program except for the Knight of the Year, I encourage you still to do Lady of the Year.

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  Family Activities

Family of the Year; We believe in Marriage

 By Larry Droesch

State Family Activities Director

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a great 2010 -- but more importantly, to a great second half of the fraternal year. Our councils are doing great with reporting.

Remember, please report on Activity #31, Family of the Year by  April 1. The nomination form is on page 63 of your General Program Handbook. You also can find nomination forms on the State Website in PDF Format. Start gathering names of family nominees and review them so you can make a solid decision by April 1.

We Believe in Marriage -- Activity #36 -- is one of my favorite activities, and it goes along with Supreme’s Fathers for Good program, which is in full swing and very successful. The activity promotes, among other things, the sanctity of the family and the Sacrament of Marriage. We should promote that as well no matter if we are single or married. Remember that Mary and Joseph were married!

The We Believe in Marriage program has you get involved in planning a “marriage vow renewal program” for couples in your parish and council. Work with your Chaplain and/or Pastor to plan a Mass or Prayer Service during which married couples renew their marriage vows. A dinner or social evening after the Mass or Service can make this a more cherished activity to remember. Supreme even has certificates (#2745) that you can order and have on hand to give to couples.

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  Vocations Activities

How about donating a penny a day?

 By Joe Mackos

State Vocations Activities Director

Each New Year gives us the opportunity to renew our commitment as disciples of Jesus.  We understand that all gifts are entrusted to us by God.  We commit ourselves to return those gifts with increase.  As stewards, we offer our lives in service.

Pennies for Heaven is one of Ohio’s finest programs to help vocations.

Ohio has 60,000-plus members. If every member would consider donating a penny a day beginning immediately and ending on the May 29 – the State Convention – our Pennies for Heaven fund would total more than $82,000. And it would bring us closer to our goal of $100,000.00.

It’s possible. However we need the help of every Brother Knight.  Won’t You Help?

What has your council done to promote vocations? Send your best program on vocations to State Church Activities Director Jack Campbell for consideration as a “Best Activity of the Year”.


Ohio Knights find vocations spirit

With Pennies for Heaven donations


Councils throughout Ohio are showing their generosity for vocations and the Ohio State Council’s Pennies for Heaven program, reports State Secretary Dave Helmstetter, chairman of this year’s campaign.

The voluntary first turn-in brought in almost $25,000 in contributions from 106 councils, one assembly and one chapter.

“Councils are taking the program to heart and showing how strongly Ohio Knights support vocations,” said Helmstetter after presenting an update at the Mid-Year District Deputies meeting.

Columbus Diocese leads the way with 19 councils and its chapter donating $8,516. Councils from the Cleveland Diocese were closely behind with $6,312 from 29 councils. Other diocesan collections were: Cincinnati, $3,920; Toledo, $3,864; Youngstown, $1,377, and Steubenville, $391.

“Got vocations? Pass the jug! That’s what we want councils to do at every meeting or event,” encouraged Helmstetter.

Miraculous Medal Council 11188 in Columbus leads all Ohio councils with an amazing $1,732.44 first turn-in amount. Lancaster Council 1610 stands second with $1,467.50.

“Many councils are deeply involving their parishes in this activity and its paying dividends for vocations in their diocese,” said Helmstetter.

“I’m optimistic about the final turn-in (April 15) because many councils are going beyond the jug with special activities. One council (St. Peter the Apostle Council 13984 in Brook Park) is planning a wine tasting event.  That’s a great idea that’s sure to benefit vocations.”

The final turn-in date for Pennies for Heaven is April 15. Checks should be made payable to Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and sent to Helmstetter, 5421 County Road 33A, St. Marys, OH 45885-9658.

Councils raising $1,000 will receive special recognition at the annual State Convention in May in Cleveland.



