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State Deputy Message


True Knights are extraordinary men.

 By Paul J. Upman

State Deputy

I hope our Ohio Knights of Columbus theme, Strong in Faith and Service, makes a strong statement to anyone who knows us. It says that we are not just going thorough the motions of being a practicing Catholic, but that we are out in front with our words, deeds and actions. I believe it says that, united with other Knights, we are indeed better Catholics than if we would be striving alone, and that we are more sensitive to others and more prayerful.

The fact that we are service-oriented is beyond dispute.  A casual look at our programs and data on the number of fraternal service hours shows a commitment to service to others that is beyond question.

The unfortunate thing is that all Knights do not take advantage of their membership and do not take part in these opportunities to strengthen their faith and provide more service to our families, communities and our church. And, most Catholic men are not Knights!

How do we let all of them in on this great opportunity?  How do we convince all our Brother Knights in Ohio that by becoming more knowledgeable about the Knights of Columbus and following the simple, yet effective, programs we offer, that they will come closer to God and will be better prepared to enter into heaven?

That’s the prize!  Being a Knight is a means to get there when the time comes!

So, those of us who “get it,” and who “believe it,” have to share this wonderful fraternity with as many eligible men as possible.  Not because we need help -- which we do -- but because it will make us better Catholics, better fathers, better grandfathers, better husbands, etc.

I am suggesting that we communicate better …. show and tell.

The K of C puts out a wealth of information from Supreme Council, our Ohio State Council and local councils. Much is available to those who read and listen.  This newspaper, the Buckeye Bulletin, is full of great fraternal news, but only 15% of our members receive it, and less than that actually read it.

It falls to each of us to go one-on-one with prospects, with inactive members, and with our Brother Knights at meetings and socials, to get them involved.  We have to “sell” membership and sell them on being active, based on who we truly are and what we become as true Knights, and how we can change our communities one Knight at a time. 

That’s our quest. I hope you will join with me, and those who have accepted leadership positions, during these next two fraternal years.  I thank them, and you, in advance for efforts on behalf of the Ohio Knights of Columbus.

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State Chaplain

Our faith can offer hope

 By Fr. James Brown

State Chaplain

Dear Brother Knights,

May the grace, peace and love of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all now and  throughout our new fraternal year.                                                                                        

Hi! My name is Father  James E. Brown, I usually go by Fr. Jim.  I tell people that although I am not No. 32, however,  “I feel  good!”  But I’m not King of Soul. There are many of us (Jim Browns) and we come in many shapes and colors and sizes but we are all fantastic people.  I am a beloved son of God and a Priest in the Order of Jesus Christ in the Diocese of Toledo. I’m a pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Toledo, and was ordained on May 27, 1972. I am a Knight of Columbus in the Fourth Degree and the new State Chaplain following the footsteps of Fr. Paul Hrezo.

 My dad, Kenny Brown, was a Knight of Columbus, Msgr. O’Connell Council 386, Toledo, for as long as I can remember, so I got to share in many Christmas parties and other family events with my sisters and brother while growing up. But I didn’t get involved personally with the Knights until after ordination. I entered through the Council in Bellevue; moved to the Council in Sylvania, and was dormant for a few years until I transferred to Our Lady of Fatima Council in East Toledo. I had the privilege of starting a new Council in Marblehead, St. Joseph Council 12224. Now I am the Chaplain of St. Jude Council 3904 in South Toledo.

Earlier this year, Brother Paul Upman, a member of St. Jude Council, approached me and asked if I would consider being his partner as State Chaplain. I prayed about it, sought support from my Bishop and was given an affirmative response. I look forward to these next years in service to the Knights of Columbus throughout the State of Ohio.

Previously I have been the Moderator for the Council of Catholic Women in Toledo for nearly 16 years.  Through that ministry I found the motto: “I am blessed among all women,” a very relevant phrase. I feel now that  I’m making a lateral move to blessed by my Brother Knights.

