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Military Chaplain Scholarship Program


The State Council of Ohio is asking each Council and Assembly in our state to help by donating to this worthy cause.

Vice Supreme Master      George  Dann

 Memorandom     Military Chaplin Program Flyer



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“Shining a Light for Catholic Education”

September 1, 2013 through November 1, 2013


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NEWS LETTER RELEASE:  Waterproof Military Prayer Book - The prayer books can be ordered by Military Personnel. Military Chaplains or anyone that knows of a serviceman wanting the prayer book. The Archdiocese for Military Services will send them direct to the Chaplain or the Serviceman at their Military address only. The books are made of special paper and therefore expensive. Their goal is to get the prayer books to the military in the field. Sometime in the future,  duplicate prayer books on plain paper will be available for mass distribution to the various Organizations that request them.

To order for military personnel, have name and military address and contact:

Mrs. JoAnn Redmond

The Archdiocese for Military Services

P.O. Box 4469

Washington DC 20017-0469  (202) 269-9100 Ext 33


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Ohio Knights of Columbus Charity Foundation, Inc.




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Sister Dorthy Stang Project

"Tree Plantings"

In Memory of Sister Dorothy Stang


Who was Sister Dorothy Stang, SND?

Commemoration Mass for Sister Dorothy Stang


State Chairman - Tom Goodman     Phone (937) 747-2648

Sister Dorthy Stang News Release




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