Pennies for Heaven Contributions

(As of January 1, 2010)


Council/Chapter                                                   Diocese                                    Amount

1. Miraculous Medal Council 11188                     Columbus                                $1,732.44

2. Lancaster Council 1016                                 Columbus                                $1,467.50

3. Columbus Chapter                                        Columbus                                $1,128.16

4. Immaculate Heart of Mary Council 13517         Cleveland                                $1,041.40

5. North Ridgeville Council 7970                        Cleveland                                   $972.00

6. Perrysburg Council 7970                                Toledo                                       $680.60

7. St. Brendan Council 11208                            Columbus                                   $604.67

8. Garfield Heights Council 4130                        Cleveland                                   $600.00

9. St. Brigid of Kildare Council 10863                 Columbus                                   $536.63

10. Fr. Francis X. Hoffer Council 14504               Cincinnati                                   $500.00

10. Fr. William J. Spikerman Council 671            Columbus                                    $500.00


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Youth Activities

Ohio councils show they support youth

 By Ken Gardner

State Youth Activities Director

Our Ohio councils are going all out with their support of our youth, with many great programs reported.  Through the November-December reporting period, 139 councils have reported 276 Youth Activities.

Two councils already have maxed the program, and 14 councils are only a Youth of the Year nomination away from doing so.  Twenty-five councils reported holding Soccer Challenge contests in the fall, and I’m expecting quite a few councils to report Basketball Free Throw Contests.

I have received some great reports about youth religious and service activities, and many councils have reported about their Scholarship Programs to assist with Catholic education.  The Knights of Columbus must be on Santa's "nice" list, as he was in attendance at many of the Youth Christmas Parties that were reported in December.  The Substance Abuse Poster Contest is starting to take off, and I ask all councils that hold one to pass their winners onto their District Deputies for District and Regional judging.  I also have received more than 60 Council Choice reports, describing some outstanding programs.

Now is the time that councils should be looking for their Youth of the Year.  Ask for input from your pastors, principals, and religious education teachers.  They know which students stand out. Once you have chosen a Youth of the Year for your council, be sure to submit a nomination form to me by April 1.  Send as much supporting documentation (such as letters from teachers, pastors; newspaper articles, etc.) as you can – you may want to send it by regular mail even if you report your Youth of the Year online.

Make picking a State Youth of the Year as difficult as you can for me!

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Squires Activities

Squires Activities

Two new circles are being formed

 By Marty Schumacher

State Squires Director

We are currently in the process of starting two new Squires Circles: one from St. Hilary Council 14551, Akron, and the other in North Ridgeville Council 7970. Both are in the Cleveland Diocese. Several new councils also are “in the works” in the Cincinnati, Toledo and Columbus dioceses.

Our Squires had a March for Life and State Squires Dodge Ball Tournament in January. These are great examples of the opportunity provided for Squires to pray together and play together. It is encouraging to see young men working to better our Church and our community.

We have a program through the Ohio State Knights of Columbus whereby the first-year dues will be paid for an 18-year-old Squire becoming a Knight. What a great opportunity for young men to become First Degree Knights.

If any council is interested in getting involved with the Squires program, please call or email me (phone: 740-782-1235; email: schu@windstream.net).

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 Miscellaneous Stories

Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign

is under way throughout Ohio jurisdiction

The following was submitted by State Treasurer Ken Girt, 2010 Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign chairman.

The 2010 Super Cash Bonanza Charity Campaign is under way.  Since its inception, Ohio Knights have used this annual campaign to provide a cash “bonanza” for charities, both local and statewide.  Fr. McGivney’s vision of charitable service continues to flourish and grow in Ohio!

Diocesan meetings for the purpose of distributing tickets to councils were held during the weekend of Feb. 13-14. Councils with at least two representatives in attendance were given special rebates for the campaign.

Super Cash Bonanza Campaign rules were spelled out at the meetings. First Turn-in is April 14; Final Turn-in is May 19.

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District Deputies hear advice from Supreme representatives

Three representatives from Supreme Council were on hand as Ohio’s District Deputies met in Columbus for their January meeting.