 Our MOTTO and theme for this year is Strong in Faith and Service”. Together, Let Us Share the Dream.

As men of faith, our metal is being tested by many factors in these days. How do we live as strong, loyal Catholic men? How do we serve our Fraternal Order, and through the Knights, serve our Church and our communities?  The dream of Fr. McGivney to gather a group of Catholic men together to become a fraternal order  supporting  one another and their families through hard economic  times is a dream we must capture and bring to life today. I believe that by going back to the original charism of our founder, Fr. McGivney,  and keeping the message and means simply we can not only live that dream today but make it effective for the present moment and into the future.

Because of our faithfulness as men of the Knights of Columbus we can offer hope to our country in these dire economic times in a society that seems so valueless.  We can be there for our families and our Church to witness to our faith and love. That I believe is part of our charism, our gift to the Church and to our country.

There is so much to share with you and I hope to make a healthy contribution to your spiritual edification in these next months ahead.

This particular year has been dedicated by Pope Benedict XVI as the “Year of the Priest.”  It is an excellent opportunity to explore the  meaning of priesthood and its many dimensions. We really don’t have any counterparts in other Christian denominations or other religions and priests are an anomaly for many people.

Along with Paul and the state team, I look forward to serving you. Please keep me in your prayers.

Pax et bonum,

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Paul Upman assumes leadership

of the Knights of Ohio jurisdiction



The transition of Ohio State Council’s administration from out-going State Deputy Larry Moegling to our new State Deputy Paul J. Upman was accomplished this summer at our District Deputies’ Meeting, organizational meeting and Summer Diocesan Tour Programs.

Moegling departed as officer in charge of Ohio’s 60,000-plus members on a very positive note, ending in Supreme’s Circle of Honor for membership for the second  year in a row.

Upman began his two-year administration with a veteran group of state directors, a general program that mirrored those of the past few years, and a membership campaign that looks to importance on keeping our current members active as well as inviting new members to our Order.

Everything in the transition was smooth, except for one item: Uniforms. Unfortunately, our supplier did not provide uniforms to our Ohio State Council personnel in a timely manner. But by the end of the Summer Tour Programs, all was completed.

“We want to stress our faith – getting stronger in our faith – and our service to our Church and our communities,” Upman said at every gathering during the summer as he explained the thoughts being his administration’s theme, “Strong in Faith and Service”. “We want to be a faith-based organization. Our theme came about because we want to remind ourselves that we are both a Catholic organization and a service organization.”

As a secondary theme, Upman has established the statement, “Let Us Share the Dream.” “This characterizes our membership program,” he said. “We want to remember the dream that Fr. Michael McGivney had for the Knights of Columbus – that is, to get back to our roots, the basics, of what he envisioned.”

“Membership is a high priority for us,” he said. “Because of our past successes, Supreme has set high goals for us.”

Because of Ohio’s past membership successes – reaching the Circle of Honor for the past five consecutive years – Supreme has imposed higher quotas for the jurisdiction this fraternal year: a total of 2,650 new Knights and a net of 1,800; a total of 12 new councils and 175 parish roundtables.

The 1,800 is an increase from the 2008-2009 quota of 1,450 new net members.

Other highlights of the new administration:


Membership Director Paul Barko succeeds Larry (The Dynamo) Droesch, who led Ohio to two very successful fraternal years in membership during the administration of State Deputy Moegling.

Tom Mathes returns as State Membership Retention Director, while Gabriel Minton will again lead Ohio’s New Council Development efforts for the third consecutive year.

Summing up his thoughts, Barko said, “It’s not just about numbers. They are important. It’s about service to the Church and community, to continue the dream of Fr. McGivney. We need numbers to do that.”

Main goals of the program, Barko said, are to develop new councils, re-energize existing councils, retain existing members and re-energize them, and invite all Catholic men to join the Knights of Columbus. To “max” the membership program, councils must complete five of 10 activities for a total of 500 points. There is only one mandatory membership activity.