Supreme Regional Program Consultant William Sukel, a Tennessee Past State Deputy, presented a one-hour program reviewing duties of District Deputies – which, he said, are responsible for the supervision and wellbeing of their councils.

Supreme Hispanic Development Field Coordinator Jose Jimenez, an Oklahoma Past State Deputy, spoke about formation of Hispanic councils in Ohio.

George Dann, a Michigan Past State Deputy, was introduced as the new Supreme Vice Supreme Master of the Hennepin (Ohio and Michigan) Fourth Degree Province.

The meeting was held at the Hilton Easton Center Hotel, Columbus, on the weekend of Jan. 9-10.

Jimenez, who coordinates Hispanic council development in 14 states, told the District Deputies, “We want to do a better job working with our Hispanic population. He noted that there are 165 Hispanic councils with a total of 7,000 members in the United States – two current councils active in Ohio, with a combined 95 members.

“Hispanics are the largest Catholic growth in the United States,” he continued. “If we don’t reach out now, it may be too late.”

Jimenez emphasized that while the Order is looking toward new Hispanic councils, “Hispanics can be recruited into existing councils, too”. He said there are approximately 290,000 Hispanics in Ohio.

Dann suggested that “We all need to work together to get new members into the organization. The Fourth Degree has changed dramatically. It will be one degree, one uniform. It will work with the Third Degree, not apart from it.”

State Warden Kevin Miller, as Measure-Up chairman , gave a report on the 2010 campaign, which will be conducted on the dates of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 29-May 1 and May 7-9.

This year’s goal, he said, is $500,000.

Miller told the District Deputies that while terminology officially has been changed from “mental retardation” to “developmental disabilities”, councils should use up their old Measure-Up rulers before ordering new ones. He said new aprons are available from Supreme.

 State Deputy Paul Upman and his wife, Lee, accept a check from State Secretary Dave Helmstetter (left), representing a Christmas gift from the Ohio State Council officers, directors and staff.

 State Warden Kevin Miller wears a new style Measure-Up apron as he talks about the 2010 campaign at the January District Deputies Meeting. He emphasized that we no longer refer to “mental retardation”, but replacing it with “developmental disabilities”.

  District Deputies study membership, new Council development in their dioceses

 Citing the fact that current membership numbers “aren’t very pretty”, State Deputy Paul Upman told District Deputies that “we need to find things to help our councils”.

“What matters is that your position is extremely critical to us,” he continued.

Upman noted that diocesan caucus sessions at the weekend District Deputies Meeting were being extended so District Deputies could study in depth membership and new council development ideas with their diocesan state officer. “Each diocese has a different situation,” he said.

The State Deputy suggested that, regarding higher than usual suspensions this fraternal year, “councils are not making personal contact with their folks”. He said every council needs admissions and retention committees – including personal contact.

Ohio’s diocesan Religious Education directors received checks from the Ohio State Council Matching Funds Campaign at the January District Deputies Meeting in Columbus. Pictured with State Chaplain Fr. James Brown (left) and State Deputy Paul Upman (right) are, left to right, Ken Gleason, Cincinnati; Paul Ward, Steubenville; Barbara Romanello-Wichtman, Columbus; William Miller, Cleveland; Barbara Walko, Youngstown; David McCutchen, Toledo, and Mitred Archpriest and Vicar General John Kachuba, Eparchy of Parma.

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Nearly $60,000 in Matching Funds

is distributed for religious education

 Nearly $60,000 was collected during the 2009 Matching Funds Campaign from all sources, including matching funds of $25,000 from the Ohio Charity Foundation.

Representatives of Ohio’s diocesan religious education offices were on hand at the Saturday night dinner to receive their Matching Funds checks. State Advocate Bob Collins, chairman of that 2009 campaign, gave a review and presented the checks – the amounts based on how much was collected in each diocese. The amounts, and recipients, were:

Cincinnati Diocese: $9,391.87, presented to Ken Gleason.

Cleveland Diocese: $16,448.26, presented to William Miller.

Columbus Diocese: $9,540.14, presented to Dr. Barbara Romanello-Wichtman.

Steubenville Diocese: $2,239.92, presented to Paul Ward.

Toledo Diocese: $12,522.82, presented to David McCutchen.

Youngstown Diocese: $6,972.89, presented to Barbara Walko.

Byzantine Eparchy of Parma: $1,500.00, presented to Mitred Archpriest John Kachuba.

Dr. Romanello-Wichtman spoke for the group, thanking the Knights “for your works and your support. We’re better because of you.”

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Start thinking about the State Convention


Brother Knights, mark your calendars for the Memorial Day weekend of May 28-30.

That’s the weekend of the Ohio State Council’s Annual Convention, which will be held in downtown Cleveland this year.

Under the chairmanship of State Advocate Bob Collins, plans are under way for a great fraternal convention.

It’s not too early for councils to start planning, also. For instance, any resolutions to be considered must be submitted in a timely manner. And convention delegates could be elected (each council is entitled to two).


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 Supreme donates to Haitian earthquake relief


Supreme Council sent an immediate contribution of $50,000 in earthquake rehabilitation funds on behalf of the Knights of Columbus to Catholic Relief Services, which has a large presence in Haiti. And it has asked that state and local councils make their contributions through the Supreme Council “so that we can maximize the impact of the funds raised”.

Donations by individual Knights can be made online, and this feature is available on the Supreme Council website (www.kofc.org). Checks should be endorsed to Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., and mailed to 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510. Write “Haiti Earthquake Relief” on the memo line of the check.

Contributions will be used to provide assistance wherever it can have the most immediate impact and where the need is greatest.

Among the earthquake dead is Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, of Port-au-Prince, whose body was found in the ruins of his office.



Families of the months

The following Ohio families have been honored as Family of the Month by Supreme Council. The monthly award is selected through a random drawing from among nominations submitted to Supreme by councils in the jurisdiction.

October, 2009

Family of Gene and Patty Dickman, of Council 1362, Delphos.

November, 2009

Family of Russell and Margaret Gase, of Council 608, Tiffin.

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2009 Matching Funds Campaign

Raises $34,750 to support religious education

The following was submitted by State Advocate Bob Collins, 2009 Matching Funds chairman.

A “special” thanks to all the Knights of Columbus Councils, Assemblies, Circles, and Chapters that have made the 2009 Matching Funds Campaign a success!

More than $34,750 was raised to support the many agencies, programs, and schools throughout Ohio that provide religious educational services to the parishes and schools of each diocese.  The Ohio Charity Foundation will match the first $25,000 donated. This will bring the total funds for religious education to nearly $60,000.

More than 199 Councils, eight Assemblies, two Chapters and one Squires Circle participated in the campaign. The real success will be measured by the educational materials that the Catholic people of each diocese will continue to receive in the years to come. 

I would like to especially congratulate the councils that put in the extra effort to achieve a significant increase in their donation. Your dedication, foresight and enthusiasm have been an example for all councils to see.  Congratulations again for demonstrating your continuing support for religious education.  

On behalf of all the Directors of Religious Education throughout Ohio, I thank you for your generosity and dedication to this program.

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Measure-Up Campaign raises $438,500

For developmental disabilities support

 The following was submitted by State Advocate Bob Collins, 2009 Measure-Up Campaign chairman.

A “special” thanks to all the Knights of Columbus members and their families who made the 2009 Measure Up Campaign a success!

More than $438,500 was raised to support the many agencies, programs, and schools throughout Ohio that provide service to the citizens of Ohio with developmental disabilities.  We have demonstrated our continuing support of our Knights of Columbus “flagship” charity.   The spirit of “Columbianism” is alive in Ohio!

 More than 270 councils participated in the campaign. Their contributions will benefit more than 300 agencies.

The real success of this annual campaign will be measured by the service and training that our “special friends” will receive in the years to come. 

I would like to especially congratulate the councils that put in the extra effort to achieve a significant increase in solicitation of donations from their community. Thirty-nine councils achieved a 25% increase in 2009 donations.  Your dedication, planning and enthusiasm have been an example for all councils to see. 