He stressed that he hopes Grand Knights will work closely with their Retention Directors and Admission Committees.

Minton stressed that his program is to help existing councils with recruiting drives in their parishes; help with reactivation of inactive councils, and help start new councils.

Ceremonials Director is John (Raph) Maloney (who was Moegling’s administrative assistant for the past two years). He said every council should have a First Degree Team, every district should have two Second Degree Teams. And he said there currently are only five Third Degree Teams – four in the Dayton area and one in the Youngstown area.

General Program

State General Program Director Mark Pickard said emphasis this fraternal year is being placed on councils reporting ONLINE rather than completing paper forms and sending them to the various directors.

“Reporting online is a must,” he said. “Our directors will help councils if necessary.”

Pickard said that while the reports should be done online, if a council feels it has a nomination for a Best Activity of the Year, it should follow up the online reporting with additional pictures and materials submitted through regular mail.

The majority of activities in the various programs – Church, Community, Council, Family, Membership, Youth – have not been changed from last fraternal year, he said.

To “max” the general program, councils must report on 30 activities – five activities in the six major programs – for a total of 2000 points. (Several “sub” programs – Vocations, Pro-Life, Public Relations, Fraternal/Insurance, Squires – are included with, and reported to, various major programs).

“During the development of this program, we took into consideration the size of your council,” he said. “Whether you are a council of 32 or 400-plus, this program will work for you. There are some of the familiar programs as well as new and exciting activities for your council to implement. All councils have the opportunity to earn and receive the maximum points in the general program.”

Councils are eligible to compete for special awards at the 2010 State Convention: St. Peter Award, given to the Top 10 councils in the state; Best Activity Awards; Best Newsletter Award; Best Website Award (a new one).

The emphasis on finding the Top Ten Councils in the state will be based mostly on programming – what councils do --, their performance in charitable giving (Matching Funds, Measure-Up, Pennies for Heaven), as well as membership growth, Pickard said.

Councils this year will be divided into four divisions, rather than five as in past years:

Division I – Up to 65 members.

Division II – 66-119 members.

Division III – 120-239 members.

Division IV – 240+ members.

*     *     *

Ray Darr, a veteran of various state and diocesan assignments and Former Master of the Fourth Degree, District One, is Upman’s Executive Assistant. But he also will wear a few other hats – Coordinator of the state’s K of C Veterans Administration chairmen; Fourth Degree Liaison, and in charge of the state’s data base, directory and other computerized material.

Jerry Karpinski, new to the state team, is District Deputy Director, in charge of Ohio’s 77 District Deputies. He emphasizes that the role of the District Deputy must be a liaison between the State Deputy and Grand Knights.

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General Program Director





General Program is focused on YOU

 By Mark Pickard

Are you ready? The new fraternal year has officially begun!!  A new State Deputy with a new State General Program. ENTHUSIASM, ANTICIPATION, THRILL, EXCITEMENT. Those are a few words to describe the new State General Program, “Strong in Faith and Service”.

This new program has been designed with YOU in mind. No matter the size of your council, what diocese you are members of, there is a program for you.  It includes some of the favorite activities that have been established, plus a number of new and exciting activities that will energize your council.

One of the largest requests of all councils is actually not even a new request, but a request that two previous administrations have asked each council to do.  It is now time that ALL councils begin the process of completing all reports ONLINE, via the Knights of Columbus web site.  The State General Program is going “GREEN”.

In an effort to cut down on paper usage and save the local councils large amounts of dollars, all reports submitted to the Ohio State Council for program points will now be done via the web site.  This will insure that all councils will be able to easily keep track of the points that they are awarded as each of you strive to be one of the top ten councils in the State of Ohio.

Each program now has 10 activities to choose from, with only one mandatory in each of the programs.  To earn and receive the maximum points allowed in each of the five programs (not including the membership program), a council will need to report the mandatory program and four out of the remaining nine programs to earn the 300 points required.