On behalf of all the citizens in Ohio with developmental disabilities, I thank you for your generosity and dedication to this program.  May God bless us all!

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State basketball tourney is set in Worthington


The 2010 Knights of Columbus State Basketball Tournament will be held on April 10-11 at the Worthington Community Center (Columbus Diocese).

According The 2010 Knights of Columbus State Basketball Tournament will be held April 10-11 at the to Basketball Chairman Richard Siefker, entry forms have been mailed to all Grand Knights. Councils may form a district team or sponsor more than one team as long as entry requirements are met.

“Councils should use this activity to recruit younger members to their council,” suggested Siefker.

For further information, contact Siefker at 13768 Road K, Ottawa, OH 45875; telephone (419) 538-6804.

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International bowling tourney is scheduled at two locations


The 85th Annual Knights of Columbus International Central Division Bowling Tournament will be held at two locations in 2010 due to the requirement of a passport or passport card to return to the United States.

One tourney will be held in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, running three weekends, from March 27 through April 18 (with no bowling on Easter weekend). All events will be bowled at Bowlero Family Fun Center in Windsor.

The other tourney will be held in Canton, Mich., running two weekends, from April 24 through May 2. All events will be bowled at Super Bowl in Canton.

For further information, contact Paul Ruth, 5540 Hill Rise Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46237; telephone (317) 784-2592; email: pruth60@sbcglobal.net.

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K of C insurance receives highest ratings again

 Two top rating firms have reaffirmed their highest ratings for the Knights of Columbus insurance program. Both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s concluded that the Order’s financial strength and stability remains strong despite a slumping economy.

This marks the 34th consecutive year in which the K of C has earned A.M. Best’s A++ (Superior) rating, and the 17th consecutive year the Order has earned the AAA (Extremely Strong) rating from S&P.

Over the past decade, the amount of Knights of Columbus insurance in force has more than doubled, to $73 billion.

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Rosaries for the Troops

St. Remy Knights work for spiritual needs of soldiers


Knights of St. Remy Council 3890, Russia (Cincinnati Diocese), their families and friends are volunteering to help the spiritual needs of our military forces in Afghanistan.

When St. Remy Knight John Francis became aware that an Army Chaplain stationed in Afghanistan was requesting Rosaries for the troops, the idea of “Rosaries for the Troops” was hatched.

The Army Chaplain is Fr. Carl Subler, who was graduated from nearby Versailles High School in 1993, served in the military during Desert Storm, and became a priest so he could serve the spiritual needs of those in service. He currently is service on the front lines in Afghanistan.

The Knights work with St. Remy parishioners on the project, along with volunteers from a number of towns in southwestern Ohio.

The Rosaries are special. They cannot reflect light or make any noise. So special camouflage beads must be used. They are strung on parachute cord.

Periodic work parties are held to assemble the Rosaries. Some volunteers take supplies home to assemble them. After assembly, the Rosaries are inspected and packaged along with Knights of Columbus pamphlets on praying the Rosary and going to Confession – which Fr. Subler also requested. Then they are shipped to Fr. Subler for blessing and distribution.

The council’s goal is to ship 10,000 Rosaries to Fr. Subler. As of early January, 2,436 had been shipped, with another 2,500 ready for packaging.

The project is made possible through financial donations and volunteer labor. Just to make the 2,436 Rosaries represents approximately 610 volunteer hours. It takes 15 minutes for an experienced person to make one Rosary.

The council does accept donations for the purchase of beads, cord and other supplies. Checks may be made payable to K of C No. 3890 Mission Fund and mailed to St. Remy K of C 3890 Mission Fund, c/o Ray DeLoye, 2501 Fort Recovery Road, Houston, OH 45333.

Fr. Subler periodically sends email messages to the council graphically describing his experiences on the front lines.

St. Denis Council Council 1756, Versailles, also sends boxes of various items to the soldiers through Fr. Subler, and Rosaries are included.