Within the Membership program, only one mandatory program is required along with four of the following nine programs to earn and receive the 500 points in which the membership program is valued.

All together, to earn and receive the total points in the State General Program, a council will need to have 2000 points.  This will be an easy accomplishment for most if not all councils.

Be sure to check out the web site for all the details.

Throughout the course of the fraternal year I will be keeping you updated on the progress of the State General Program as well as the awards that every council will strive for to receive at the next state convention. Be sure to watch the Buckeye Bulletin for all the details.

And remember, we are all “Strong in Faith and Service”

 Honorees of the Year

(Due to Director by April 1)

Religious of the Year     Mandatory                  Church Director

Chaplain of the Year     Not Mandatory            State Chaplain

Volunteer of the Year   Mandatory                  Community Director

Blue Coat of the Year   Not Mandatory            Community Director

Knight of the Year        Mandatory                 Council Director

Lady of the Year          Not Mandatory            Council Director

Family of the Year        Mandatory                 Family Director

Youth of the Year         Mandatory                 Youth Director

 Top Overall State Awards

 St. Peter Award

The Top 10 Councils statewide, regardless of division, size or diocese, will receive an award for their outstanding efforts and standing in the State General Program Contest. Five tiebreakers will be used to determine the overall council standings. Eligible councils shall have earned 2000 program points and have fulfilled all 10 requirements for the Council Award of Excellence.

 Best Activity Awards

The Best Activity Award will be given to a council in each of the four divisions in each of the following reporting areas: Church, Community, Council, Family, Youth, Membership, Pro-Life, Public Relations, Squires and Vocations. There will be a total of 40 Best Activity divisional awards. An award will be given to the council – regardless of division or diocese for the Best Overall Statewide Activity.

 Best Newsletter Award

A Best Newsletter Award will be given to a council in each of the four divisions, as well as one overall State Best Newsletter. (Council newsletters should be sent to Public Relations Director Harding Christ during the fraternal year).

 Best Website Award

A Best Council Website Award will be given to a council in each of the four divisions as well as an overall State Best Website. (Councils are asked to email a link of their website to State Website Director Jerry Lowery at, who will select the awards).

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State Membership Director

Membership is focused on Promoting, Engaging and Praying

By Paul Barko

The membership effort for the 2009-2011 Ohio State Program is focused on fulfilling the dream of Fr. McGivney to unite all Catholic men in witnessing their faith through service to their church, their families, their youth, their community and to their council members.

We intend to do this by following the three-phase plan of Fr. McGivney:

1. By promoting the Order’s efforts of witnessing our faith through service activities.

2. By engaging new and current men in rekindling the “spirit” of Fr. McGivney and actively joining the Knights of Columbus,.

3. By praying both in the traditional prayers of faith and through witnessing in action the service of charity as a united, fraternal group of Catholic men.

We have set up the membership program in two parts: Membership Activities, which are an important part of the State General Program of service Activities, and Membership Recruitment.

Our Recruitment effort is planned to:

1. Meet Fr. McGivney’s dream of a council in every parish through New Council Development.

2. Follow his steps in retaining and re-infusing currently inactive members with the “spirit” of Fr. McGivney through Membership Retention.

3. Engage all eligible Catholic men in becoming a member by Promoting the Order and the works of your council, thus making joining an attractive and valued decision.

We have set numerous individual and council incentives for those choosing to actively participate in sharing Fr. McGivney’s Dream and Mission with other Catholic men through active membership in the Knights of Columbus. Please note that there are five Membership Drives planned for this fraternal year, two being the October and March Supreme Blitzes as held in past years. Details of the membership drives, along with the incentives involved, are all listed in the General Program Handbook and are online on the State K of C website.

In planning your council membership efforts, please feel free to call upon your Diocesan Membership/Retention Chairman and your District Deputy for assistance. They are ready, willing and able to assist you in having an awesome membership program in the coming year. They will be actively working with you in the formation of your Council Admission/Retention Committee, which is being required of councils by Supreme in an effort to better prepare candidates for membership and to retain current members through active involvement in their council.

I look forward to the Great State of Ohio Having a “SUPER” growth in membership this coming year, with your active support!

  Fraternal Year Membership Drives

 July-August: The “Pledge of Faith” Program

Every council bringing in two or more new members and those new members appear on Supreme’s membership list in September will be inducted into the state’s “Share the Dream” Wall and entered into a drawing for $250.

Every member who recruits one or more new members and those new members appear on Supreme’s September membership list will be entered into a drawing for $100.

 December-January: The “Continue the Dream” Program

Every council bringing in two or more new members will be inducted into the state’s “Share the Dream” Wall and entered into a drawing for $300.

Every member who recruits one or more new members and those new members appear on Supreme’s February membership list will be entered into a drawing for $150.

 May-June: The “Dream Lives On “ Program

Every council bringing in two or more new members and those new members appear on Supreme’s July membership list will be inducted into the state’s “Share the Dream” Wall and entered into a drawing for $350.

Every member who recruits one or more new members and those new members appear on Supreme’s July membership list will be entered into a drawing for $150.

 October and March Blitzes

Each existing council bringing in at least 10 or more new members during the October and/or March Blitzes and those new members appear on Supreme’s November and April membership lists, respectively, will receive a check for $50.

Every individual member who recruits 10 or more new members (or reactivations) during either the October or March Blitzes and those new members appear on Supreme’s November or April membership list, respectively, will receive a K of C Ball Cap, recognition on the state’s “Share the Dream” Wall and will be entered in a drawing for $100.

Each District Deputy who has a 100% participation by the active councils in his district in the October and/or March Blitzes (Activity No. 2) will receive a plaque at the State Convention and will be entered into a drawing for $100.

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Ohio achieves Circle of Honor for fifth consecutive year

 109% in Membership

Thanks to the work of Knights throughout the state, Ohio for the fifth consecutive year has achieved Supreme Council’s “Circle of Honor” in membership for the 2008-2009 fraternal year.

The Ohio jurisdiction achieved 109% of its Supreme membership quota, recruiting a net of 1,582 new Knights (a total of 2,393, minus 811 losses – suspensions and withdrawals), according to Larry Droesch, who served as state membership director for the past two years. The 1,582 exceeded Supreme’s goal for Ohio of 1,450.

Droesch said much of the credit for the membership standing should go to State Membership Retention Director Tom Mathes, who had a record-low year of only 811 losses.

The performance meant that Larry Moegling achieved Circle of Honor status in both years of his administration. In 2007-2008, Ohio had a record-high year, achieving a whopping 134% of its membership quota. Prior to that, Gary Eckstein had achieved the honor in both of his years as State Deputy, and Roland Bator in the last year of his administration as State Deputy.

Ohio has reached the Circle of Honor – recruiting more than 100% of Supreme’s membership quota – in eight of the past 10 years.

The Columbus Diocese was tops in recruiting for 2008-2009 with 164% of its quota – 578 total new members, minus 196 losses for a net of 382 new Knights.

Top recruiting council for the 2008-2009 fraternal year was Mother Seton 3376, Cincinnati Diocese, with 50 new members. Second-highests was St. Hiliary Council 14551, a new council in Akron (Cleveland Diocese), with 49 new members. In third place was Garfield Heights Council 4130 (Cleveland Diocese), with 42 new members.

As of July 1, Ohio’s total membership stood at 60,356.

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 Campaign runs from Sept. 1 through Nov. 1

 By Bob Collins

State Advocate

2009 Matching Funds Chairman

Brother Knights I have chosen the theme, “Strengthening Our Faith through Religious Education,” for the 2009 Matching Funds Program. Your Council’s contribution to the fund will assist in strengthening the Catholic education effort in every Catholic school, in every parish school of religion, and in every RICA program of your diocese

 The Matching Funds Program will take place from Sept. 1, 2009, through Nov. 1, 2009. The Ohio State Council Charity Foundation will match the first $25,000 donated to the fund.