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Logan Knights use Challenge Coin to raise funds for seminarians


When Knights of St. James Council 2299 were searching for a worthy Knight of Columbus project which would honor our priests, Brother Richard Ruffner came up with the idea: a Challenge Coin. Purpose was to raise funds for distribution to seminarians.

Another Brother Knight, Don Gable, joined Ruffner to develop the idea. They obtained the council’s permission; received input from other Brother Knights and spouses, and worked with District Deputy-35 Robert Clum to gain the necessary approvals from the Ohio State Council and Supreme Council.

The next step was finding a mint, having the art work approved and determining the pricing. Meanwhile, Council Chaplain Msgr. Dunn contacted the Columbus Diocese Vocations Office to identify seminarians with financial needs.

The coin has been minted and currently is for sale at $10.00 each. They can be obtained by calling Ruffner at (740) 385-7828; Gable, at (740) 385-5107, or Ron Klausing, at (740) 653-2417.

The council would like to ship in quantities, but will ship individual coins. It does ask for a donation to cover shipping costs – which runs approximately $1.50 per coin. The council cannot accept credit cards.

In addition to the Knights, Fr. Peter Gidieon, Faithful Friar of Assembly 812, has sent a coin to Pope Benedict XVI.

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New Sir Knight fought in WWII on Iwo Jima

Fourth Degree Master Richard Tabler (left) presents a Marine Corps letter of commendation to Sir Knight Robert Melvin.

A retired U.S. Marine who served in the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II, was given a special honor when he was exemplified into the Fourth Degree last August.

Sgt. Robert Melvin. a Past Grand Knight from a Knights of Columbus council in Lake Geneva, Wis., had moved to Ohio four years ago to be near his daughter. When Archbishop Elder Council 1195 Grand Knight William Malarick became aware that Sgt. Melvin missed the Knights of Columbus, he quickly signed him up to have his membership transferred.

Soon after, he was signed up to join the Fourth Degree Precious Blood Assembly 2947, Cincinnati Diocese, and he was exemplified in ceremonies on Aug. 29 at Centerville. It was a powerful moment when Sir Knights watched as he was Knighted with his father’s Fourth Degree sword, which the council had restored with both their names engraved on the blade.

At the exemplification banquet, Sgt. Melvin was surprised when he was called to the podium to receive an official Marine Corps framed letter of commendation presented by Master Richard Tabler.  The letter had been composed by Col. Charles Gallina, USMC, Ret., a Past State Deputy now at Supreme headquarters.

Sgt. Melvin also had been honored as Grand Marshall of the 2009 Fourth of July parade in Maderia (Cincinnati Diocese).

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A tree grows in Perrysburg

Perrysburg’s two Knights of Columbus councils – Perrysburg 7978 and Blessed John 14502 – got together last Fall for a joint activity that benefited the new Rotary Community Park in that city of the Toledo Diocese. The Knights purchased a tree and planted it in the park. Pictured are (from left) Steve Hopkins (Council 7978); Rich Theilen (Council 14502); Dave Sowinski (Concil 7978), and Mark Pickard (Council 7978). Pickard also is the State General Program Director.

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 Helping a Brother

When a member of Leo Council 957, Findlay, was seriously injured in an auto accident and would be in a wheelchair or on crutches for a number of months, the word went out to members of the council that a ramp needed to be installed at the house. On a Saturday last summer, Brother Knights built the needed ramp, funded by contributions from the membership.

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Christmas Charity

Many Ohio councils provided works of charity during the Christmas season. Two examples are the Nativity Scene erected on downtown Cleveland’s Public Square by Cleveland Council 733, and Medina Council 4168 PGK Michael Conley and his daughter, Stephanie, ringing bells for the Salvation Army’s red kettle campaign.


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The Buckeye Bulletin

The Buckeye Bulletin is published by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and distributed via Third Class Non-Profit Bulk Postage, Permit No. 229, U.S. Postal Service, at Cleveland, Ohio.

Editorial Content

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