 This year’s goal is $87,654.32, along with 100% participation of each and every council in Ohio. I would hope that many councils will be as generous as they have been in past years. I am also hoping that 200 of those councils make a significant improvement in their donation over the one made last year.

 There are several ways to fund your council’s donation to the Matching Funds Program. Donate a portion of your Super Cash Bonanza Charity ticket rebate; host a council fundraising event with proceeds earmarked for the fund; “pass the hat” at council meetings, or ask your members to make a personal pledge to the Matching Funds Program.

Here are several easy steps for a successful campaign at your council.:

·  Appoint a chairman.

·  Set a goal of at least 10% higher than last year.

·  Plan a special fundraising event.

·  Donate a portion of you Super Cash Bonanza Charity Ticket rebate.

·  Contribute early in the campaign so your donation will be matched.

·  Send your council’s donation to: Bob Collins, 10181 Tracy Trail, Parma, OH 44130-5210, between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1, 2009.

A Matching Funds Campaign Flyer will be mailed to every Grand Knight during the month of August. The flyer will have the 2009 donation form and some additional information.

 The highest donation overall by a council; the highest donation by a council in each diocese; the highest donation per member by a council in each diocese, and the highest donation by a chapter, an assembly, or a Squires Circle will each receive an appropriate award. District Deputies having every council in the district making a contribution also will receive an award. All awards will be presented to the District Deputies at the January mid-year meeting for distribution to the councils.

 The only other incentive that I may propose to you, brothers, is knowing in your heart you have done the best possible job to assist in the religious education of the young people of your diocese.

 Please pray for the success of the campaign. May God bless you for the work you do to educate His people. Thank you, for “Strengthening Our Faith through Religious Education”.

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2009 Football Sweepstakes


Campaign is under way


Information for the following was submitted by Past State Deputy Gary Eckstein, chairman of the 2009 Football Sweepstakes Frenzy.

The Ohio State Council’s effort to give local councils an opportunity to raise operating funds has gotten under way at the Diocesan Summer Tour Programs.

It’s the Annual Football Sweepstakes Frenzy.

Based on the number of tickets sold, councils and receive rebates for use as they wish. And those who purchase tickets have the chance to win cash prizes based on National Football League games for the last 10 weeks of the season, starting Nov. 1 and ending Jan. 3, 2010. Tickets cost $10 each.

There are 32 NFL teams. Each week each player has four teams. Each player has new teams each week. No other ticket has the same teams in any given week.

A total of $1,000 in prizes is awarded weekly to the ticket holders with the four teams that score the most – or the least – number of points in that given week of games. The scores from the previous week’s games will be used for teams that are not scheduled to play on any given week. It makes no difference whether teams win or lose.

A total of $10,000 in prizes will be awarded during the 10-week sweepstakes program. Winners will be notified and paid automatically each week by the Ohio State Council. A winners list will be posted each week on Password is ohioknightsfb9. Rebate checks will be mailed during January, 2010.

Tickets are now on sale through councils that picked them up at the Summer Tour Programs. The First Turn-in date is Sept. 14, and all tickets must be turned in no later than Oct. 27. Checks should be made payable to Ohio State Council – K of C Fundraiser.

Sold tickets, and the money, are to be sent to: PSD Gary Eckstein, 185 Wagon Trail South, Powell, OH 43065-7099.

For further information, contact Eckstein at (614) 679-4238; email:

Rebates will be based on the following:

·  If less than 15,000 tickets are sold, councils will receive $2.50 for each ticket sold.

·  If between 15,000-19,999 tickets are sold, councils will receive $3.00 for each ticket sold.

·  If between 20,000-24,900 tickets are sold, councils will receive $3.25 for each ticket sold.

·  If between 25,000-29,999 tickets are sold, councils will receive $3.50 for each ticket sold.

·  If more than 30,000 tickets are sold, councils will receive $3.90 for each ticket sold.


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 Miscellaneous Stories

Plan now for the 2009 Soccer Challenge

Councils should now be planning their 2009 Soccer Challenge, which is to be held during the month of September.

The Soccer Challenge Kit (SC-KIT), which contains all of the materials required to hold a successful program, can be ordered from Supreme Council.  The order form can be found online at or in the Forms Booklet received with the “Surge … with Service” packet.

If you are not familiar with the Soccer Challenge, go the website and type “soccer” in the search box to learn more. Please inform your District Deputy as soon as possible if you are planning to hold a Soccer Challenge so he can plan his District level competition for early October.  Remember, you can claim your Soccer Challenge as Activity #42 under the Youth Activities program.

For further information, contact State Youth Director Ken Gardner at

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A Deal or No Deal winner

 Findlay Council Grand Knight Jerry Kreinbrink (third from left) and Chancellor Steve Helfrich, with 2007-2009 State Membership Director Larry Droesch (left) and State Deputy Larry Moeging.

A Deal or No Deal winner

For the past four years, the State Council has held a “Deal or No Deal” contest at the Summer Tour Programs for councils that recruited five or more new members during the months of May and June. In the contest, council representatives were offered the choice of trying to win $1,000, $50 or $25 contained in special envelopes which they selected, or take a deal offered by the State Membership Directors – Bob Byers for two years and most recently, Larry (Dynamo) Droesch for the past two years. – of accepting $125.

Until the Summer Tour Program in the Toledo Diocese this year, there had not been a winner of the $1,000. But in Toledo, Findlay Council 957 Grand Knight Jerry Kreinbrink decided to keep his envelope ….. and the $1,000 was inside.

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PSD Moegling named State Education Director

 Because of his extensive background in education as a teacher and high school principal, State Deputy Paul Upman has named Immediate Past State Deputy Larry Moegling as Education Director for the Ohio State Council. Moegling will look for new ways to provide education on the state’s programs to District Deputies and council representatives.

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Pennies for Heaven enjoys another successful campaign

 $77,447 collected

 Pennies for Heaven enjoyed another fantastic year of collections in 2008-2009 as councils continued to realize the importance of supporting vocations.

According to the final report submitted by State Deputy Paul Upman, who was chairman of Pennies for Heaven in the past two years, 235 Ohio councils contributed $77,447 to the campaign. That was just short of the record Pennies for Heaven collections of $79,020 in 2007-2008.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment by our membership in the face of a down economy,” wrote Upman in the final report. “Continued growth of this program is critical for the support of seminarians and religious vocations.”

Funds collected in a particular diocese are given for use by the vocations director of that diocese. The 2008-2009 diocesan totals are:


Diocese            Participating      Amount

Cincinnati         48        $          13,056.80

Cleveland         45        $          19,200.60

Columbus         48        $          23,549.83

Steubenville      15       $          2,793.89

Toledo             45       $          12,084.76

Youngstown     34        $          6,300.54

Misc.                          $          460.79

         TOTAL   235       $          77,447.21

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 Knights, guests are invited to 4th Annual Catholic Family Day Mass and Ballgame

Sept. 6 at Progressive Field, Cleveland

 Knights of the Cleveland Diocese are joining with other Catholic organizations to sponsor the 4th Annual Catholic Family Day at Progressive Field in Cleveland on Sunday, Sept. 6.

The day will start with a 10:15 a.m. Mass celebrated in the stands by Fr. Bob Stec, a former Cleveland Diocese vocations director, and it will include a ballgame between the Indians and Minnesota Twins starting at 1:05 p.m. There will be an optional all-you-can-eat picnic after Mass (from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) served at one of the Backyard Patio locations.

Cost of a game ticket is $15 (regular $34 value); cost of the picnic is $19.95 for adults and $10 for children 14 and under.

For further information, contact Matt Mastrangelo at (216) 420-4588 or email at

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Marietta hosts 4th Degree Exemplification

The Bishop J. Hartley Assembly in the Steubenville Diocese will host a Fourth Degree Exemplification on Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Marietta Council 478 hall. For further information, contact Bob Byers at (740) 373-7154; email:

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Special prayer card is centerpiece in Year for Priests K of C program

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson has called upon all Knights to actively participate in the Year for Priests declared by Pope Benedict XVI.

The centerpiece of the Order’s program for this year-long celebration (June 19, 2009-June 19, 2010) is a new holy card featuring a prayer for priests. Samples of these cards have been mailed to Grand Knights, and they can be ordered for $3 per 100.

Among other ways Supreme Council suggests councils can participate in the Year for Priests: participation in the RSVP (Refund Support Vocations Program); conducting all First Degree ceremonies in honor of a priest and presenting to those taking the First Degree a special Year for Priests certificate which will be available from Supreme; holding a priest appreciation dinner to express thanks to priests and council chaplains; and distributing In Solidarity With Our Priests buttons (available in bags of 50 for $8.50 each) to council members and parishes.

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What is the Reason?

 By Carl Ferguson, General Agent

State Insurance Liaison

As I see it, I don’t know any valid reason not to be known as an insured Knights of Columbus member.  After all, that is why Father Michael J. Mc Givney started the K of C in the first place.  You know in the early beginning, the hat was passed when a member deceased.  It didn’t raise enough to keep the family together, pay the mortgage, car payments, and put the children through college or any other dream or goal they may have had for their families.  Today a fish fry, spaghetti dinner, or any event to raise money for a member, his spouse, or a child, whom has lost their life and left a debt behind, will not do what the proper amount of life insurance would do.

We have come a long way from the simple beginning.  The Order can provide peace of mind to members and their families.  I just returned from our mid-year General Agent’s meeting.  We were informed that once again the Knights of Columbus has received A.M. Best’s company highest rating of A++ (33 consecutive years), Standard & Poor’s highest rating of AAA (17 consecutive years).  Adding in the fact that we are also IMSA certified means that there are only (4) FOUR companies from approximately 1,200 life insurance companies that can make this boast.  Only ONE company gave $144 MILLION to Catholic charities.  We have now surpassed $72 BILLION of life insurance enforce.  The first six months of 2009 broke an all time sales record when the KofC issued $3.5 Billion of life insurance coverage.  The Order’s guaranteed retirement annuities premiums are up 97% vs. 2008 Year-to-Date. 

Why wouldn’t you want to be an insured member or family?  We now make it very easy to make this possible.  We have products that are second to none and better than most.  We have IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, & non-qualified annuities.  For as little as $300.00 you can open a Flexible Premium Annuity (Guaranteed not to earn less than 3% lifetime if opened before 10-01-09).  We have a guaranteed issue Whole Life policy for members and/or their spouse.  Also, we offer guaranteed issue life insurance for uninsurable children of our members.

The Knights of Columbus Insurance paid out over $222 million in death claims last year and over $369 million in dividends to living policyholders!  Become an Insured Member and family today.  Start enjoying all of the benefits that you and your family are entitled to through your membership, and soon.  Call your Field Agent.  He is a Brother Knight.

Why not become an insured member or family with the

Knights of Columbus today?


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The Buckeye Bulletin

The Buckeye Bulletin is published by the Ohio State Council Knights of Columbus and distributed via Third Class Non-Profit Bulk Postage, Permit No. 229, U.S. Postal Service, at Cleveland, Ohio.

Editorial Content

Forward all editorial content to: Harding Christ, Editor, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012-1642. Tel: (440) 933-8986. Email:

Subscription Requests, Address changes, deletions

Members of the Knights of Columbus in good standing in the Ohio jurisdiction may subscribe free of charge. Forward requests for new subscriptions, address changes, cancellations to: Harding Christ, 32649 Surrey Lane, Avon Lake, OH 44012. Email: The full 9-digit Zip Code must be included with all new subscription and change of address requests. 


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